Postponement of results by Karnataka Examinations Authority

Postponement of results by Karnataka Examinations Authority

The Karnataka Examinations Authority (KEA) has revised the schedule for the second extended round seat allotment for engineering courses. The KEA has decided to conduct the second extended round of seat allotment for engineering courses after the announcement of second-round medical seat allotment results. The second extended round for engineering courses will be held between August 11 and 14.

Keeping the interests of students who are still hoping to get engineering seats after the announcement of the second round of seat allotment for medical courses, the KEA has decided to conduct this for engineering courses. This reschedule is going to benefit hundreds of students, who are waiting to get engineering seats.  The results of the seat allotment for medical courses in the second round will be announced on August 11.

There are students who are waiting for the second round medical seat allotment results because some seats at top engineering college will become available if the students get a medical seat. Considering this, the KEA decided to postpone the process for a second extended round for engineering courses.

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Gridlock for Nandi Hills Cable car project

Gridlock for Nandi Hills Cable car project

Nandi Hills, or Nandidurg, is a hill fortress.  Tipu Sultan Fort, a summer retreat of the namesake 18th-century ruler, features stone carvings and wall paintings. Prisoners are said to have been thrown to their death from Tipu’s Drop, now known for scenic views.

The rope-way to Nandi hills, a project that remained a mirage for the past 32 years after it was proposed by actor Shankar Nag made a slow move after a long time.  This rope-way project was first conceived by late actor Shankar Nag, who had held a number of discussions with the then State Government to realize it in the 1980s.  He along with his wife Arundhati Nag had even a blueprint prepared.  After his demise, the project went into cold storage. Post his death the state government fleetingly looked at the project with limited seriousness with a survey being conducted in 2004-05 through a private company before the project again receded to the backburner.

Later the project was transferred to the tourism department.  Long lines of cars and bikes clogging the hills’ roads have caused the local tourism board to have a think on cable cars.  The project received a much-needed fillip following the new Karnataka tourism policy (2014-2019), one of the objectives of which is to develop pollution-free transport to tourism hotspots.   Later The then Chief Minister Mr. Siddaramaiah in his 2015-16 budget announced the project but unfortunately it has remained a non-starter ever since.  Over the last two years, three companies were in discussion with the authorities to take forward the project, but none of the proposals materialized.

The ropeway project has been planned to be executed under the public-private partnership model after preparing a detailed project report.  If the project gets completed it will not only add to the thrill of hundreds of visitors to Nandi Hills which is at an altitude of 1848 feet from the sea level.  This project will provide pollution-free tourism at the tourism hotspot.

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Inadequate Government Health Insurance Schemes

Health insurance Even a routine visit to the doctor to get a remedy for a small illness like cold and cough burns a hole in the pocket of an average middle-class man.

While not all insurance programs are successful, there is sufficient evidence that if implemented well, insurance can save lives and improve financial well-being.  That people covered by insurance are more likely to seek healthcare for their health issues and symptoms (such as chest pain).

While some get the medical coverage under an employer’s health insurance schemes, the amount of the cover is still inadequate.   Close to 95% of the Indians that come under the middle-class category do not have enough health insurance cover from some of the most common ailments and procedures.

In coming times, the healthcare costs are bound to catch up with other developed foreign countries. It also shows that the percentage of the claims reimbursed or paid against the amount of the medical bills is falling, especially when it is above Rs 3 lakh.

The Karnataka State-run specialty hospitals spend 25% to 30% of the surgery cost for patients who falls under government health insurance schemes.  According to the hospital authorities even after repeated request to hike the price cap on different surgeries, the response is nil.  According to the Director of one of the leading hospital, the government health schemes are more of a misnomer that is not benefiting the people.

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Women feel unsafe in Namma Bengaluru

Women feel unsafe in Namma Bengaluru

India’s startup capital has been declared unsafe for women, a tag it can’t possibly be proud of.

According to a recent poll conducted by Thomson Reuters Foundation, India has been adjudged the most dangerous country for women and women in Bengaluru do not feel safe. Based on their experiences, they feel the city is becoming increasingly unsafe with each passing day.

Women feel the police in the city are not women-friendly.  The police even refused to lodge FIR’s in case of domestic violence, terming it as a personal matter. The cause of the problem is the mindset of men.  Women face harassment on roads, in restaurants, on public places.  Police security is needed.

As Bengaluru is well connected with other places, it has become a prominent place for women and child trafficking.  The city has become a transit zone.   The constant sexual attacks on the streets of Bengaluru are something no one can deny.

Women’s safety

The voyeuristic incidents towards women on a regular basis in the city have failed to grab eyeballs.  Some are of the opinion that when we have ministers who sit and watch and get caught in assembly watching pornography and getting involved in sex scandals, how could they enact steady laws for the protection of women in the city. Bengaluru figures at the bottom of the list on the protection of Women Rights and even had zeroed its position when it comes to awarding compensation to victims of abuse. 

The police too are aware of their flaws like the inhospitable manner of lower rank cops, lack of sensitivity and judgmental attitude towards the harassed victim.

Regardless of all these, some are of the opinion and feels that  Bengaluru is one of the safer cities to live in India. Anyone who has traveled around India lived in other places, will know that’s a fact.

The father of our nation Mahatma Gandhi had said: “India will be free when the women feel safe to walk in the streets of India in the midnight,” almost 70+ years of Independence we are yet to witness Mahatma Gandhi’s glorious day.

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Eng-Ind – 2nd Test @ Lords

Eng-Ind – 2nd Test @ Lords

2nd test India has not got enough statistics @ Lords and the 1st Test was not a great start.

Will Ravi Shastri delivers or the Team India can pull it out?

Ben Stokes not playing is a blessing to make it 1-1, Eng looks stronger with Sam Curran, Ollie Pope, Adil Rashid, and Chris Woakes

Kuldeep, Jadeja or our Batsman can pull it off?

Eagerly waiting for the results.

Will it be a 5 day?

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A NASSCOM initiative – 10000 startups

A NASSCOM initiative – 10000 startups

NASSCOM, a not-for-profit industry association, is the apex body for the 154 billion dollars IT-BPM industry in India, an industry that had made a phenomenal contribution to India’s GDP, exports, employment, infrastructure, and global visibility.  Established in 1988 and since then NASSCOM’s relentless pursuit has been to constantly support the IT-BPM industry.  NASSCOM’s members are around 2200+ which constitute 90% of the industry’s revenue and have enabled the association to spearhead initiatives at local, national and global levels.

In 2013, the NASSCOM started its ‘10000 startups’ initiative to help and aid the growth of 10,000 startups in the country over the next decade.  India’s premier.  It aims to establish a cross-collaborative platform enabling startups to grow to the next level.  The country’s start-up community is gaining momentum and is ranked as the third largest in the world.   The objective is to foster the ecosystem, build entrepreneurial capabilities and drive significant value and change in the tech startup ecosystem.

The NASSCOM 10,000 Startups program helps the selected, shortlisted startups raise money from a wide range of investors- angels, micro VCs, VCs, and Government funds.  In the five years of its inception, 10 warehouses have been incorporated, 300 start-ups have been incubated, 2,470 startups have been impacted. Over the past four years, the NASSCOM 10,000 Startups initiative has given startups the opportunity to partner with incubators, angel groups, venture capitalists, accelerators, and investors.

A joint initiative between NASSCOM 10000 Startups and the State government is a connected network of startup hubs across the country to help startups jump-start their idea with the help of infrastructure, knowledge-sharing, and connections. The Startup Warehouse Program has connected over 2470 startups with mentors, investors and accelerators / incubators. This program is designed to help startups who are a product ready and have reasonable traction.

The Government of Karnataka is proud to be the first State to announce the establishment of a dedicated Startup Cell! The Karnataka Startup Cell’s aim is to promote Bengaluru and Karnataka as the ultimate startup destination in the World.   The program is a series of small and big sessions and workshops like Mentor 101, Investor 101, including other equally impactful events.  The shortlisted startup receives a welcome kit to use latest online technology tools along with their journey, PR connects and showcase.

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Vijayalakshmi Thimmaiah- Kengal Hanumanthaiah

Vijayalakshmi Thimmaiah- Kengal Hanumanthaiah

My journey continues with a meeting of great Bangaloreans – Mrs.Vijayalakshmi Thimmaiah daughter of Kengal Hanumanthaiah

I was able to sense the energy of Late Kengal Hanunathaiah after spending an hour with Mrs. Vijayalakshmi Thimmaiah, daughter of Mr.Kengal Hanumanthaiah.  The way she narrated the journey of her father from a Lawyer to becoming Chief Minister of Mysore, the roles he managed, the hurdles which he took, the negotiation skills he posed, the leadership qualities, clarity of thought, unified Karnataka, the plan and construction of Vidhana Soudha, meeting several delegates from established countries, foundation of vokkaliga community, economics development for Karnataka State and Country, trust from people like Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi, efficient administration, upliftment of  the rural areas,  good economic progress of the State and a family man.

I’m still looking forward to several meetings.

Dattatreya Aralikatte – Puppet man of India

Dattatreya Aralikatte – Puppet man of India

My journey continues to meeting great Bangaloreans – Mr.Dattatreya Aralikatte- The Puppet Man of India

Mr. Dattatreya Aralikatte taught geography at the Bangalore Higher Secondary School (BHSS) and also worked at Akashwani or the All India Radio. His stint with radio helped him learn the nuances of voice modulation, script writing, and music.  A very soft spoken, down to earth person. I was one those lucky ones who got groomed by him during my studies at BHSS.

Had the opportunity of meeting him personally and what a wonderful person to be associated with!!!.  The ideas, the passion, the logic, his concern about a society made me wonder whether such type of persons is there in this fast running age.

His concern about the society, where it is heading today made everybody think logically.  For every question, he has a ready answer.  His concern for youngsters and youth of today made us take stock of where we are today.   His ideologies gave us a chance to give fodder to the brain.    A great person and a privilege to know and to be associated with.

I am gratified by the education what he gave me today of  “Never Give-up”.

Sir. Dattatreya Aralikatte added another WING to wardrobe

  • Honorary Doctorate in traditional Puppetry and Teaching – 22nd Sep 2018

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With Harish Padmanab.

Mr.Harish Padmanab an Engineer by profession hails from a Legendary family.  His great Grandfather and Grandfather all have received several recognitions from Maharajas of Mysore and Top Britisher rankers.  Mr.Harish Padmanabh is soft-spoken and has pride in what his forefather, grandfather, and his father contributed to the development of the city in their respective fields.

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K.L.Rahul signs contract with PUMA

K.L.Rahul signs contract with PUMA

Kannanur Lokesh Rahul who is 26 years old (born 18 April 1992), commonly known as KL Rahul and also as Lokesh Rahul, is an Indian international cricketer who plays as a top order right-handed batsman and an occasional wicket keeper.  He plays for Karnataka domestically.

Rahul’s parents are K.N.Lokesh and Rajeshwari.  He grew up in Mangaluru.  His father K.N.Lokesh is a professor in Civil Engineering and former Director at the National Institute of Technology in Surathkal, Mangaluru and Mother Rajeshwari is a History Professor at Mangaluru University.  Rahul’s father K.M.Lokesh was an ardent fan of Sunil Gavaskar and wanted to name his son after him but he mistook Rohan Gavaskar’s name to be Rahul.

Rahul started playing cricket at the age of 11.  A tall, elegant right-hand batsman who can keep wicket in a crisis, KL Rahul is among the highly rated opening batsmen in India’s next generation. Rahul was a part of India’s squad in the 2010 Under-19 World Cup and made his first-class debut later that year. Having taken a while to establish himself as a first-class cricketer, he enjoyed a breakthrough in 2013-14 season, laying the foundation for Karnataka‘s Ranji Trophy victory with 1033 runs, which included three centuries, three nineties, and a Man-of-the-Match performance in the final match.

Global sportswear PUMA signed a 3 year association with Rahul.  This partnership see KL Rahul featuring in brand campaigns and promoting latest products of the Co. The association has been facilitated by Cornerstone Sport, which exclusively represents Rahul.

According to Abhishek Ganguly, MD of PUMA, Rahul is a world class athlete who inspires the youth of today with his style and performance.  His personality is in total sync with PUMA’s brand ethos and they are very happy to be associated with him.

This right handed batsman has broken records to become the fastest to have scored centuries in all three formats of the game and had a phenomenal run for Kings XI Punjab in 2018’s Indian Premier League.



My journey continues to meeting great Bangaloreans – Mr.Upendra

Mr. Upendra has made a mark in the world of Cinema. He is an individual who has followed what he believes. People around the globe have accepted and applauded his ideas and his work. And for the love for his fellow state-people, the star has rolled out a new political party “Prajakiya”,  which means for the people from the people and to the people of Karnataka.

The concept of Prajakiya believes in people-oriented activities. This party works for the people and by the people. It allows residents to choose a candidate from the manifesto, which is screened and approved by Mr.Upendra, himself.

Prajakiya also has an APP (Mobile APP), where residents can post the challenges that they are facing in their locality/ward/constituency so that it can reach the concerned officers.

Mr. Upendra’s vision for Prajakiya is that every individual should be able to claim his/her rights. He is completely against the current political party system and he believes people of Karnataka will soon understand and support the vision of Prajakiya Party.

It was one of those pleasant days for me, especially after meeting Mr.Upendra, A man with several credits under his belt as a Writer, Director, Actor, and being very humble and yet ambitious. He is very clear with his thoughts about what to give back to the community in a big way through Prajakiya.

Prajakiya be the Citizen political party?


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Sports compulsory in schools

Sports compulsory in schools

Life has its mental and intellectual component as well as its physical side. The brain without the body is not human life.

With an objective to promote sports in the country, Union Minister Rajyavardhan Rathore said that a games period will be made mandatory in schools after reducing the syllabus by 50 percent by next year. The ministry of education is making is sure that the syllabus in schools by 2019 will be reduced. The Union Minister further mentioned that the sports ministry in planning up several things to make sports more relevant right from the school.

Health and Physical Education, which includes sports, is a compulsory subject from classes 1 to 10.  The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has made it obligatory for its affiliated schools to have adequate infrastructure for sports.

India is about to have 20 specialized sports schools with a government fund backing of Rs. 7-10 crore each for these schools. The idea is to have a very pointed approach so each school will have only two or three main sports.

Including sports would indeed create qualities as well as other social growth related qualities which are needed for all of the upcoming generations.  It will lead to a much better standard of future generations rather than all the problems of obesity and other health issues being faced today.

Sports help the children to be focused, helps learn team building and leadership skills.  It is a lot easier to learn these skills while playing sports.  It helps in developing relationships with other team-mates and the children will have gained strength and agility which is a major benefit if they want to work somewhere which involves these skills.

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Flex  Ban at Bengaluru for one year :

Flex Ban at Bengaluru for one year :

The BBMP Council gave a nod for the resolution to ban banners, flexes, buntings, illegal advertisement hoardings, posters, wall writings for an year in all the 198 wards.

It was a bold step by BBMP on illegal flex boards to ban all kinds of advertisements.  The Commissioner of BBMP confirmed that  all flex printing units in the city will have to shut shop.

After the orders from the High Court, the BBMP took the task of removing thousands of illegal flex banners in the city.  A major contribution has come from illegal flex and banner menace in  increasing car accidents as the attention will be diverted while driving and also been a major contribution towards visual pollution.

Those who fail to remove the banners, hoardings and flexes will face 6 months in prison or Rs.1 lakh as penalty or both.  According to BBMP Commissioner all the flexes in Bengaluru are illegal.   Flex banners, which are largely political in nature, have been an eyesore as they spoil the visual character of the city.

On one hand, there are gash birthday wishes and festival greetings from political leaders and on the other there are regular people who make a livelihood out of flex printing.

Hope the old Bengaluru will be back soon.


Virdhawal Khade aiming to create history at Asian Games, Jakarta

Virdhawal Khade aiming to create history at Asian Games, Jakarta

Virdhawal Vikram Khade who is 26 years old (29th August 1991) born in Kolhapur, Maharashtra is a swimmer.   He is the youngest swimmer from India to qualify for the Olympics at the age of 16 years in the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Eight years ago, Virdhawal Khade ended India’s medal ambition in swimming by winning a bronze at Asian Games held at Guangzhou, China in 50m butterfly category.

He competed in the men’s 50 m, 100 m and 200 m Freestyle swimming events at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing setting an Indian national record in 100 m Freestyle while winning his unseeded heat, but failed to qualify for the semifinals in his events. He created history on 16 November 2010 when he won a medal after 24 years for India in swimming in the 50m butterfly category at the 2010 Asian games.

He showed tremendous potential at Singapore National Swimming Championships in June by defeating Rio Olympic Champion Joseph schooling to grab Gold in 100m freestyle and a silver in 50m freestyle.

Now the Asian games is approaching fast which will be held at Jakarta. From past one year Khade is practicing vigorously aiming for a gold in the event.  He trains at the Padukone David Academy, Bengaluru  under Nihar Amin, who is elated with the potential shown by Khade.

Virdhawal Khade was awarded with the Arjuna award in 2011 in the swimming category.


Defence land use for Bengaluru Infrastructure

Defence land use for Bengaluru Infrastructure


Defence Minister of India Mrs. Nirmala Sitaraman has given green signal to the State Government for use of defence land for the Karnataka Government’s infrastructure projects to the city of Bengaluru to deal with traffic congestion  on the condition that the Benglauru Mahanagara Palike will speed up the process of giving alternative land to the Defence ministry.  The land provided to the ministry should be equivalent to the cost of defence land given for the infrastructure projects.

Located at 10 places, these lands of defece, measures totally 55819 sq. mts. and falls under 8 projects of the State government.  The rest of the land will be taken on the ‘basis of licence’.  These projects were stuck due to space constraints for several years owned by defence, will now take off without any delay.  The infrastructure projects require defence land for road widening works, flyovers, elevated corridors and the next phase of the metro rail network across Bengaluru city.  According to the Defence minister the land will be transferred without any delay for the benefit of the people.

The city’s haphazard growth over the decades has outpaced the development of infrastructure resulting in chocking vehicular movement, congestion, pollution and other civic amenities.  To overcome these problems urgent need for up-gradation of basic facilities like roads, bridges, underpasses are needed to avert traffic jams and to ease congestion.

The Chief Minister Mr.Kumaraswamy thanked the defence minister and affirmed the commitment of the State Government to provide land of equal value as per Ministry of Defence guidelines.  Both Ministry of Defence and the State Government will work together for completion of the pending projects.


Signal free corridors at namma Benglauru:

Signal free corridors at namma Benglauru:

The state government is busy converting major arterial roads signal-free in the city to ease traffic. But will such corridors be of any help? While the BBMP feels that the five signal-free corridors in the city will end traffic woes of Bengalureans there is a big question mark on the need for these corridors. The Bengaluru city has too many intersections and cross roads.  Managing these will be very difficult.  Projects like these should be taken up after assessing the feasibility in a more techno-economical environment.

In 2012, this concept was proposed to 5 major roads viz., Airport road, Old Madras road, Okalipuram, Hosur road and other ring road from Central silk board to Mysore road junction.

Since vehicles tend to move at a greater speed on signal free roads, the option available to pedestrians to cross the roads will be sky-walks or underpass. Sky-walks constructed in signal-free corridors must have elevators, otherwise it would be a waste. Pedestrian underpasses are notoriously unsafe to use.

Another major doubt in the minds of the people are how residential areas along with the signal free corridor connected?  Often commuters end up travelling long distances in the process.

As the city has grown and expanded haphazardly, it will be like a highway passing in the middle of the city. At the rate  at which cars and bikes are being added to Bengaluru roads, these corridors will be traffic jams in a few months.

Bengaluru needs a combination of different solutions to different problems.  The citizens need a mix of sky walks, pelican signals and passenger crossing subways.  There is a need for systematic solution to ensure the safety of pedestrians.

Signal free corridors walk on arterial of 6 or 8 laned high speed roads but may not be a big hit on 2 or 4 lane roads that criss-cross crowded areas in the city.

Some are of the opinion that for a city like Bengaluru, which has radial roads, the concept of signal-free corridors will be of no help.

P.V.Sindhu clinches silver at World Championship 2018 final

P.V.Sindhu clinches silver at World Championship 2018 final

Pusarla Venkata Sindhu who is 23 years old (born 5 July 1995) is an Indian Professional Badminton player.   She was born in Hyderabad  to P.V. Ramana and P. Vijaya. Both her parents have been national level volleyball players. Her father, Ramana, who was a member of the Indian volleyball team which won the bronze medal in 1986 Seoul Asian Games and received the Arjuna Award in 2000. Sindhu chose badminton over other games because she drew inspiration from the success of Pullela Gopichand who is her mentor.  She eventually started playing badminton from the age of eight.

There is no doubt that shuttler PV Sindhu is one of the greatest players that India has ever seen but when it comes to the world, she might not be right up there just yet.

In the Women’s singles BWF World Championship 2018 at Manjing, China, Sindhu defeated Japanese second seed Akane Yamaguchi in straight games to enter her second consecutive final of the competition. Third seed Sindhu, a three-time World Championships medalist, registered a 21-16, 24-22 win over Yamaguchi in the semi-final clash. In the Finals the Spaniard Marin Carolina, dominated her opponent P.V.Sindhu in the second game, to win her third World Championships gold.  Sindhu started off strongly, leading by 14-11 in the first game at one stage. But a lapse in concentration saw her losing five points on the trot, and eventually giving away five points.  From there on, the match completely shifted momentum, as Marin just pounced on every opportunity to push for a win. Sindhu lost 21-19, 21-10 in the final and had to settle for a silver medal for the second straight time in World Championships.  To make it to the two consecutive finals is a tremendous achievement for a player.  Disappointed with the loss, Sindhu said she will work hard and comeback stronger.

She became the first Indian woman to win an Olympic silver medal, and one of the two Indian badminton players to win an Olympic medal – other being Saina Nehwal. Sindhu won silver in Women’s singles at Commonwealth Games 2018. She was also a silver medalist at the 2017 BWF World Championships.  Pusarla Venkata Sindhu is the only player/pair to play the last three Major Events finals (Olympics 2016, World Championships 2017, World Championships 2018).

She has awards to her credit. She won

  • Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award for badminton in 2013.
  • Arjun award for badminton in 2013 and
  • Padlma Shri Award, the fourth highest civilian honor in 2016.

We are all proud of you P.V.Sindhu.


The Indian Puppet Show

story of a genius…

Mr Dattatreya Aralikatte taught geography at the Bangalore High School and also worked at Akashwani or the All India Radio. His stint with radio helped him learn the nuances of voice modulation, scriptwriting and music, which would later pay off when he took the plunge into puppetry, as a full time puppeteer.

His tryst with puppetry began in 1981 when his ‘guru’  M.R. Ranganath Rao, himself a national award winner, made him learn the ropes of the art from

Datta grew up in Aralikatte and graduated from high school from Basarikatte school. He is born to a Gandhian father, M.S. Ramarao and Lalithamma. He earned his Bachelor of Arts and in Bachelor of Education Degrees from the Mysore University and Master of Arts and Master of Education from the Bangalore University. Being a student, he was very much interested in the field of theater.

Awards and Recognitions

Sangeet Natak Academi Award for his outstanding contribution to the field of Puppetry by the President of India Ram Nath Kovind on January 17, 2018.
CCRT Presidents’ National Award
Datta was chosen by the Karnataka Janapada and Yakshagana Academy for its Annual award for 1996
The prestigious Centre for Cultural Research and Training “Teachers Award”
His name is included in World Puppeteer’s Encyclopedia.
Best Teacher for the year 2004 by Indian Government, Ministry of Human Resource and Development 
Aryabhata award and Ragasuddhalaya Puraskar
His visit to Iran, Brazil, South America, Israel and the United States has got him and his nation, great recognition

Indian Puppet have enough recognition in India?

Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. (MSIL) to invest $1billion in Namma Bengaluru

Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. (MSIL) to invest $1billion in Namma Bengaluru

Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. (MSIL), the leader in Indian automotive industry is decided to invest more than $1 billion in Bengaluru to begin manufacturing cars in a Toyota plant in Bidadi.  Toyota had invested $3 billion in Bengaluru 20 years ago.

According to Consul-General of Japan in Bengaluru, the Bidadi plant’s capacity is 3 lakhs per year whereas the company is availaling only half of it.  There is an ideal capacity of 1.5 lakh at the plant and Maruti will make investments to manufacture their branded cars at the facility. By investing, the MSIL aims to maintain its dominance of the Indian passenger vehicle market and ready itself for the next big leap into electric and hybrid vehicle technology.   The company also has plans to invest further in the facility, as it eyes a huge ramp in production nationally due to the strong local demand.

Earlier this year the Toyota Motor corporation and Suzuki had an agreement toward the mutual supply of hybrid and other vehicles between the 2 companies for the Indian market.  Suzuki will supply their brand Baleno and Vitara Brezza to Toyota while Toyota supply Corolla to Suzuki.  This is part of a recent collaboration between two of the leading Japanese car manufacturers.

Bidadi  is the 4th manufacturing plant and this will enhance the consumer service to the people of south. The investment is expected to be a huge boost for the area since Maruti will be bringing most of their supplier ecosystem to Bidadi and the surrounding areas, with a Japanese Industrial Township in the town of Tumakuru, which is expected to see a huge rise in the number of job opportunities in the area.

Step Aerobics – Workout That Stimulated An Exercise Craze, Lasted For Decades & Continues to Take Bangalore by Storm

Step Aerobics is one of the classic workouts of 80’s that has lasted for decades. This highly effective cardiovascular workout has stood the test of time and is still ruling the charts for a simple reason, it delivers results.

Step aerobics is a fun way to step up, around and down the platform in different patterns, boost your heart rate and strengthen your muscles. Having said that, we cannot ignore the very prominent aerobics instructor, Balamurali Ramachandra, who has already make a hit with his enthralling and crowd-pleasing, “Sunday Funday” step aerobics class.

Sunday Funday with Balamurali Ramachandra

Balamurali Ramachandra is one of the renowned instructors in South Bangalore who has made step aerobics the magic fitness mantra. And believe me it has already taken Bangalore by storm. His magic fitness mantra titled as “Sunday Funday” is one of the popular weekend classes that is followed by hundreds and thousands of fitness freaks.

The upbeat music, choreographed routines on the step and cool down at the end of the class is a fun way to burn calories with Balamurali and at the same time, you work on your core, arms, legs, glutes and back. He designs the high intensity work out in a manner that it can work your lower body, upper body, core and cardiovascular system.

Balamurali Ramachandra skilfully designs 3 – 4 combos for each stepper class and ensures that the workout is fun and challenging at the same time. Some of his classes also include resistance training using weights. His dexterity and mastership makes Sunday Funday the most versatile workout tools for all those who love cardiovascular exercises.

With Balamurali, you are sure to enjoy stepping up, over and around an adjustable step to the beat of high energy music that will give you an excellent total body workout for burning fat. So, if you are also a fitness freak and haven’t tried your hands on the best stepper class yet, make sure Sunday Funday is on the top of your list.

Flex Board Menace at Bengaluru

Flex Board Menace at Bengaluru

Even after a series of measures introduced by BBMP, the corporation has failed to keep a check on the proliferation of flex board ads.  The printers who print flex banners have mushroomed in all major city markets.  There are only a handful of dealers who import the material for flex banners from China are mostly operating out of Mamool pet and Avenue Road.

Normally the smaller flex boards will be mounted on electric poles whereas the huge ones really poses a problem as pedestrians had to duck under the board to move ahead.

Posters, flex boards and banners greeting citizens during festivals or wishing their political leaders on their birthdays are seen across the city routinely.  However, some hard-core well-wishers of elected representatives compete among themselves to put up flex boards and banners on various occasions such as festivals, birthdays and other occasions. It has become a passion for supporters and followers of politicians to put up banners and flexes on every available occasion. These so-called supporters are ruining the image of Bengaluru city by putting up banners and flexes wherever and whenever they want.

Generally, the Corporator’s are supposed to direct the BBMP authorities to remove the illegal and unauthorized flex boards or banners and find methods to generate revenue for the cash-strapped BBMP.

Taking note of this “visual pollution”, the BBMP often launches a drive to rid the city of posters, flex boards, banners and illegal hoardings.

Taking serious view on menace of illegal flex and banners around Bengaluru, the Karnataka High court on 1st August 2018, set a deadline to the BBMP to remove all illegal banners, bunting and flex boards.The Karnataka High Court also had rapped the BBMP authorities for not taking action against illegal and unauthorized flex boards and banners.

To avoid the wrath of the High Court, the BBMP officials removed around 5000 illegal flex boards and banners on 1st August 2018.  All the officials were involved in this work to improve the city’s appeal from public places.

It is disgusting and disappointing to see the BBMP authorities becoming apathetic by not solving the flex menace and towards their responsibilities.

Death trap pothole menace @ Bengaluru

Death trap pothole menace @ Bengaluru

Potholes, black-topping of roads, poor quality of construction and lack of co-ordination between the civic agencies and corrupt contractors are some of the issues the citizens of Bengaluru face everyday.  Notorious for traffic problems, Bengaluru’s pot holed roads made it to national news when it claimed lives after heavy downpour last year.

To say, everyday approximately one lakh vehicles cross the Nayandanahalli junction i.e. the intersection of Mysuru road and outer ring road.  Here the potholes grow everyday bigger and deeper!!!!!  Sometimes when it rains the riders of vehicles get stuck in this junction for over an hour.  Motorists feel negotiating the potholes on the main road is like walking on a tightrope in a circus.  This problem is mainly due to the poor condition of roads.

In some of the places in Bengaluru  the problems get complicated due to choked up storm-water drains.  The continuous contact of road surface with water due to water logging, during monsoon, reduces the binding of the aggregates and results in potholes. It is a known fact that the potholes not only hinder the movement of traffic whenever a heavy rain lashes the city but also pose danger to the motorists.  Two-wheeler riders are most vulnerable to accidents due to the potholes.

The Deputy Chief Minister G.Parameshwara promised pothole free Bengaluru within 10 days in June and also shared a whatsapp helpline no. for the city’s citizens to post pictures of potholes.  Unfortunately it looks like the staff is not attending to complains or the number is nor working.

Despite claims made by the BBMP authorities about the measures taken to identify potholes and fill them up, the pothole menace continues to haunt two wheelers in the city.

But again, the agencies, continue to blame each other over the bad quality of roads.  However, residents of Bengaluru feel that concretizing the main roads may end pothole menace and also a strict and independent quality control mechanism is probably the best way to ensure good roads.  A strict mechanism of penalty and punishment of the engineers concerned may see reduce in potholes.






Bribe under Investigation -ACB

A resident of Bengaluru on behalf of B N English School at St.Johns road, Bengaluru had sought for conversion of school into Un-Aided category at Deputy Director, Department of Public Instructions, Bengaluru. Sri.Pachakshari, F.D.A, at the Department of Public Instructions, K.R Circle, Bengaluru had demanded a bribe of 25,000/- to put up the file.

On 01.08.2018. the officials of Bengaluru City Anti Corruption Bureau have trapped and arrested Sri.Pachakshari, FDA, Department of Public Instructions, K.R Circle while accepting the bribe amount of 25,000/- from the complainant. The bribe amount has been seized. The case is under investigation.



Any further information can be directly approached to ACB

Eng vs Ind – 1t Test match

Eng vs Ind – 1t Test match

Eng-Ind Test Series – Looking forward for a Good 1st test match which begins tday. Both Team may struggle and its always challenging for Visitors/India. Both Openers may struggle to pass 50, if Rahul comes 1st down, he is in for a Big score, Virat may be in btw 40-75, it may be the match of Middle order batsman who are just waiting for a chance to show there presence. Bowling and Fielding will be the Key for 1st Test Victory.

India’s missing middle order batsman, Manish Pandey, Suresh Raina or few youngsters. Definitely lack of bowlers, Ravidra Jadeja and Chahala.

Win Predictions

England: 60% and India 40%

What's your predications, Eng vs Ind - 1st Test match

Heavy trucks and water tankers booked for violation:

Heavy trucks and water tankers booked for violation:

Around 50% of the good vehicles on highways and the prominent roads inside the Bengaluru city limits are found to be overloaded.  Some of the tanker drivers drive in a reckless manner and minor accidents occur almost on a daily basis.

The number of cases booked are in the east division against water tankers where they are rampant.  These areas are deprived of Cauvery water and the residents are dependent on the water tankers.

Normally the cases are booked against the tankers and truckers due to lack of documents, lack of permit, vehicles with heavy goods and long objects sticking out posing risk to others.

The traffic police should fine offenders on the spot or confiscate driving licences in case the drivers are unable to pay up. The driver then has to pay the fine at a local court within a stipulated time and take his licence back.

The tankers which spill water on the road also should be fined as they make the surface slippery which in-turn can result in accident.  Water tankers carry out an essential service by supplying water to homes and hospitals, but those transporting the water don’t realize motorcycles riding behind them can skid in the water and fall.

Public are of the opinion that such drive by police is need on Bellary road in the Yelahanka division, Allasandra where cement and sand laden lorries and also garbage trucks ply.  The drive should include faulty number plates, parking on the road, rash driving etc.



Polluted Parapanna Agrahara Lake due to Bengaluru City prison

Polluted Parapanna Agrahara Lake due to Bengaluru City prison

The city of Bengaluru once famous for its beautiful lakes created by Kempe Gowda and the Wodeyar of Mysore and then the British are dying a slow death thanks to rapid growth and urbanization resulting in encroachment and discharge of sewage and industrial effluents.  Most lakes in Bengaluru were constructed in the 16th century by constructing bunds.  This has met the drinking water, irrigation and fishing needs of the people and were known to have a huge impact on the ecology and micro climate of the city.  They helped in replenishing the ground water in the vicinity.  Apart from this they also prevented flooding, treated waste water, arrested sediment loads.

According to a research, it is found that only 4 lakes are seemed to be in a good condition while 25 lakes were in a very bad state covered with macrophytes or dumpted with solid or liquid wastes and with little or no water at all.

The Government of Karnataka which is taking strict action on industries and apartments for polluting the city lakes has to accept a bitter truth.  After the Central Jail was relocated, pollution of lake started and simultaneously the village’s Underground Drainage (UGD) Systems are also led into the lake. The prison at Parappanna Agrahara, which houses around 5000 prisoners has only one septic tank and is allowing the sewage to flow into the parappanna agrahara lake.  This lake is inter-linked with other lakes in the city like the Kudly doddakere, Kudly chikka kere, Haralur lake, Kasavanahalli lake, Kaikondarahalli lake and sowl kere.

The water quality will be lower due to this water pollution.  The prison lacks a sewage treatment plant.  The septic tank at the prison is not catering to thousands of people.  Nobody knows how the prison disposes its waste water. The City Civic Corporation which is the custodian of the lake has asked the prison to find out exactly how sewage is being disposed off.

The Karnataka State Pollution Control Board has served a number of notices to the jail authorities and the Public Works Department for the construction of a sewage treatment plant but the notices are being ignored.  As per records BBMP officials are not aware of the matter.

Jumbled traffic jam at Jaraganahalli Circle, Sarakki

Jumbled traffic jam at Jaraganahalli Circle, Sarakki

Is it the bumpy road, badly handled traffic signals, chaotic movement of people or the unsettling criss-crossing of stray animals that makes walking, crossing and commuting on the Kanakapura Main road a risky rural experience?

Why is driving this State Highway is so back breaking, dangerously risky and unhygienic? Most of the people travel to and fro from Kanakapura road everyday for different reasons and  getting to the city is a nightmare and returning is even scarier when one has to think of wading through kanakapura main road through Jayanagar 7th block and crossing the “hell gate”, the sarakki gate and get stuck in the Sarakki signal between 5 to 10 minutes depending on the commuting time. It is time consuming and also irritating to all who passes this signal.  One notices open drains and stray dogs on the side further adding impediment to walk in peace.

People have been managing this signal for quite some time, but with so much of work which is under going at this place from garbage dumping on the roads to upcoming apartments and individual houses getting constructed in the new layouts, this place is a mess and a trap.  All these has lead to a huge traffic congestion and becoming one more Bannerghatta-road like chaotic traffic zone and slow movement road.  The vehicles on the road moves so close it can unnerve people.  All these has led to more time consumption to travel and more consumption of fuel resulting in a polluted environment.

One of the reasons why there is no action to ease this problem for so long is that the signal does not belong to any constituency. The four corners belong to four different assembly constituencies –  Bengaluru South, Padmanabhanagar, Jayanagar and parts of Bommanahalli.   The sarakki signal connects JP Nagar with Ilyas Nagar along the outer ring road and Banashankari with Konanakunte along Kanakapura Road.

After repeated petitions and pleas from the locals no action has been taken to solve this problem.  Building of an underpass is being ruled out as a storm water drain runs towards Ilyasnagar.  The only other alternative looks like construction of a flyover.








Owners of properties under Gram Panchayat to shell more money on tax:

Home buyers find properties in gram panchayat areas are affordable and also have good potential for appreciation in the future.  However, it is not the same anymore.  The Government of Karnataka has proposed to increase the tax on properties which falls under Gram Panchayat.

According to the  Economic Survey 2018, which suggests low level of tax collections by local governments in rural areas are posing challenges and highlighted the need for fiscal federalism.

Properties falling in gram panchayats can be a very lucrative opportunity. The initial investment is invariably low, while its growth potential can be quite high, as the locality may be included within municipal limits in the foreseeable future.

While some parts of it may look like a village, a gram panchayat may witness rapid development due to increasing construction activity. Developers have managed to get land at a low cost from these areas, which mostly have countryside living. The land is converted from agricultural to non-agricultural usage. The growth prospects in these regions are quite promising.  Provision of infrastructure, such as roads, is also vested solely in the gram panchayat authorities. So, it tends to be of a much lower quality than in municipal areas.  However, when the property gets included in the city limits, the quality of services start improving rapidly and the property prices surge steeply.

Bengaluru Urban has around 95 gram panchayats and the government has empowered the panchayat board to increase taxes on commercial, industrial, residential, vacant plots and also mobiles towers and hoardings.

According to RDPR Minister Krishna Byre Gowda, “This is a top priority.  We want gram panchayats to raise their own resources”.