Arjun Sarja Moves High Court –  Demands Quashing of FIR Against Him

Arjun Sarja Moves High Court – Demands Quashing of FIR Against Him

Arjun Sarja accused Sruthi Harihran of misusing the #MeToo movement and said the allegations leveled against him have caused a lot of embarrassment to him and his family.

Arjun Sarja, who has been accused of sexual harassment by actress Sruthi Hariharan, moved the high court on 30th November seeking the quashing of an FIR registered against him on October 27.  The Cubbon park police had registered an FIR based on Sruti Hariharan’s complaint under sections 354 (Assault or criminal force to woman with intent to outrage her modesty, 354A (Sexual Harassment), and 509 (Word, gesture or act intended to insult the modesty of a woman).

Sruthi’s allegations created a furore in the Kannada film industry with people working in the industry divided over the issue.  Sruthi was accused of seeking publicity and raking up a non-issue to smear Arjun’s reputation. She was also accused by Prashant Sambargi, Arjun’s media manager of carrying out an organized campaign against him.  On the basis of these abuse and criticism, Sruthi stood her ground and proceeded to file an FIR against Prashant Sambargi for threatening her and against Arjun himself.

Namma Bengaluru’s first Breast milk bank

Namma Bengaluru’s first Breast milk bank

Karnataka got its first  breast milk bank, a non-profit breast milk foundation at Fortis La-femme Hospital known as Amaara at namma Bengaluru.  Amaara provides pasteurized human breast milk to high risk new borns and babies whose mothers suffer lactation failure.  The hospital needs more mothers to donate breast milk for needy preterm babies.

Formula feed had been the go-to-solution in the absence of such a facility. Any lactating woman, who is in good physical and mental health and not on any medications or drugs and has an excess amount of milk after satisfactorily feeding her baby, is eligible to donate her milk. All willing mothers will be screened for certain conditions before they can donate their breast milk.

Amaara celebrated first anniversary recently and felicitated donors who have helped around 176 premature babies across 31 Neonatal Intensive Care Units in namma Bengaluru.

Human Breast milk and its benefits have been either understated or left in oblivion for long, leaving mothers unaware of the role it plays in assisting in the healthy nourishment of one’s newborn, and has been sadly left to be viewed and as mere food for babies. Human Breast milk is not just ‘food’, but a complex substance containing antibodies that not only fulfils a newborn’s dietary requirements but also aids in fighting off viruses and bacteria and lowers the risk of allergies, infections and illness in the long run for the child. It is a vital ingredient for the optimal growth and development of full-term babies, but even more so for preemies (preterm babies).

The process followed by the Amaara milk bank is based on the standard technology and methods followed in Europe.

Bengalurean Dr.Badrinath Konety – US Physicians group CEO

Bengalurean Dr.Badrinath Konety – US Physicians group CEO

University of Minnesota Physicians has named Bangalurean Dr. Badrinath Konety, leader of the urology department at the University’s medical school, as its next CEO.  Dr. Konety also will hold the title of vice dean of clinical affairs at the medical school and will serve on the newly created M Health Fairview’s executive leadership team.  Dr. Badrinath Konety starts as CEO from Dec. 1, 2018. He is one of 10 doctors at Fairview Lakes Health Services-Wyoming and one of 7 at Minneapolis Veterans Affairs Health Care System who specializes in Urology.  This doctor from Bengaluru is a nationally and internationally recognized expert on prostate and bladder cancer and proven academic and clinical leader.

The Doctor received his M.D. at the MS Ramaiah Medical College of Bangalore University, India. He was then a research fellow with the UCSF Department of Urology at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center following which he completed his Urology residency at University of Pittsburgh. Following his residency training, Dr. Konety was an AFUD Research Scholar at the University of Pittsburgh’s Department of Urology and Cancer Institute.   He was previously Assistant Professor of Urology and Chief of Urology at the University of Iowa as well as Associate Professor and Vice-Chair of the Department of Urology at University of California, San Francisco prior to assuming his position at the University of Minnesota.

Dr. Badrinath is a fellow of the American College of Surgeons and the American Urologic Association. He also is secretary/treasurer of the Societe Internationale d’Urologie (US Section). He has published more than 120 peer reviewed articles, as well as a number of book chapters and review articles. He is on the editorial board of several journals and is a member of multiple guideline panels. He has been awarded a number of grants from the DOD, NCI, ACS and CDC. He is recognized as an expert on prostate and bladder cancer. He has given presentations on a wide range of urologic oncology topics nationally and internationally. He has been listed on the Best Doctors in America since 2009.

As CEO, Dr. Konety will serve on the Executive Leadership Team of M Health Fairview and will oversee, with his dyad partners, service lines and shared clinical services throughout the health system. In addition, he will lead work to further the UMP/Medical School operational alignment which will ensure the strength of the group practice and capability to fulfill land-grant mission to serve the State.

Get Happy-High and Dance Your Night Away at Gilly’s Redefined

Dancing is an excellent stress-buster, especially after an exhausting day and Bangalore houses some of the grooviest party destinations. Apart from just being a hub of IT professionals, the bustling city hosts the best dance floors for you to groove on.

After the sundown till a little past midnight, Bangalore is sure to leave you spellbound with its vivacious nightlife. From live karaokes to underground watering holes, umpteen microbreweries and posh nightclubs, you have multiple places to enjoy and make ad-hoc plans with your friends.

One thing that I have learnt after coming to Bangalore is that with so many pubs and discotheques across the city, you will never run out of options and can just soak up yourself in your favourite place, get happy-high and dance the night away with your friends. There are unduly high number of dance clubs and dedicated dance floors that serve all kinds of alcohol and scrumptious food.

From Big Brewsky to Pebble, XU, Skyye Lounge, Ice, High Ultra Lounge, No Limits Lounge, The Warehouse, Vapour, Siam Trading Company and many more; I have tried quite a lot of options on my list. But Gilly’s Redefined has been something different.

Gilly’s Redefined is a wonderful place to hangout with friends and if you have weekend plans, nothing can beat this place. They have three dedicated floors “Fandom at Gilly’s Redefined”, “The Terrace at Gilly’s Redefined” and “My Bar”. They serve amazing food, they have quick service, the call and bill order button is really facilitating and is definitely worth for money.

As far as I know, the English Craft Brewing Company has tied up with Gilly’s and they serve four different varieties of fresh brews, available on tap. Chelsea Wit (Belgian Wheat beer) and Soho Triple (crossover between Belgian wheat and IPA) are two of my favourites.

The brewed beers, scrumptious food, live music and live sports screening is not just it. They have amazing ambience, a full bar, smoking area, private dining area and extended seating capacity too. They play live music from national and international brands and also have happy hour offers.

To find out more happening pubs and clubs around you, just click here.

Non-electric, cost-effective ball thrower from Bengaluru boy Pratheek Palanethra

Bengaluru-based Freebowler has launched an accessible and affordable mechanical bowling machine to aid everyday cricket practice.

Things changed when Pratheek Palanethra, the mechanical engineer from RV College of Engineering, Bengaluru, went to the US in 2015 to pursue his master’s in Technical Entrepreneurship at Lehigh University, Pennsylvania.  Pratheek himself started playing the game when he was very young – he was only two years old when he picked up a cricket bat. He has played for various teams and even went on to represent Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU)and Karnataka at the state zonals.

Pratheek missed playing cricket in the US. With no one to bowl, he wondered if there was an easy way to resolve this problem.  Pratheek and his batchmate-cum-roommate Justin Jacobs took up a project at the university to make an affordable and portable bowling machine.

The non-electric and portable cricket ball thrower is capable of throwing real cricket balls with natural variations of line and length, simulating the cricketing experience. It’s basically an improvised version of the catapult with a throwing arm which has a ball-throwing cup at one end (where the ball is placed). The throwing arm is connected to a foot lever with a spring cable system.

The throwing arm is first pulled down and locked in place. Then the foot lever is pushed down and locked. This action actuates the spring. The ball is then placed into the ball-holding cup, and the throwing arm is released using a trigger handle, which then fires the ball in the front towards the batsman.

Unlike other electric bowling machines that use plastic-coated synthetic dimple balls, the Freebowler machine enables the batsman to play with proper cricket balls. An electric bowling machine has rotating wheels that squeeze the ball before it is thrown out, which can damage the threading of the ball. The Freebowler, on the other hand, simulates realistic bowling action with “a throwing arm”.

The ball in the cup can be set at different angles and orientation using a knob that enables the batsman to play variations of length and swings. The machine has wheels at the bottom to maneuver and is thus portable. It can be placed shorter than the normal 22-yard distance from the batsman. This way it enables batsman to play different length and bounce at higher speeds.

Rahul dravid inducted to hall of Fame

Kannada Rajyotsava – 2018

Kannada Rajyotsava – 2018

Karnataka is all set to celebrate Kannada Rajyotsava or Karnataka Foundation Day on November 1. Karnataka Rajyotsava is Karnataka Formation Day; literally “Karnataka State Festival’ is celebrated on 1 November of every year.  The State of Mysore was founded on November 1, 1956, with the passing of the State Re-organisation Act.

The state came into being in the year 1956 when all the Kannada speaking regions of South India were merged into one.  However, the name was not accepted by some regions and after a prolonged discussion, it was again renamed on November 1, 1973.  Kannada Rajyotsava is one of the biggest celebrations in the state.

Karnataka Kulapurohita :

Aluru Venkata Rao was the first person who dreamt of unifying the State as early as 1905 with the Karnataka Ekikarana movement. Rajyotsava Day is listed and celebrated by Kannadigas across the world. The state came into being through the contribution of Aluru Venkata Rao, who is revered as Karnataka Kulapurohita in the region.

In 1950, India became republic and different provinces were formed in the country on basis of language spoken in the particular region and this gave birth to the state of Mysore including various places in south India, which were earlier ruled by the kings.

Celebrations start with presentation of the honors list for Rajyotsava Awards by the Government of Karnataka, hoisting of the official Karnataka flag and a speech by the Chief Minister and Governor of the state. Festivities carry on throughout the day with communities holding their own ceremonies and concerts.  Kannada flags are prominently hoisted and displayed at almost all office and business establishments across the State.

The entire state of Karnataka wears a festive look during Rajyotsava day, with red and yellow Kannada flags decorating streets, houses and institutions. The state flag is also hoisted at offices of political parties and various localities.  Since the celebration of the day is not associated with any particular religion or community, people cutting across all religions or community celebrate it with full fervour and zeal.

Corporators refuse to eat Indira Canteen food @ council meeting

Corporators refuse to eat Indira Canteen food @ council meeting

The Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike corporators will be served food prepared at Indira Canteen Kitchens during monthly council meetings from now onwards at the civic body’s headquarters.  Following criticism by the public on spending lakhs of rupees for lunch during the council meeting, the civic body introduced Indira Canteen.  The cash-strapped Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike has decided to order food for the council meetings from the Canteen to cut down on costs

The city Mayor Ms. Gangambike Mallikarjun recently announced that external catering service to the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) council meeting would be stopped since it was costly.

The corporators have the luxury of a menu that is slightly different from what is presently available to the public at canteens.  The corporators will have to Rs.5/- for breakfast and Rs.10/- for lunch/dinner.  By coming up with this plan, the catering contractors will be on their toes and will ensure they provide good quality food.  The regular clientele is of the opinion that the food will be different as the regular menu will change for them on the day of the meetings.

Food Wastage

However, most corporators refused to have the food.  Apart from Mayor Gangambike Mallikarjun, BBMP Commissioner N Manjunath Prasad and a handful of civic body staff, most members skipped the lunch, leading to a possibility of food wastage.

One of the party leaders was of the opinion that the food provided by the Indira canteen kitchen was hygienic but doubt if the quality is maintained there.  Refuting the allegation that the members did not eat as the food came from the canteen, the mayor said, “The council adjourned and ended soon, so the corporators headed home. I hope they have not done it intentionally. The remaining food will be sent back to the canteen. We will make sure that no food is wasted.”

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Raid at Dasanapura – Bengaluru Rural District

Raid at Dasanapura – Bengaluru Rural District

Citizens visit Dasanapura Sub-registrar office for property registration, to get encumbrance certificate, registered documents and other government related work.    The officials  at the office instead of doing their designated work was involved in  collecting bribe and using intermediary persons (letter writers and others) to do the same.  The officials verified the complaints and on 27.10.2018 conducted an investigation and registered a case at Bengaluru rural District Office.    At the time of the raid Rs.5,69,210/- was seized from the staff, brokers and private personnel.


Bengalurean demonstrates ‘autonomous’ helicopter drone flight

Bengalurean demonstrates ‘autonomous’ helicopter drone flight

Flying a full-fledged ‘helicopter’ to fly autonomously is among the toughest task in the unmanned aerial vehicle business. Bengaluru-based drone specialist, Mr. Adarsh.  N. has cracked the code, thus by becoming India’s first private individual to do it.

At a field on the city’s outskirts, Adarsh’s 4 Kg. ‘Thunder Tiger Raptor 50’ helicopter drone took off smoothly, followed a predefined flight path and landed precisely at a spot earmarked.

Autonomous drone

The entire operation was not remote controlled but was in autonomous mode.   The duration of the flight was short but the range could have been extended up to 40 minutes by equipping the aircraft with an additional fuel tank.  The autonomous flight achieved an altitude of 35 meters.  The drone was powered by flow fuel (a mix of methanol, nitromethane and oil).

Using a software, the way points of the drone were marked out. The path was a rectangular path, complete with the points where the copter changed direction and landing spots, all tracked from a ground control station.

Autonomous drone using technology

The software interface gives a full, real-time information on the flight, tracked on a map. The speed, altitude and duration were all present in the interface.  The range of the drone was restricted only by the helicopter size and fuel capacity.

Several Bengaluru-based DRDO laboratories and state-owned Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), are currently in research mode to perfect the autonomous helicopter flight. But the drone choppers are of a heavier build, 10 kg and upwards.

Perfecting the ‘autonomous’ flight in the copter mode could potentially revolutionize management of disasters, traffic and fire safety, besides reconnaissance in military operations. Remote-controlled drones are limited by sight. Autonomous drones can  go anywhere, depending on the fuel capacity.  They could be designed to hover above a particular traffic junction relaying critical data in multimedia or drop inflatable floats to drowning victims.

Black Pearl Restaurant (Pirate restaurant) at Koramangala.

Black Pearl Restaurant (Pirate restaurant) at Koramangala.

Want to experience the inimitable aura of Pirates and their unique lifestyle on the sea and on land in Bengaluru?  Then head towards Koramangala to visit Black Pearl restaurant. Located in the prime area of 5th Block Koramangala near Vikas Tech Park at Jyoti Nivas College Road, this restaurant has an exclusive ambiance. It is a Novelty bar and grill restaurant named after the infamous pirate ship serving international food. The moment you enter the restaurant you will be mesmerized by its matchless concept of life on a pirate ship extending to the entire dining area. You can enjoy breezy and rejuvenating rooftop ambiance where you can feel as if you are on the front deck of a ship. Strains of popular music played by the live band throughout the evening

This biggest pirate theme restaurant in India offers delectable Caribbean, Mediterranean, North-Indian, Barbeque, and European Cuisine.  The Black Pearl is a perfect dining place for all ages and serves a wide spread of buffet lunch and dinner on all days of the week. The buffet is a fine blend of Indian and Chinese cuisine. The lavish buffet spread covers more than five courses.

Friendly waiters and efficient service help to give the diners a unique and complete dining experience. Live music and an excellent ambiance make The Black Pearl an unparalleled dining restaurant in namma Bengaluru.

To avoid waiting for the book in advance to have leisurely food.
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Transport facility for disabled for the byelections

Transport facility for disabled for the byelections

The Election Commission, keen to make polls more accessible for the differently-abled, has ordered the Karnataka State Chief Electoral Officers to arrange pick and drop facility for all such voters on polling day.  Government vehicles will be used for this purpose for the by-elections scheduled for November 3 in Karnataka.

The facility can be utilized by accessing the “Chunavana Mobile Application” (on play store) and booking a slot at the ‘pickup service facility’.  The applicants have to enter their EPIC number, mobile no. and address following which they will get a confirmation call.

District administrations will arrange the specially allocated election duty vehicle and volunteer. Wheelchairs will be arranged at respective polling stations. They can also be booked through the app and the CEO Karnataka website and also through the Karnataka Election Information System.

By-polls are being held to three Lok Sabha constituencies — Bellary, Shivvamogga and Mandya and two Assembly constituencies — Jamkhandi and Ramanagara.


ACB raids at different places in Karnataka

Raid at Dakshina Kannada

On 26/10/2018 the officials of Dakshina kannada, AKannadaruption Bureau PS trapped Sri. Sudeen D.S, Assistant Engineer, Panchayath Raj & Rural Development while accepting a bribe of Rs.25,000/- from the complainant on behalf of Shri. Suryanarayana Bhat, Technical Assistant.

A resident of Bapunagar, Mudigere, Chikmagalur District had got the technical bid sanctioned for the construction of 2 Rooms & a Toilet in Government Degree College, Chikmagalur.  Shri. Suryanarayana Bhat, Technical Assistant, Panchayath Raj & Rural Development had demanded a bribe amount of Rs.25,000/- from the complainant to provide E-key to open the financial bid.

Both have been arrested and the bribe amount has been seized. The case is under investigation.


Raid at Raichur

On 26.10.2018 2018 the officials of Raichur Anti Corruption Bureau PS have trapped Sri. Ramalingappa while accepting a bribe amount of Rs.5,000/- from the complainant.

A resident of Jagir Venkatapur Village of Raichur Taluk had sought for mutation of 3 Acres of land to his wife’s name. Sri Ramalingappa, Village Accountant, Jagir Venkatapur Gram Panchayat, Raichur Taluk had demanded a bribe amount of Rs.5,000/- to do the same.

The A.G.O is secured, and the bribe amount is recovered. The investigation is on.


Raid at Kolar District

On 29/10/2018 the officials of ACB PS Kolar trapped and arrested (1) Sri.P.Raju and (2) Sri.Chethan Kiran while receiving a bribe amount Rs.30,000/- from the complainant.

A resident of Dhanamatnahalli village, Vemagal hobli, Kolar District had applied to provide Borewell in his land under the Ganga Kalyana Scheme. 1) Sri.P.Raju, Incharge District Manager and 2) Sri. Chethan Kiran, Out Source Employee (Caseworker) of Dr.B.R Ambedkar Development Corporation Limited, Kolar had demanded a bribe amount of Rs.30,000/- to do the same.

The bribe amount has been seized. The case is under investigation.

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Both the God and the human being are in search of each other. This is the beauty of this creation. God and the Devotee are inter dependable and are on eternal search on to self.

This rumblings of Manku thimmana Kagga as told by D.V.Gundappa says that it us the bounden duty for a devotee is to pray God.

The sole aim is to bring awareness, light the lamp of knowledge of how to observe our rituals and seek the divine blessings at every occasion. God and religious rituals are the part and parcel of human life. irrespective of caste, creed and religion.  We choose to pray God on various occasion and religious poojas fit for the occasion requires to be observed. We seek divine blessing for each of our efforts. From the stage of emergence of a baby to the end of life we come across several occasions and observe rituals that suits for the occasion.

Some make quick bucks by keeping people in dark in observation of rituals and in understanding real meaning behind such observations. It has also shadowed ones quest for imparting scientific outlook in to observation.

Half baked and semi taught people took the advantage. They exploited the innocent people. They spread lies among the devotees and created fear and panic among them. Even the simpler rituals were made difficult and costly, thus pushing the rituals beyond one’s observation. educate the people. They tell people to go to them and to come out of costly exploitation they are undergoing in the name of observation of rituals. They educate the people on the vastness and greatness  and real meaning of our dharma, samskruthi and rituals. They help people in observing the rituals in much easier and economically cheaper way.

The different services offered are Muhurath for all occasions, Rudrabhisheka, Lakshmi Pooja, Bhoomi Pooja/Gudhli Pooja, Satyanaraya Pooja, namakarana, gana homa, marriage, dhanvantari homa, ayur homa, vasthu homa, shani  shanthi etc.

The website will be launched today at Centenary Hall, Sharada Stree Samaja, 1st Main, Chamarajpet, Baengaluru – 560018 @ 5.30 PM.

Now you can download the APP on your mobile  – APP


Gas pipeline damaged near Whitefield today

Gas pipeline damaged near Whitefield today

A leakage in Gail gas pipeline near Decathlon on ITPL Main road, Gardacharplaya in Mahadevapura near Whitefield has panicked locals and commuters.

Metro officials along with fire force, GAIL authorities and police rushed to the spot and blocked 500 metres radius of the area.  Traffic moving towards ITPL Main road to reach Whitefield were advised to use Devasandra main road or use outer ring road (ORR) to proceed towards Marathahalli and reach Whitefield.    Traffic moving towards the city from Whitefield are advised to proceed towards graphite from Hoodi proceed towards Kundalahalli towards city via Marathahalli.

Fire and emergency services personnel were pressed into service to prevent any further danger.  Gail officials, who restored the pipeline, claimed that the leak was caused due to the ongoing Namma Metro Construction work.

According to the Managing Director of Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL)  it was an accidental damage. He said the pipeline was not found in the test trenching but BMRCL was not taking steps to ensure such accidents do not repeat.

In order to prevent any such reoccurrence, BMRCL is obtaining gas network alignment from GAIL in all metro reaches.  BMRCL  will super impose them with metro alignment and ensure removal of any potential conflict before taking up any construction.

This is the second such incident as a similar incident occurred in Mahadevapura on October 22 and a complaint was filed with the Mahadevapura police station.


Bangalore Literature Festival 2018:

Bangalore Literature Festival 2018:

If literature mirrors life, can literary festivals be far behind?  The last weekend of October will see literature enthusiasts headed to one venue – the lawns of The Lalit Ashok for the 7th edition of the Bangalore Literature Festival (BLF).  The theme of this year’s fest is “Young Voices, Relevant Noises”.

The 7th edition of the Bangalore Literature Festival 2018 will be held on October 27 and 28, at The Lalit Ashok Lawns, Bengaluru.  This is a unique forum where budding authors get a chance to pitch their book idea to literary agents, commissioning editors and publishers.

The literature festival will have a segment – the ‘LitMart’ where editors and publishers will listen to would-be writers.  The jury includes VK Karthika (Westland), Renuka Chatterjee (Speaking Tiger) and Shantanu Chaudhuri (Penguin).   From the uproar over the #MeToo movement on social media to the aftermath of the ruling down of Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code, BLF has several compelling panels, featuring some of the best known names from the world of writing.  BLF is also going to have a panel on #MeToo with Sister Jesme and journalists Barkha Dutt and Sandhya Menon; a session on Section 377 with Aatish Taseer, Vasudhendra, Robert Dessaix, Anjali Gopalan. The Festival is India’s largest independent and community-funded literary conclave and Bengaluru city’s flagship annual literary.

This edition of the festival have over 150 authors and speakers from across the country including Ramachandra Guha, Chetan Bhagat and Shashi Tharoor.  This year, the festival will introduce panels on cartooning, science fiction and some others topics that were previously not part of the event.

The Lalit Ashok is being hosts for the second time.  The format of the event and the vast sprawling spaces of The Lalit gives the festival a picnic flavor and encourages one to spend an entire day there.  People from all walks of life congregate at the BLF and there is definitely something for everyone.

The event will feature musical performances by sitar-cello duet Pandit Shubhendra Rao and Saskia Rao de Haas and an all-women band led by Saxphone Lavanya.

Plan your weekend. Entry to the event is free.

Gilly’s Redefined – have you been here?

Gilly’s Redefined – have you been here?

Have you ever got happy-high and danced your night away at Gilly’s Redefined?

Dancing is an excellent stress-buster, especially after an exhausting day and Bangalore houses some of the grooviest party destinations. Apart from just being a hub of IT professionals, the bustling city hosts the best dance floors for you to groove on.

After the sundown till a little past midnight, Bangalore is sure to leave you spellbound with its vivacious nightlife. From live karaokes to underground watering holes, umpteen microbreweries and posh nightclubs, you have multiple places to enjoy and make ad-hoc plans with your friends.

One thing that I have learnt after coming to Bangalore is that with so many pubs and discotheques across the city, you will never run out of options and can just soak up yourself in your favourite place, get happy-high and dance the night away with your friends. There are unduly high number of dance clubs and dedicated dance floors that serve all kinds of alcohol and scrumptious food.

From Big Brewsky to Pebble, XU, Skyye Lounge, Ice, High Ultra Lounge, No Limits Lounge, The Warehouse, Vapour, Siam Trading Company and many more; I have tried quite a lot of options on my list. But I have never got a chance to try my hands on Gilly’s Redefined.

the most outstanding @ Gilly’s Redefined

share your experience with us, leave a comment

Kannada Actor Arjun Sarja files a defamation case against Shruthi Hariharan for Rs.5 crore

Kannada Actor Arjun Sarja files a defamation case against Shruthi Hariharan for Rs.5 crore

An FIR has been lodged against Shruthi Hariharan with the Cyber Crime Police by Kannada actor Arjun Sarja.

Prior to the Case lodge, both the parties met at the Kannada Film Chamber of Commerce.  The big names from Kannada film industry known as Sandalwood tried to resolve the matter but failed to come to any conclusions after 2 hours.   Arjun said in the meeting that there will not be any compromise from his side.  He is proceeding with filing a case against Shruti because everybody, even the king, is under the law.

Shruthi Hariharan had leveled charges of sexual harassment against Arjun Sarja in a long Facebook post.

Sruthi Hariharan had alleged that Arjun Sarja had behaved inappropriately with her during the filming of a song some years ago. Arjun Sarja has denied the allgation.e

The matter is far from over as the Kannada film industry still stands divided on it. Both actors have received support and criticism from the industry and online. According to Shruti, a defamation case is a civil case and the only counter that she would need to file is a criminal case under the Sexual Harassment Act.  Watch this space for more updates

Share your opinion.

Is #MeToo a bubble or a platform to bring out the Voice of the victim?

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BBMP to pay Rs.5 crore fine to The National Green Tribunal

BBMP to pay Rs.5 crore fine to The National Green Tribunal

The National Green Tribunal (NGT) fined the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike Rs.5 crore for its failure to comply with the NGT’s directions to ensure bio-mining and continued cover-up by allowing dumping of solid wastes in quarry pits at Bengaluru North taluk.

The BBMP was dumping 90% of the mixed waste at an abandoned quarry at Bellahalli, a small hamlet some 25kms. North of Bengaluru, in violation of the NGT directives.

The panel granted two months time for compliance of its directions, subject to depositing environmental compensation of Rs.5 crore within one month with the Central Pollution Control Board.  The NGT stated that the BBMP is open to recover the amount from the officers responsible for the failure of their duties.

The tribunal had earlier noted that abandoned quarries were being used as dumping sites in violating of the Solid Waste Municipal Rules, 2016.   After a joint inspection by the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Central Pollution Control Board and KSPCB officials, the tribunal found serious deficiencies in the action of BBMP with regard to the site selection, development of facilities of sanitary landfill sites, criteria for specification of landfilling, closure of landfilling after completion, water quality monitoring and landfill sites.

The BBMP is planning to appeal to the Supreme court in this regard.

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Potholes : High Court slams Mahanagara Palike

Potholes : High Court slams Mahanagara Palike

The Karnataka High court took BBMP for a task for failing to make roads free of potholes in spite of granting 30 days to complete the job.  The High Court sent its commissioners to inspect the filling of pothole being undertaken by BBMP in a different party of the city and to submit a report on October 25.

A bench comprising Chief Justice Dinesh Maheshwari and Justice S.G.Pandit expressed their serious displeasure over BBMP’s failure to make the roads pothole free after the BBMP’s counsel confirmed that no ward out of the total 198 wards is entirely free of potholes but also pointed out that a number of roads in some wards are free from potholes.

The bench is also monitoring BBMP’s actions to make roads free of potholes.  The court expressed its opinion that the BBMP would make an honest effort to achieve the “zero pothole” target in a month’s period as traffic flow was less during the holidays due to Dasara.

The Court concluded by stating that if the BBMP cannot do it, some other agency will do it and this will come through an order after announcing BBMP as a failure and it will come with a heavy price.

Observing that the civic body had proved its incompetence, the court further stated that if BBMP does not work, it does not mean the City will shut down.  It only means BBMP will shut down.

The Court came to the conclusion that the pothole cases are affecting the adjudication of other matters.  The court will hear the pothole case on Saturdays and that the BBMP Commissioner must pay the allowance of court officials on such days.

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Karnataka Government trying to recover Rs.10 crore after 10 years

Karnataka Government trying to recover Rs.10 crore after 10 years

Karnataka Industrial Areas Development Board (KIADB) paid Rs.1.24 crore to a wrong person for a chunk of land that was never acquired 10 years ago is now trying to recover.  The officials are in the midst of the controversy that has blown the lid off a compensation scam.

In another case instead of depositing compensation of Rs.9.92 crore with the court, it paid the amount to some individuals to acquire disputed land.  After 10 years, the officials of KIADB has filed a recovery suit against a retired official to recover the said amount.

In 2001, KIADB officials initiated the process of acquiring land to set up a Special Economic Zone (SEZ) for different industries like aerospace, information technology, and hardware parks at Jala hobli.  Wakulla Khan who is 70 now, claims he had purchased 32 acres of land at Bandikodigehalli village in Jala Hoblin Devanahalli by way of an agreement of sale from 8 persons in 1996.  He has moved an application claiming compensation for the land along with the documents.

According to Mr.Khan on his criminal complaint, the Bengaluru Police charge-sheeted all the eight original owners for cheating and making a wrongful gain of the compensation amount.

Whether the Government recovers the amount or not is to be seen.

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Fly Dining Bengaluru – Gets the first Air / Sky Restaurants in India

Fly Dining Bengaluru – Gets the first Air / Sky Restaurants in India

Bangaloreans, get ready to experience the air dining!!!!! Enjoy mouth-watering delicious food with the enchanting view of Nagawara Lake and Manyata Park.    Of course, you hear it right!!  Bengaluru gets its first Air Dining Restaurant.

Bengaluru loves to do all unique and most adventurous things! To name a few- it is the first city to get electric street lights, the first city to get its own logo, the famous Uber rides started first in Bengaluru, the first city to launch helicopter taxi in India and the very first State to own flag among 29 States and the list goes on.

Bengaluru created another spectacular and unusual event for the adventure lovers of namma Bengaluru.  First, in India, Bengaluru is the only city to start dining in the Sky. You will be taken 160ft.  above from the ground with well-structured design to show-up the Aerial view of the silicon city.  Dining is a wonderful experience for the foodies to enjoy their favorite food amidst the sky and earth. It is well designed by engineers according to German norm DIN 4112 flying structure guidelines. So, no fear!  You are Safe!

Fly dining is located at Bengaluru’s heart – near Hebbal.  On the banks of Nagavara lake, thus giving the exotic view which makes perfect for spending time with your dear and near ones while having dinner.

Seating arrangements are designed technically and are spacious with all safety measures. It accommodates 22 guest members and 4-5 client personnel including chef and waiter at the center of the table. You can taste the delicious food having a spectacular view of the city from the top.

Dining in the Sky Bengaluru offers you a fabulous experience during several lifts starting from 04:30 PM to 8:30 PM. Currently, they are running only Mocktail Sessions and Dinner Session with 4-time slots:

Mocktail Session 1 – 4:30 PM to 5:30 PM

Mocktail Session 2 – 5:45 PM to 6:15 PM

Mocktail Session 3 – 6:45 PM to 7:15 PM

Dinner Session – 8:30 PM to 9:30 PM

A mocktail session is priced at Rs.3,999 per person, while dinner service costs Rs. 6,999 per person (inclusive of taxes).

Participants profile (eligibility criteria) :

Minimum height – 4 feet

Maximum weight – 150 Kgs.

Minimum Age: 12 years

Pregnant women are not advised to take up this adventure.  Heart patients are strictly not recommended for this activity.

In case of emergency, the setup can be brought back to the ground in a minute.  Enjoy the ride. Start booking your seats now.

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India clinched 6 gold medals in Cycling at Track Asia Cup 2018

India clinched 6 gold medals in Cycling at Track Asia Cup 2018

The 5th edition of Track Asia Cup 2018 organized by Cycling Federation of India started off at Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium, New Delhi on Friday, 21st September. Participants from 12 countries competed in this enthralling cycling event which is not only the qualifying event for World Cup and World championship, but also for 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

On 1st day India could only have a marginal lead above the Indonesian team presented an exciting show of talent. But on the successive days the hosting team took significant steps towards the championship and earned 1 Gold and 2 Silver medals. .

In Men Junior 3 km Individual Pursuit final, India’s Bilal Ahmed secured silver with a timing of 3:28.903s, this was his second silver of Track Asia Cup. While Kazakhstan’s Danil Pekhotin won his second gold of this tournament clocking 3:28.273s. Sainca won the bronze of this event.

A big surprise when Junior Cyclist E. Chaoba Devi of Sainca won over India’s favourite Nayana Rajesh P in Women Elite 3 km Individual Pursuit finals. Subarna Barma from Bangladesh won the bronze in this event. Chaoba Devi expressed her happiness on winning the gold. She said that “I’m doing training for 7 hours on daily basis and very glad that the hard work paid off. My sole aim to represent and win medals for the country”.

In the Women Junior 2 km. Individual Pursuit, India’s Swasti Singh won the gold medal with a timing of 2:41.123 s and an average speed of 89.37 km per hour. Danamma Chinchakh from SAINCA secured the silver medal with an average speed of 73.9 km per hour. Before this tournament, Danamma won bronze medal in the Asian championship in Point race event.

In Men Elite Scratch Race of 15 kms. Thurakit Boonratanathanakorn and Patompob Phonarjthan from Thailand won gold and silver medals respectively. Ryan James from Netherlands won the bronze.

The Men Elite 4 km Individual Pursuit final saw Hong Kong’s Siu Woi winning the gold. While Ryan James of Netherlands grabbed silver, his second medal of the day, Yuttana Mano of Thailand got Bronze.

India won the top spot by bagging 6 gold medals, 5 silver and 2 bronze. The Indonesian team secured the second place with 4 gold, 3 silver and 1 bronze while Hong Kong came third by winning 4 gold and 2 bronze.

Congratulations to all the participants and winners.  We are proud of your achievement.


Ranveer and Deepika – The Most Loved Couple of Bollywood All Set to Tie Knots

Ranveer and Deepika – The Most Loved Couple of Bollywood All Set to Tie Knots

After months of speculations, Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone have finally revealed their wedding date and are tying the knot on 14th and 15th November. Although the couple has not announced anything about the destination of their wedding, but as per the rumors the duo will be getting married in “Amchi Mumbai”.

According to reports, the couple had selected a luxurious villa overlooking Lake Como in Italy, but later the venue of their wedding was changed due to logistical issues as some family members had trouble traveling to Italy. The sangeet, mehendi and the wedding is expected to take place at a five-star hotel in Vakola.

Since the couple has announced their wedding dates, their friends, fans, and well-wishers are really excited about the special day. Both Ranveer and Deepika have been running on quite busy schedules as the wedding dates are arriving. While Ranveer is busy wrapping up the schedule of his upcoming movie “Simba”, Deepika is all tied up with even the minutest details of the wedding.

Ranveer and Deepika reception details

While there have been no details regarding the venue, some updates about their Mumbai reception have come up. The duo will be seen hosting a grand reception in Mumbai on the 30th November.

As per the report, on 30th November, guests will be invited to a Bollywood party, and the reception will be on 1st. The couple has supposedly chosen Grand Hyatt, Mumbai as the venue for their reception. Around 3000 guests are expected at the grand celebration in Grand Hyatt. Ranveer and Deepika will be hosting a reception for close friends and family in Bengaluru, as well, on 28th and 29th November.

The announcement of the wedding date has already taken the internet by storm and the fans and friends are already delighted with the big news.

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Last chance to enroll name in electoral rolls

Last chance to enroll name in electoral rolls

Electors in 28 assembly constituencies of Bengaluru can file their claims and objections from October 10  to November 20 according to Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike Commissioner N Manjunath Prasad who is also the District Election Officer.

The BBMP is planning to conduct a special revision of electoral rolls for 4 days in namma Bengaluru.  The Regional Commissioner decided to hold the drive to give people more time to include or change their names in the electoral rolls.  Electors can also submit Form 7 for objecting inclusion of name or deletion of name from the electoral list, Form 8 for correction and Form 8A for shifting of electoral roll from one part to another within the constituency.

The DEO has said that electors can submit the forms either through Chief Electoral Officer Karnataka website ( or directly to Booth Level Officers at electoral help centers, BBMP office, 198 ward offices or Bangalore One centers.

to check your name in the voters list

28th Assembly

This drive is being conducted between October 26 to 29.  The booth level officers will visit all the houses across the 28 Assembly constituencies in the city if any revision is needed to the electoral roll.
Those who have completed 18 years of age as on January 1, 2018, are eligible to enroll their names and addresses in the voter’s list.  The voters also can check if their names are included in the draft electoral list that will be published.

As per the draft electoral rolls, the total number of registered voters in is 89.57 lakh of which 46.76 lakh are male and 42.80 lakh are female voters.

When the CEO-KA publishes the final electoral rolls at his website on 04 January 2019, please check that your name is in it and the details are correct. Data loss and data corruption happen with each new version of the electoral rolls. One has to make sure to check records every time the CEO-KA publishes a new version.

The last date to revise the electoral rolls is November 30, 2018.

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Please watch the message with Dr.Natesh.D.B – Assistant Commissioner , Elections – BBMP

Can Windies stop Kohli and India  in Vishakhapatnam

Can Windies stop Kohli and India in Vishakhapatnam

When India meets Windies for the second ODI in Vishakhapatnam, it will not be just another match, it will be the India’s run machine reaching yet another milestone. Kohli is just 81 runs away from reaching 10,000 ODI runs.

Kohli has been in superb touch in the last match and was seen smashing it all around the ground. Kohli along with Rohit Sharma made a brilliant partnership of 246, where Rohit scored an unbeaten 152 and Kohli scored a dominating 140. His scores for India at this venue reads: 118, 117, 99, 65, 167 and 81.

If Kohli scores 81 runs in the match against windies, Vishakhapatnam will witness king Kohli reaching 10,000 runs in ODI’s. The fastest in ODI cricket going past Sachin Tendulkar.  It took 259 ODI’s  for Sachin to reach 10,000 runs, Kohli on the other hand is going to play his 213th ODI match against Windies.

Windies on the other hand did well with the bat scoring 322 runs, Shimron Hetmyer scoring a century and Kieran Powell scoring a fifty in the first match itself shows the positive attitude their batsmen are in. If windies can get two early wickets there is a chance for them to test the Indian batting line up which is untested.

Kohli may have suggested that Ambati Rayudu is the solution to India’s persistent No.4, and that enough game-time between now and the World Cup would have him seal his spot, but the batsman only faced 26 balls in the first game. Meanwhile, debutant Rishabh Pant didn’t even get a bat nor did MS Dhoni, whose form has been downhill. A hot and humid day, with the possibility of mild thunderstorms is forecast with temperatures up to 32 degrees. No grass on the wicket, which would bring the spinners into play.

MATCH TIME: October 24, 2018, 1:30 pm local time



Crowd-funding of political parties ahead of Lok Sabha polls

Crowd-funding of political parties ahead of Lok Sabha polls

Lob Sabha polls are due in 2019 and all the political parties have stepped up their game with alliances and bargains taking center stage.  The Election Commission of India held an all-party meeting in New Delhi where the major political national parties and 51 regional parties were invited to discuss different issues such as paper ballots, the limit on election expenses and domestic migrant voting.

Another thing in the agenda was a timely submission by parties of annual audited reports, the inclusion of print media as a medium to appeal for votes prior to election and gender representation in political parties.

The key issue which became a discussion point during the all-party meet was the funding of political parties and if a limit should be imposed on the amount of money that parties can spend during an election campaign.

The expenditure of conducting the Lok Sabha elections is borne by the Centre while the state governments spend to maintain law and order during the Lok Sabha elections.

However, there are no limits on the expenditure incurred by political parties and hence large sums of money are raised and spent by them during their election campaigns.

ECI statement on Lok Sabha elections

All registered political parties have to submit before the ECI a statement of election expenditure. Similarly, within 30 days after the conclusion of the Lok Sabha elections, all contesting candidates are required to produce an expenditure statement before the ECI.

Political parties are supposed to provide details of total amounts provided to contesting candidates and to provide details on amounts received to the ECI.

AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal launched a nationwide crowd-funding initiative to raise funds for the next years’ Lok Sabha elections.  The parties donation drive is known as ‘Aap Ka Daan, Rashtra Ka Nirmaan’ (Your donation will develop the nation).

The Indian National Congress members are visiting homes with donation vouchers of Rs,50, Rs.100, Rs.500 and Rs.1,000 to take on the financially well to do BJP.

The BJP is accepting the donation on the Narendra Modi App.  The drive of collection donation is known as ‘Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat’. The party accepts a donation from Rs.5 to a maximum of Rs.1,000.

Seven national parties received Rs.710.80 crore from unknown sources during 2016-17.

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Sunil Chhetri scores for Bengaluru FC at Indian Super League:

Sunil Chhetri scores for Bengaluru FC at Indian Super League:

Sunil Chhetri scored twice inside three minutes in the first half as the Blues equaled North-East United on points at the top of the table.

Bengaluru FC romped to the top of the 2018-19 Indian Super League (ISL) table with a convincing 3-0 victory over Pune City at the Balewadi Stadium.

A double strike from Sunil Chhetri and another fine finish from Miku set up an impressive 3-0 win for Bengaluru FC against FC Pune city in their Indian Super League football clash.  Bengaluru FC were the early aggressors and had an opportunity to score in the 15th minute when Matt Mills’ poor first-touch allowed Miku to nick the ball off the defender.  The Venezuelan striker dribbled into the box before curling the ball over the bar from a tight angle.

Bengaluru led 2-0 at the breather with Chhetri striking in the 41st and 43rd minute while Venezuelan striker Miku added a 3rd on the 64th minute. It was a similar story two minutes later. Miku shrugged off two Pune bodies to lay it for Chhetri on the left side of the box. He glided in, beating Golui again and after finding space, slotted the ball past a hapless Kaith.  Hamranjot Singh Khabra, in his 50th ISL game, played a much more advanced role, just behind the lone striker Miku.

Bengaluru FC goalkeeper Gurpreet Singh used his height to great effect to keep out a dipping free-kick effort by Marcelinho. The Brazilian’s stunning take looked destined to hit the top right corner of the net but the ‘Blues’ custodian dived to his left to pull off a terrific save.

Pune almost came up with an immediate response at the other end. Rahul Bheke failed to clear a long ball and Diego Carlos pounced onto it before sending a ferocious attempt that struck the outside of the post and sailed out.

The Bengaluru FC race to the top of the table with seven points and a better goal difference compared to North-east united FC, while Pune have just one point after three matches. Bengaluru FC now travel to Kolkata next. Pune City will have serious pondering to do as they remain winless with a trip to Goa lined up next.




ACB raid at Bengaluru

On 23.10.2018 the officials of ACB Bengaluru city trapped Sri.M.Jayakumar while accepting a bribe of Rs.30,000/-.

A resident of Bengaluru had sought for a Hotel License at Chennammanakere Achukatu BBMP Health Office, Basavangudi Zone.  Sri. M.Jayakumar, Senior Health Inspector, Ward No.162 (Girinagar) and Sri. Jagadish, Senior Health Inspector, Ward No. 154 (NR Colony) BBMP had demanded a bribe amount of Rs.30,000/- to do the same.

Both the officials have been arrested and the bribe amount has been seized.  A case is registered and is under investigation.



Hyundai launches New avatar Santro on 22.10.2018:

Hyundai launches New avatar Santro on 22.10.2018:

South Korean auto major Hyundai launched its popular hatchback Santro in a new avatar in India today i.e. 22.10.2018.  The company which operates in the country through its subsidiary Hyundai Motor India Ltd. had discontinued the previous version of Santro model in December 2014.

The new car is powered by a 4-cylinder 1.1-liter petrol engine, comes with the automated manual transmission (AMT) and factory-fitted CNG fuel options.

The Managing Director and CEO Y K Koo said the new Santro is a true example of Hyundai’s Made in India philosophy and a shining result of numerous product clinics and rigorous durability test on various terrains in India and also the R&D center in Nanyang (South Korea), Chennai and Hyderabad have put strong efforts for product supremacy and utmost customer delight.

According to Mr. Koo, Hyundai has invested over USD 100 million on the all-new Santro, which was developed under the code name AH2, over the last three years. The all-new Santro will compete with the likes of Maruti Suzuki’s WagonR, Celerio and Tata Motors’ Tiago in the mid-compact segment which is about 30,000 units a month.

The Santro was first rolled out from the company’s Chennai plant in September 1998 and the brand was the mainstay of the company in the Indian Car market. Over 13 lakh units of the model have been sold in the country since its launch.

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Bajrang Punia bags Silver medal

Bajrang Punia bags Silver medal

Bajrang Punia won a silver medal in Men’s 65kg. freestyle wrestling final 9-16 World Championship.  He lost the match to Japanese teenager Takuto Otaguro in Budapest, Hungary.

Punia went down 9-16 to the Japanese, who at the age of 19, is now Japan’s youngest champion. In the final, Punia was down 0-5 in no time after the start of the bout but did well to come back by just a point 6-7, at the end of the first period.  In a close match at the Laszlo Papp sports arena, the 24 years old Bajrang fought but could not break past the solid defense of his opponent.  Otoguro was indeed a strong wrestler. A former cadet world champion opened the scoring with a push-out and followed that up with a four-point throw.

Bajrang had become the fourth Indian wrestler ever to reach a World Championships final, winning bouts with control and composure.

Bajrang is proud of his achievement as his impressive journey to the finals, he became the 1st Indian wrestler to win 2 medals, bettering his bronze-winning effort at the 2013 edition in Budapest.

Congratulations to Bajrang Punia.

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