Indiranagar Residents protest against rampant commercialization

Indiranagar Residents protest against rampant commercialization

Unhappy with the BBMP for not following with the High Court orders to act against illegal commercial establishments in Indiranagar, the I-Change Indiranagar which is a federation of residents welfare associations of Indiranagar, Defence colony, BM Kaval, and HAL approached Chief Secretary T.M.Vijay Bhaskar.

In a complaint filed by the federation, the master plan of the area is purely residential in nature, but the BBMP was allowing commercial activity to go on unchecked in violation of zoning regulations.

According to a resident, “ if the guidelines allow restaurants on 100 ft. road, officials should ensure that other matters are done right – that restaurants comply with sound limits, ensure parking for customers and that of garbage is managed”.  The residents in and around have been suffering for a long time with restaurants staying open till 4 AM sometimes.  The customers who come to the restaurants block the gates to park their vehicles, and sometimes the party goes on even after the pubs are closed.  Even after repeated complaints, the officials look the other way when these restaurants and pubs flout all laws.  The police do not turn up.  Sewage lines normally get blocked. Crime rates are increasing.

The Residents are waiting for action from the official bodies

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Plastics banned inside Lalbagh

Plastics banned inside Lalbagh

Beware of discarding plastics are banned inside the famous Lalbagh Botanical Garden.  Plastic items will not be allowed inside the Garden following a drive launched by the Horticulture Department in association with the Karnataka State Pollution Control Board.

The range of fine varies between Rs.50 and Rs.500.  Plastic items would be seized at the entrance and the visitors would be handed over a jute bag for Rs.5.  Fines will be imposed on those who manage to sneak them inside and pollute the environs.

Over the past decade, a lot of measures have been taken to keep the scenic park free from plastics.

Though the park authorities have managed to keep away big-sized plastic waste, smaller ones such as gutkha packets, chocolate wrappers, water sachets, bottles and other small plastic items thrown senselessly by visitors continue to be a big problem.  Visitor’s disregard for civic sense has also kept the officials busy at the park.

The Horticulture department outlet HOPCOMS within the garden’s premises has been restricted from selling chips packets, bottled water, and any items packaged in plastic.

The public is requested to co-operate with the authorities to keep the park clean and green.

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Notice from ACB, Bengaluru

Notice from ACB, Bengaluru

Anti Corruption Bureau Wing, Bengaluru is conducting a public meeting at the Office, Bengaluru North Taluk, Mini Vidhana Soudha, Yelahanka, Bengaluru on 18.09.2018 at 11.00 AM to 4 PM.

ACB, Bengaluru wing officers and subordinates will be present.  The public is requested to attend the meeting and submit complaints concerning Corruption in Government departments.

For further information call Shri. K.C.Lakshminarayana (Mobile No. 9480806257) and Shri.V.L.Ramesh (Mobile No.9480806261).

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Muttala – Drama

 Direction and Creation by M C Anand

         Music- Sameer Kulkarni

         Drama is on 18-09-2018(Tuesday) 

         Venue- Rangashankara, JP Nagar

Shankar a knowledgable  and sound person  and two workers from  PWD ,  goes to a 9th floor residential building built 15 years ago for slum        dwellers, for some minor repairs. They find that there is a major problem and the building is about to collapse. In the pursuit of saving the 820 people living there, Shankar approaches the mayor  to bring matter to the light and realizes that his  attempts to help the residents of the building  is in futility due to utter callous attitude and the presence of corruption in the entire system.

Star casting and Crew Members:

  • Ranga Nidhi as Shankar
  • Pallavi as Mala
  • Dinesh or Manohar as Kaaliah
  • Saarika as Gowri
  • Prabhu and Vanishree Kulkarni as Shankar’s Father and Mother
  • Archana as Mayor Annapoornamma

and many more

'Muttala' is the first step towards fighting corruption or Shankar's attempt will make it worse?


Selfie with artist of “Muttala” and share it on , maximum likes will get GIFTS

Advanced traffic solutions for namma Bengaluru roads

Advanced traffic solutions for namma Bengaluru roads

Advanced traffic solution Bengaluru, a city which is quite infamous for its incredibly slow-moving traffic, is all set to heave a sigh of relief, all thanks to Japan.

Japan will offer a grant to install an advanced traffic information and management system in Bengaluru.  The project is expected to contribute to strengthening connectivity and industrial competitiveness of the local economy, by improving traffic congestion and urban environment.

This new system will help reduce congestion length, currently reaching 550 meters.  at its longest, by 30 percent, at interchanges facing heavy congestion and contribute to enhancing the convenience of urban transportation and revitalizing the local economy.

After helping Cambodia, Myanmar, and Thailand with its traffic systems, the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) will inject Rs.757.8 cr. into building smart network signals in Bengaluru.

Directorate of Urban Land Transport (DULT) will be the nodal agency for the project, which entails the following components: a) Bengaluru Traffic Information Centre (B-TIC) which will serve as the central nervous system; b) GPS probe system for BMTC buses, taxis etc which will give information to B-TIC about vehicle location and speed etc; c) Queue-length measurement sensors (QMS) which will analyze the traffic density; and d) Automatic traffic counters and classifiers which will inform B-TIC about the nature of traffic so that signals can be streamlined and made real-time.

DULT has already identified 29 junctions on MG road and Hosur road in Bengaluru to kick-start the project. They plan to coordinate signals and factor in pedestrian crossings too. The system will provide signal-less green corridors to motorists at three stretches.

JICA’s Intelligent Transport Systems have helped several cities in Southeast Asia but this is the first time that MODERATO (Management by Origin-Destination Related Adaption for Traffic Optimization) systems will be installed outside of Japan.

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Modalu-Train-Beku – Citizen of Bengaluru

Modalu-Train-Beku – Citizen of Bengaluru


Tara Krishnaswamy – Citizens of Bengaluru

5 reasons to get aboard the Rail Yatra on Aug 31st & say #ModaluTrainBeku!

1. Building the suburban train network is least disruptive on Bengaluru. It won’t affect the existing roads with diversions & bottlenecks while tracks are expanded, more trains run & stations fixed. Ride to demand the suburban train network!

2. It is most beneficial for Bengaluru. Like Chennai, upto 20 lakh people per day can commute if commissioned properly. Not 5-10 lakh like the Metro or a fraction of that by roads but upto 20 lakh daily! Banni! Jothege Hogona!

3. It is the lowest hanging mass transit for Bengaluru. Since ~180 kms of railway lines & >45 stations already exist, infrastructure does not need to be built afresh, only expanded. It can finish in 2-3 years! Train can be added incrementally & every couple of months 10s of thousands can switch to the train until it is fully enabled for upto 20 lakhs! Join the Yatra, ask for Rail!

4. Over 40 companies, civic groups, colleges, residents’ associations, commuters & wannabe commuters are demanding it! Don’t miss the train on Aug 31st!

5. The 4th pillar! The voice of the people! The press support #ModaluTrainBeku! You should too!

You can join at any station & take a ride, or just hang out!
You can join the onward!
You can join the return!
Just say #ModaluTrainBeku!

Onward: Train 76523
Yeshwanthpur Hosur

Yeshwanthpur 2.55 pm
Lottegollahalli 3 pm
Hebbal 3.09 pm
Banaswadi 3.18 pm
Belandur 3.35 pm
Karmelaram 3.41 pm
Heelalige 3.51 pm

Return: Train 56513
Karaikal SBC

Heelalige 5.14 pm
Karmelaram 5.27 pm
Belandur 5.34 pm
Byappanahalli 6.16 pm
Cantt. 6.34 pm
SBC 7.00 pm

Bangaloreans Welcome Ganesha With Great Devotion & Enthusiasm

While all of us were eagerly waiting for Lord Ganesha to hit the roads of the city soon, the celebrations of the grand festival went really well.

This festival cum carnival is the sign of togetherness and a gala of frolic that beautifully amalgamates our rich culture and art. From huge Ganesha idols to sectarian pandals, orchestra, khadbu, and chickpeas sundal, Ganesha Chaturthi, like always, goes in full swing. This is the reason staggering celebration of this festival is a standout amongst the most commended celebrations in India.


Ganesh Chaturthi or Ganeshotsav is commended on the fourth day of Bhadrapada month, which falls at the end of August or early September, every year. Usually, it is celebrated for 11 days, but many people do the visarjana on the same day or the next day.

When talking about Ganesh Utsav in Bangalore, APS School Grounds, Basvanagudi is known for its greatest and longest running Ganesha pandal in Bangalore. Forum Value Mall, Koramangala is also known for its greatest flea market. The three and a half lakh square foot of throbbing diversion and brand infiltrating retailing all under one roof is worth the visit. Apart from this, Inorbit mall, Orion mall, and Prestige Shantiniketan are also perfect places to pick up some out of the box pooja material, décor items, and mouth-watering desserts.

This is not it “Observing Ganesha” by EKA has developed an exciting occasion in the city, which draws a huge number of aficionados and is a perfect place to showcase your innovativeness. Here you can capture the fun of making Ganesha before the festival. Talking of the temples, Panchamukhi Heramba Ganapati Temple, Ananda Nagar Ganapati Temple, and Shri Jambu Ganapati temple carry immense crowd on this special day. On this special occasion, how can you forget Techie Ganesha temple in Koramangala and Power Ganesha temple in Jayanagar 4th Block, which attracts a lot of software professionals from around the city

The Eco-Friendly Sugarcane Ganesha

This time Sathya Sai Trust in Bengaluru did their Ganesha idol using sugarcane and shunned away PoP completely. Every year they come up with some new ideas for Ganesh Utsav, but this time they decided to go eco-friendly. They used around five tons of sugarcane and took almost a month and a half to finish the magnificent idol of Ganesha.

The Desi “Ganesha Habba”, Bangalore Style

Ganesha habba is always incomplete without a tint of our desi celebration at home. While most of the people follow the tradition, buy Ganesha idols, perform pooja and do visarjan, there are many people who always think out of the box and go an extra mile to make the festivity more memorable, every year.

Bhargava N, a resident of Uttrahalli, is a crazy Lord Ganesha aficionado, who knows just how much sugar should be added to get the right flavor for the big day.

Known for her innovative ideas to decorate her small pandal at home, Bhargavi tries to do something new every year on this festive occasion.

She not only organizes eco-friendly Ganesha making workshops at her home, with a professional sculptor who teaches the art of clay sculpting and turning clay into beautiful Ganeshas but also ensures that the festivity spirit is high in all the people around her.

The spirit of Ganesha festival reflects in our culture and Lord Ganesha brings wisdom, prosperity and big fortune with this big day.

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Case Registered against Government officials at Bengaluru by ACB

A reporter with Television channel  Digvijaya TV, Mr.Muralidhara filed a complaint with ACB on 07.09.2018 against 5 persons.  He has recorded a video with the accused persons demanding bribe for regularizing an illegally constructed structure.  The officials who are booked are :

  1.  Shri Shakeel Ahmed, Corporator and Chairman, Town Planning Committee, BBMP
  2. Shri. Nagaraj, Corporator, Member, Town Planning Committee
  3. Shri. Gururaj, BBMP Official
  4. Shri. G.K.Venkatesh, Corporator, Member, Town Planning Committee
  5. Shri, Chakravarti, Private Person.

The investigation in the case is on.

DJ Arun Production – The Event Production Experts

DJ Arun Production – The Event Production Experts

From a vibrant wedding evening to high-level corporate event, birthday parties or any entrainment event, DJ Arun Productions is a one-stop shop for all your event needs, where you can get complete end-to-end solutions. He is a PROMISING BANGALOREAN.

Yes, owned by our very own, popular crowd-pleasing DJ & certified Reebok Trainer, Arun Kumar R, this is a full-scale production company, based in Bengaluru. DJ Arun Production fosters different projects, right from pre-planning to successful execution. They live and breathe specific client needs and help them plan and produce large-scale events and projects. They focus on innovative ways to create engaging live experiences for their clients.

Early Days

A decade ago, DJ Arun started his career as a Disc Jockey. He loved working as a fitness trainer too and still continues to do it, as he believes that staying fit and living a healthy lifestyle is the key to a happy life. A few years back he moved into productions and now he runs one of the most popular production company in the city. Today, DJ Arun Production not only hosts 10 events weekly but also caters to events and activities offshore, be it Malaysia or China.

He provides an end-to-end solution for different events like birthday parties, destination weddings, corporate events, road shows, fashion shows and lots more. The decade-old company is known to be the backbone for major event management houses in the town, as on today.


He says he has been inspired throughout his life, by his mother. She is not just an inspiration, but also a moral supporter of whatever Arun chooses to be in life. The new entry in his family, his fiancé, Pavitra, wedding planner by profession, also encourages and supports Arun at every step.

Key to Success

DJ Arun Production specializes in helping clients plan and produces large-scale events and marketing projects. The company has already taken care of major clients and events, namely for Amazon, Infosys, Oracle, Oxford, BMS college, Ambedkar college, Vijaya college, Jain college, Mount Carmel, BJP, Congress and the list is endless. Their logo clearly signifies “Think it’s done”.

Arun has always stressed the fact that on-time deliverables and commitments have always helped him deliver 110% to the client and this is what makes DJ Arun Production the optimum choice in this competitive market.

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Horn not OK please

Horn not OK please

Hope the roads of Bengaluru could soon get less noisy.  The Government of India is planning to reduce the noise level of horns on vehicles by 10%. i.e. below 100 decibels.

As per Central Motor Vehicle Rules, the noise range of horns is currently fixed between 93 dB and 112 dB.  The Government is planning to bring down the range to 88 dB at the lower end with a higher end limit under 100 dB.

The objective is to significantly reduce unnecessary honking by automobiles of all kinds on the streets, major intersections, and roads of India. Horns are supposed to be used to alert the vehicles to avoid a possible collision but people are abusing it by using them to communicate raising the sound pollution to unbearable levels.  It is also a cause of accident both due to being startled and also diverting concentration.  Noise pollution has become a major contributor for rising cases of hearing loss and damage to eardrums.

Horn not OK Please is an initiative started to raise awareness about noise pollution and health problems caused by unnecessary honking on the roads.  Horns should be used only if there is no other recourse is what is meant.

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ACB raid at Raichur Assistant Executive Engineer

On 4th September, 2018, Anti Corruption Bureau, Raichur raided Shri. K.Shankar Naik, Assistant Executive Engineer, Panchayat Raj, Engineering Department , Raichur sub division, Raichur for amassing disproportionate assets beyond his known sources of income.  Raids were conducted at two places (1) his residence at KHB Colony, Raichur and (2) his office at Raichur.

The properties identified during raid are :

  1. 2 floor building at KHB Colony, Raichur
  2. 1 plot at KHB Colony, Raichur
  3. 10 acres 15 gunta land at Bellary
  4. Gold of 503 gms.
  5. Silver of 280 gms
  6. 2 two wheelers
  7. Rs.7 lakhs of bank balance
  8. Rs.30.30 lakhs worth household items

Investigations are being continued and efforts are being made to find the source of income.


Indian Men’s Hockey team wins Bronze medal at Asian games

Indian Men’s Hockey team wins Bronze medal at Asian games

India’s men’s hockey team beat rivals Pakistan 2-1 in the bronze medal playoff at the Asian games. Akashdeep Singh (3rd minute) and Harman Preet Singh (50th)  scored for 2014 edition champions India, while Muhammad Atiq (52nd minute) scored for Pakistan, who had finished runners-up in the previous edition.  India shook off the disappointment of losing to Malaysia in the semi-finals as they got off to a flying start, with Akashdeep giving them an early lead.  Lalit Upadhyay ran to the left byline before cutting it back to an unmarked Akashdep, who put the ball in the net with a quick slap.

India dominated the match from the onset. However, in the second and third quarter, Pakistan looked the better side creating chance one after the another but failing to make it count. Experienced campaigners Umar Bhutta and Atiq Muhammad, in particular, did well for Pakistan but Varun Kumar and Amit Rohidas did well to hold the Indian defense. India, on the other hand, played through counter attacks but gave away possession through too many sloppy passes. The final quarter looked evenly poised as both teams played end-to-end hockey creating chance after chance and subsequently giving away penalty corners.

Congratulations to the Team.

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Indian women’s squash team settles for silver at Asian games

Indian women’s squash team settles for silver at Asian games

India settled for silver in women’s squash team after going down to Hong Kong 2-0 in the final on Saturday on the penultimate day of the Asian Games 2018. There were no surprises as Hong Kong defeated India 2-0 and won the women’s team gold.  Shortly after Ho Tze Lok defeated the young Sunanya Kuruvilla 11-8, 11-6, 10-12, 11-3, Annie beat Joshua 11-3, 11-9, 11-5 to complete the formalities.

Indian team consisted of Joshna Chinappa, Sunanya Kuruvilla, Dipika Pallikal and Tanvi Khanna.

Joshna Chinappa and Sunanya Kuruvilla lost their respective matches and Dipika Pallikal never got the chance to play and turn the tide in India’s favor.

Silver was a creditable performance nonetheless, having surprised defending champions Malaysia in the semifinals on Friday.

With a runners-up finish, India equaled their best ever performance at the Games.

Congratulations to the team for winning Silver.

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Amit Panghal, win gold medal in Boxing at Asian games

Amit Panghal, win gold medal in Boxing at Asian games

Amit Panghal (born 16 October 1995) is an Indian amateur boxer.   Panghal was in Mayna village of Rohtak district, Haryana. His father Vijender Singh is a farmer in his village, while his elder brother, Ajay, who works in the Indian Army,  inspired him to take up boxing in 2009.

As of March 2018, Panghal works for the Indian Army as a Junior Commissioned Officer.

Boxer Amit Panghal got past the Olympic Champion Hasanboy Dusmatov to win a gold medal in Boxing in Men’s 49kg category.  Panchal took revenge from Dusmatov after later defeated him in world championships in Germany’s Hamburg 2017. Earlier this year, Panghal won gold at Strand memorial in Bulgaria and inaugural Indian open

Congratulations to Amit Pangal on his victory.

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India gets gold in Bridge at Jakarta

India gets gold in Bridge at Jakarta

Pranab Bardhan became the oldest man in Indian contingent to win a medal at the 18th Asian Games as he joined forces with Shibhnath Sarkar to clinch gold in men’s pair event of the bridge competition.

The 60-year-old Bardhan and his 56-year old partner finished the men’s pair event with a score of 384 as they edged out China’s Lixin Yang and Gang Chen, who finished with 378 points after five round of competition.

Bridge made its debut at the Asian Games, this year.

Indonesia’s Henky Last and Freddy Eddy Manoppo finished third with 374 points to claim one of the two places on the podium along with Hong Kong’s Mak Kwok Fai and Lai Wai Kit, who had 373 points.

Bardhan, who had a construction business, said, “Bridge is more challenging than chess. It’s the most competitive indoor game.”

Congratulations to the duo.

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The Indian Medal list at the 18th Asian Games at Jakarta, Indonesia

Congratulations to all the Medal winners who made India proud by their spirited performance and brilliant effort.  All the players who won medal stand tall with their heads held high.  We are proud of you.  You played your hearts out.  All of you are being an inspiration for others.  We thank all the participants for lifting the spirits of every Indian.  Of course, there is no limit to what our girls can achieve.  All your accomplishments will be remembered for years.

The list of gold medalists are:

  • Saurabh Choudhary – Rifle shooting
  • Vinesh Phogat – Wrestling
  • Rahi Sarnobat – 25m Pistol
  • Bajrang Punia – Wrestling
  • Sawarn Singh, Dattu Bhokanal, Om Prakash, Sukh Meet Singh – Quadruple Sculls
  • Rohan Bopanna, Dvij Sharan – Men’s Tennis doubles
  • Neerj Chopra – Javelin Throw
  • Tajinderpal Singh – Shotput
  • Manjit Singh – 800m men’s event
  • Arpinder Singh – Neb’s Triple jump
  • Swapna Barman – Heptathlon
  • Jinson Johnson – Men’s 1500m
  • Hima Das, M.R.Poovamma, Saritaben Gayakwad, Vismaya Velluva Koroth – Women’s relay
  • Amit Pangal – Boxing
  • Pranab Bardhan, Shibhnath Sarkar – Bridge

The list of silver medalists are:

  • Lakshya – Shooting
  • Deepak Kumar – Shooting
  • Sanjeev Rajput – Shooting
  • Schedul Vikas – Shooting
  • Women’s Kabbadi
  • Dharun Ayyaswamy – 400m hurdles
  • Sundha Singh – 300 m. Staplechase
  • Neena varakil – long jump
  • Dutee Chand – 100m running
  • Hima Das – 400m. running
  • Muhammed Anas Yahiya – 400. Running
  • Fauaad Mirza – Equestrian individual event
  • Fauaad Mirza, Rakesh Kumar, Ashish Malik, Jitendra Singh – Eventing
  • Muskan Kirar, Madhumita Kumari, Jyothi Surekha Vennam – Women-s compound archery
  • Abhishek Verma, Rajat Chauhan, Aman Saini – Men’s compound Archery
  • V.Sindhu – Badminton
  • Muhammed Anas, Hima Das, M.R.Poovamma, Rajiv Arokia – 4×400 relay mixed
  • Pincky Balhara – Kurash (Women 52lg.)
  • Jinson Johnson – 800m running
  • Dutee Chand – 200m. running
  • Muhammed Kunhu, Rajiv Arokia, Dharun Ayyasamy, Muhammad Anas – 4×400 hurdles
  • Varsha Gautham,m Sweta Sheravegan – 49er FX Web sailing
  • Women’s Hockey
  • Dipika Pallikal, Joshna Chinappa, Sunanya Kuruvilla, Tanvi Khanna – Women’s Squash

The list of bronze medalists are:

  • Abhishek Verma – Rifle
  • Divya Kakran – Wrestling
  • Ankita Raina – Tennis
  • Apurvi Chandela, Ravi Kumar – shooting
  • Naorem Roshibina Devi – Wushu
  • Santosh Kumar – Wushu
  • Surya Bhanu PratapSingh – Wushu
  • Narendra Garewal – Wushu
  • Rupesh Sugar, Robin Bhattarai, dipesh Jung Thapa, Govinda Magar, Sanjit Dhimal – Sepak Takrow
  • Dushyant – Lightweight single sculls
  • Rohit Kumar, Bhagwan Singh – Lightweight double sculls
  • Heena Sindhu – Shooter
  • Pragnesh Gunasekara – Tennis
  • Saina Nehwal – Badminton
  • Dipika Pallikar Karthink – Single Squash
  • Hoshna Chinappa – Single Squash
  • Mixed bridge
  • Men’s bridge
  • Saurauv Ghoshal – Squash
  • Sathiyan Gnanasekharan, Achanta Sharath Kamal, Amalraj Anthyny Arputharaj – Men’s Table tennis
  • Malaprabha Yellappa Jadhav – Kurash Women 52kg.
  • Manika Batra, Achanta Sharath Kamal – Table Tennis Mixed doubles
  • Seema Punia – Discus throw
  • U.chitra – Women’s 1000m.
  • Harshita Tomar – Open laser 4.7 sailing
  • Varun Thakkar/ Ganapathy Chengappa – 49er men sailing
  • Vikas Krishnan – Boxing (75 kg)
  • Men’s kabaddi
  • Saurav Ghoshal, Harinder Singhpal Sandhu, Ronit Tandon, Mahesh Mangaonkar – Men’s Squash
  • Men’s Hockey team

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India men’s squash team clinch bronze at Jakarta

India men’s squash team clinch bronze at Jakarta

Indian men’s squash team comprising Saurav Ghosal, Harinder Pal Singh Sandhu, Ramit Tandon, and Mahesh Mangaonkar was no match for Hong Kong, who had won bronze in the last edition at Incheon, South Korea.

The Indian men, who also entered the mega-event as defending champions, settled for bronze after a 0-2 loss to Hong Kong in the semifinals. Saurav Ghosal, who was not fully fit, and Harinder Pal Sandhu, lost to Max Lee and Leo Au, 0-3 and 1-3 respectively.

Congratulations to the team.

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Men’s kabadi gets Bronze Medal at Jakarta

Men’s kabadi gets Bronze Medal at Jakarta

India’s nearly unchallenged domination of the Asian Games kabaddi competition ended on Thursday with the men’s team failing to make the final for the first time, left shell-shocked and battered by an ever-improving Iran in the semifinals in Jakarta.

For the first time in its history, India ended with a bronze medal in its indigenous sport. The 18-27 loss, which left some in the Indian camp in tears, and others stone-faced, ended a reign of domination dates back to the 1990 Asiad.  It was a nightmare that unfolded for India at Theatre Garuda where the Iranians played like champions and India seemed completely out of sorts.

The two teams were neck and neck at the end of the first half. But the Iranians sped away to a mini lead in the second half and that set the pulse racing in the Indian camp.

Thereafter, the Indians imploded as they looked desperate for points both in attack and defence. Iran made full use of India’s desperation for points and took a massive lead to take a vice-like grip on the match.

Iran scored a total of 18 points in the second half to make it through to the finals of the Asian Games for the third straight time. They had settled for the silver medal on the last two occasions after losing to India in the final.

Manjit-singh got a gold medal in the mens 800m at jakarta

Vikas Krishnan won Bronze medal in Boxing (75kg.)

Vikas Krishnan won Bronze medal in Boxing (75kg.)

Vikas Krishan Yadav (born 10 February 1992) is an Indian male boxer from Bhiwani district in Haryana, who won a gold medal in the 2010 Asian Games in the Lightweight category and a gold medal at the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

Yadav was born in Singhwa Khas village in Hisar district.  His father Krishan Kumar Yadav is an employee in the Electricity Department. In 1994 he came to Bhiwani along with his father, who was transferred to this city. In 2003, at the age of 10, Yadav joined the Bhiwani Boxing Club.   Later, he received training in the Army Sports Institute at Pune.  Presently, Yadav is DSP in Haryana Police.

Vikas Krishan was declared medically unfit to compete in the semifinal match against Kazakhstan’s Amankul Abilkhan and had to settle for Bronze medal.   Krishan was declared unfit due to a cut on his left eyelid which he suffered during one of his previous matches in the tournament. The 26-year-old was subsequently ruled out to compete due to the injury.  Krishan sustained the injury during the pre-quarterfinal match, and it was aggravated during his intense quarterfinal bout against China’s Tuoheta Erbieke Tanglatihan. During the fight, the Indian had to overcome bleeding to win the match and assure himself of a medal.

The Haryana-boxer created history by becoming the first India boxer to clinch a medal in three successive Asian Games.

Congratulations to Vilaks and wish him a speedy recovery.

Varun Thakkar and Ganapathy Chengappa gets Bronze in 49er Men’s sailing

Varun Thakkar and Ganapathy Chengappa gets Bronze in 49er Men’s sailing

Once fierce rivals, Thakkar and Ganapthy on Friday joined forces to clinch a bronze medal in 49er event after finishing third with 43 net points.

They were disqualified in the penultimate race (14th) but held their nerves to win the final race.

Varun and Ganapathy endured a roller coaster ride to finish with bronze in the men’s 48er sailing event.  Both Varun and Ganapathy were hopeful of Gold medal,  their chances got brighter as sailor legend Jonas Warrer started coaching them.

The gold was won by Japan’s Furuya Shingen and Hachiyama Shinji while chae Bonjin and Kim Dongwook of Korea clinched the Silver.  Ganapathy felt his camaraderie with Varun was one of the key factors behind them doing well.  The duo dedicated this medal to their friendship.

Congratulations to the duo for winning the medal

Women’s Hockey clinches Silver medal in Asian games at Indonesia

Women’s Hockey clinches Silver medal in Asian games at Indonesia

The Indian women hockey team’s dream of reclaiming the gold at the 18th Asian games at Jakarta after 36 years remained unfulfilled as it lost 1-2 to Japan to settle for the silver medal.   It was yet another heartbreak for Indian hockey, a day after the fancied men’s team lost to Malaysia via penalty shoot-out in the semifinals. Coming into the match, the Indians were favorites to the title as they have ranked five places above Japan at ninth in the world rankings. But the Japanese matched India stick for stick and took the lead in the 11th minute when Minami Shimizu converted their first penalty corner.

Valiant India went down fighting and won the silver medal as they lost 1-2 to Japan in the women’s hockey semi-final of the 2018 Asian Games. Kawamura Motomi scored the decisive and eventual winning goal in the 43rd minute as Japan clinched the gold medal. India kept pushing for an equalizer in the fourth quarter and even came close in the closing stages but failed to score.

India, however, did not give up and pressed hard for the equalizer which came in the 25th minute when Neha Goyal deflected in a Navneet Kaur reverse hit pass, as both the teams went into the breather locked at 1-1. The Japanese, however, came out rejuvenated after the change of ends and restored their lead through another penalty corner conversion, by skipper Motomi Kawamura in the 44th minute.  In the final quarter, the Indians pressed hard in search of the equalizer but Japan defended in numbers to win the match and claim the gold medal.

Japan kept the pressure on India and reaped the benefits after a deflected and well-taken penalty corner strike gave the former the lead. The Japanese side played an attacking game, especially in the first quarter. The second quarter saw India up their ante and their offensive play orchestrated by Navneet in the 25th minute helped Neha equalize for India. A confident India women’s hockey team will be vying to win the gold medal after a long wait of 36 years. India won the gold medal in 1982, the year women’s hockey was first included in the Asian Games program. They reached the final for the second time in 1998 when they lost 1-2 to South Korea. They bagged bronze medals in 2006 and 2014.

Congratulations to Women’s hockey team for winning the medal.

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