2.0 Movie Review

2.0 Movie Review


2.0 movie review is all about Rajinikanth diving deeply into two pivotal characters with all his might, but there is a dip in the enthusiasm.

2.0 – Movie Review

Unlike, the first part, Chitti is all reloaded to antagonize a force that is out to eliminate mobile phones and cellular transmission towers. The movie is all about the battle between the good and evil. The storytelling also goes well. However, the furious action sequences hardly touch the heights that flying mobiles achieve.

2.0 movie is focused on the sad reality of the sparrows vanishing from our metropolitan cities. Although, the pressing nature of the debate is buried under the loud yet impressive demo of animatronics, prosthetics, and special effects.

After Eight Long Years….

The co-screenwriter and director Shankar planned a follow-up to his movie Enthiran that was released in 2010. The Tamil cinema supernova, Rajnikanth has featured in this new movie after a long break. The 2.0 movie has been in the works for quite long and its stars show clear signs of wear and tear. However, for Rajnikanth fans, the movie wasn’t more than a minor irritant.

The Opening Scene

In the 2.0 movie opening sequence, a mysterious power is established, when a man hangs himself from a cell tower. He makes a serious attempt to eliminate mobile telephony from the face of the earth.

Suddenly, the towers are uprooted, and handsets fly off the hands of their owners and turn into a destructive wave. The city is in the control of complete mayhem. The army is called and a good scientist is roped in for stopping the impending calamity.

Scientist advises bringing Chitti back from the dead. His plan is constantly resisted by elements in the administration, but as things go out of control, Dr Vaseegaran secures a free hand. Soon, the lead actor plunges into the universe of two pivotal characters. But a visible dip in the enthusiasm can be felt.

The Entertainer 

The right-versus-wrong tropes that 2.0 movie employs are trite, but the battle is on at the heart of the film, where there are thought-provoking and entertaining moments, at once. But pulling this erratic, messy epic out of the fire is no cakewalk for Rajnikanth, as well.

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Innovation Authority – Karnataka State Startup

Innovation Authority being set up in Karnataka.

Innovation Authority being set up in Karnataka.

The State will soon set up an innovation authority to empower the startups for the ‘ease of doing business’.   This initiative is to protect the IP of Companies.

To give a fillip to protect the intellectual property of co’s, the State government is setting up an Innovation Authority.  Bengaluru city which is the forefront of IT, is taking the next step to increase the IT/BT sector growth.

Karnataka Innovation Authority

Bengaluru is ranked 20th among the world’s innovation cities.

Innovation authority will be an independent and impartial public entity that operates for the innovation ecosystem in the state.

The Karnataka Innovation Authority (KIA) will be set up through a law to overcome the legal problems the startups face.  This setup will be headed by the Chief minister.  The startups face problems in innovating technologies and ideas

One of the reasons the government has taken this initiative is to do with legal hurdles in commercializing new ideas.  The small businesses and start-ups often struggle with IP being stolen or submission by big companies.

This problem was brought to the notice of the government by the IT/BT sector.  The Innovation authority – Karnataka will have over-riding powers to overcome the legal hurdles.

The state government will put in place a legal framework to protect the IO, a first in the country.  This will be based on block-chain technology, where the ideals are protected for commercialization.

Israel is the only country in the world to form the  Israel Innovation Authority, formerly known as the Office of the Chief Scientist of the Ministry of Economy to foster innovation in the country.


Wine Tour/Tourism – Karnataka State

The Wine tour/tourism is managing to get  attention of wine enthusiasts in India and World.

The wine tour/tourism is an initiative to educate people on the intricacies of making good wine and tasting it.  Wine culture is becoming popular in the State of Karnataka.

In a matter of months, the wine tour will become a reality in the State.   This initiative is taken by the Karnataka Wine Board in association with the Wineries in Karnataka.

History of Winery

Glass of red wine against vineyards 

Wineries have been established in India in three ‘waves’. The first wave (1986-1999) came about when three brave entrepreneurs ventured to set up wineries despite the absence of any support from the State or the Centre. The wineries were Indage Vintners / Champagne India at Narayangaon in Maharashtra (1986), Grover Vineyards near Bangalore (1992), and Sula Vineyards near Nashik (1999).

Cultivation of wine grapes

Cultivation of wine grapes has seen a rapid growth in the recent years.  This is due to the formation of Karnataka Wine Board (KWB) which came into existence in 2007.

The area of grape growth has increased over the years. Grapes and wine grapes are in great demand and the government is giving subsidy per acres.

Wine Tours/Tourism

From grape crushing to the fermentation process, the wine tour offers a variety of experiences.  Visitors gets to tour the facility and get a chance to taste different varieties of wine.

The KWB offers these tours on a lower tariff.  The initial wine tour will be organized at the Nandi Valley.  The KWB is getting into collaboration with 6 wineries to start the wine tour.

The Wine tour will be organized between January and March.   This is the time when grapes are harvested.  Wine tour gives an opportunity for the visitors to see all the process and procedures of wine making.  The process includes grape picking to stomping, crushing, barrel room, bottling etc.

The tour also includes visiting grape orchids involving the visiting in the processing activities.  Of course this also includes tasting of different wines.



Late Actor Vishnuvardhan’s family hurt

Late Actor Vishnuvardhan’s family hurt


Late Actor Vishnuvardhan family is hurt by delay in building a memorial in his memory.  Every year, fans of late actor Dr.Vishnuvardhan turn up from all over Karnataka at his sammadhi on his birth anniversary.  His sammadhi is in Abhiman Studio on the kengeri-Uttarahalli road.

Vishnuvardhan alias Sampath Kumar

Vishnuvardhan (born Sampath Kumar 18 September 1950 – 30 December 2009), was a film actor known for his works predominantly in Kannada cinema. He appeared in over 220 films in Kannada, Hindi, telugu, tamil and Malayalam.

Late actor Vishnuvardhan was called ‘The Phoenix of Indian Cinema’.  He made his debut in the 1972 film, Vamsa Vriksha in a supporting role. The same year he played the lead role in Putanna Kanagal’s Naagarahaavu.

Actor Vishnuvardhan – Family and Fan’s demand

The delay in building a memorial for the actor Vishnuvardhan became an issue when Karnataka chief minister announced one in memory of actor Ambareesh.

The family and fans of Vishnuvardhan expressed their displeasure over the government’s delay in building a memorial.  The actor was cremated in 2009 at Abhiman Stuido.

Vishnu's sammadhi

Late Actor Vishnuvardhan is part of the kannada cinema trio along with Rajkumar and Ambareesh.  After the death of actor Vishnuvardhan, a trust was formed to develop the memorial.  The Government  earmarked Rs.5 crore as against  promised Rs.10 core.

The fans are demanding a memorial at Abhiman Studio . B.Karthik, grandson of actor Balakrishna, who owns the Abhiman studio has asked the government to handle and sort out the legal matters connected to the land.

With the land facing legal problems, the government allocated alternative land for Vishnuvardhan’s memorial at Mylasandra in Kengeri.  But the land at Kengeri falls under the buffer zone of Turahalli forest.

Late Actor Vishnuvardhan’s Memorial at Mysuru

Bharathi vishnuvardhan, widow of the actor decided to shift the memorial to Mysuru, the actor’s birth place.  The government allotted 5 acres of land on Manandawadi road.

But the plot at Mysuru where the memorial was supposed to be constructed also faced opposition.  Later the government allotted a different plot, which is now being opposed by the villagers.

Vishnuvardha’s fans are opposing to have a memorial outside Bengaluru.  Expressing his regrets over the delay in the construction of a memorial, Chief minister  is planning to have a discussion and solve the problem.

Rajyotsava Award :

Rajyotsava Awards, the second highest civilian honor of the State of Karnataka. The award is  conferred annually by the Government of Karnataka on the occasion of the establishment of the State on 1 November celebrated as the Kannada Rajyotsava. 

The Rajyotsava awards are presented in the capital of Karnataka, Bengaluru by the Chief Minister of the State.  . Each award carries an amount of Rs. 1,00,000, a 20-gram gold medal and a citation.

History of Rajyotsava award:

Karnataka Rajyotsava Award was instituted in 1966 to be awarded to citizens of Karnataka.  The rajyotsava award is in recognition of their distinguished contribution in various spheres of activity.  This includes  the Arts, Education, Industry, Literature, Science, Sports, Medicine, Social Service and Public Affairs.  The Rajyotsava award has also been awarded to some distinguished individuals who were not citizens of Karnataka but did contribute in various ways to Karnataka. The award is not conferred in 1977,1978,1979,1980,2009.

rajyotsava awards 2018

Winners of Rajyotsava award 2018

M.S.Prabhakara for book Kamaroopi (literature)       Annu Devadiga (Music)

Hasan Nayeen Surkod (Literature)                            M.R.Krishna Murthy (Dance)

Cha. Sarvamangala (Literature)                                Hiriyadka Gopal Rao (Yakshagana)

Chandrashekara Talya (Literature)                            Seetharama Kumara Kateel (Yakshagana)

S.N.Rangaswamy (Theatre)                                      G.N.Ranganatha Rao (Journalism)

Puttaswamy (Theatre)                                               Basavarajaswamy (Journalism)

Pampanna Kogali (Theatre)                                      Ammembala Ananda (Journalism)

Yamanappa Chitragar (Sculpture)                             Yallavva Roddappanavar (Bayalata)

Basanna Kalappa Kanchagar (Sculpture)                  Bheemaraya Boragi (Bayalata)

Bhargava (Film)                                                         Geetha Ramanujam (Education)

Jai Jagadish (Film)                                                     A.V.S.Murthy (Education)

Rajan (Film)                                                               K.P.Gopalakrishna (Education)

Datturaj (Film)                                                            Shivananda Kaujalagi (Education)

C.E.G. Justo (Engineering)                                        H.L.Dattu (Judiciary)

Basavaraj Revanappa Uppina (Art)                            Basavaraja Beesaralli (Freedom Fighter)

Kenneth Lawrence Powell (Sports)                            Nadagouda (Medical)

Vinay.V.S. (Sports)                                                     Seetharama Bhat (Medical)

Chetan R. (Sports)                                                     P.Mohan Rao (Medical)

Kalmane Kame Gowda (Ecology & Environment)       M.C.Gopal (Medical)

Anand C.Kundur (Social Service)                               C.Ramu (Cooperative)

Ranchappa Hadapada (Social Service)                      Mahadevi Annarao (Agriculture)

Krishnakumar Poonja (Social Service)                       Mookappa Poojar (Agriculture)

Margaret Alva (Social Service)                                   Rangadore Memorial Hospital (Association & Organisation )

Guruva Koraga (Folklore)                                          R.S.Rajaram (Other social areas)

Ganga Huchchamma (Folklore)                                 Pradeep Arya (Other social areas)

Channamalle Gowda (Folklore)                                 C.K.Jorapura (Other social areas)

Sharanappa Bootera (Folklore)                                  Narasimhaiah (Other social areas)

Shankamma Mahadevappa  (Folklore)                      D.Surendra Kumar(Other social areas)

Basavaraja Alagppda (Folklore)                                Shanthappanavar P.B.(Other social areas)

Choodamani (Folklore)                                              Namah Shivayam Reguraj (Other social ser.)

Ramachandra (Folklore)                                            P.Ramadas (Other social services)

A.A.Shetty (Kannadiga outside Karnataka)                M.J.Brahmayya (Other social services)

The ceremony of presenting Rajyotsava awards will be held at Ravindra Kalakshetra where the Chief Minister Kumaraswamy  will present the awards on 29th November 2018.

Jail term –  violation of building laws by owners

Jail term –   proposed by Karnataka Government for violating building laws.  The Government proposes punishment for officers and owners for allowing illegal construction in Benglauru.

The Karnataka State Government has proposed  Jail term (imprisonment)  introduction up to a maximum of 2 years.  This also includes fine  up to Rs.50,000/- for certain types of building violations. This proposal comes under the Karnataka Municipal Corporation (KMC) Act, 1976 across Karnataka State.

Fine amount :

The State government has also proposed to increase the fine amount between Rs.2000/- and Rs.5,000/- for some of the violations. The existing fine is as low as Rs.20/- .   The jail term or imprisonment is proposed from 2 days to 3 months for nonpayment of the fine.

On 27th November 2018 a copy of the draft notification was submitted before a Division Bench of the High court of Karnataka. A PIL was field by a city based advocate Mr.Umapathi.S.

Mr. Umapathi.S had complained in the petition that no punishment regarding the unauthorized deviation or construction was prescribed by the Government when Section 321B of KMC Act was introduced.

Jail term / Imprisonment

For 18 types of violations only fine will be imposed as punishment.  Jail term (imprisonment) will be imposed if the fine is not paid.

The City Corporation officials and the building owners are liable for jail term punishment.

An official if found guilty under Section 321B will be liable for a jail term of 2 years and fine up to Rs.50,000/-

If property owners and others who construct buildings in violation of Section 295(5) of the KMC Act and the building bylaws are punishable with a jail term of upto 2 yrs. and a fine of Rs.50,000/-

Change in Fine  and Jail term:

Present        Proposal              Condition

Rs.20/-         Rs.5000/-           Failure to keep the external part of the wall in proper condition

Rs.50/-         Rs.50,000/- &    For constructing an external roof, pandal or wall of a building, construction of shed or fence, of cloth,

Jail term of         grass, leaves, mats or  inflammable materials

2 years

The Government of Karnataka has given a time of 30 days for public and others to state and submit their objections and suggestions to these said proposals.





NetApp Adds AI to Its Bengaluru Charter

The popular data storage vendor and management company, NetApp has recently added research around AI (artificial intelligence) to its Bengaluru charter. The idea behind doing this is to enhance the productivity and better quality testing of the products.

NetApp’s Bangalore site supports research, development, marketing and global services. It is running multiple projects that are focused towards finding defects, before a product is certified and is ready to ship. The company is using AI algorithms to test software and hardware products, identify bugs and to run code checks.

A Word With Senior Vice President

The senior vice president for NetApp Flagship Product, Octavian Tanase said, “We expect Bangalore to tackle new initiatives like artificial intelligence and machine learning. Our aim is to leverage data sets to make faster and better decisions and find new efficiencies, to innovate and make the team more productive. We are using it to build a better product”.

The Data Fabric Strategy

Octavian Tanase drives overall business outcomes and customer success by developing the software and systems. These software and systems form the backbone of the NetApp’s Data Fabric strategy. The strategy aims at enabling businesses to connect disparate data management and storage resources. It also streamlines data management between cloud storage and on-premises storage.

The company added AI charter during the spring this year. The senior vice president is expecting that the company will make more investments in artificial intelligence in the foreseeable future.

NetApp’s R&D Centre

NetApp is turning the company’s R&D centre in Bengaluru into a multi-function site. This latest addition is a part of new CEO George Kurian’s strategy to transform the legacy storage firm into a data management company. This is one of NetApp’s largest sites in the world, which employs approximately 1800 people.

ACB raid on 28th November 2018

On 28.11.2018 the Officials of   ACB  ( Anti Corruption Bureau) PS Karwar have trapped Shri. Annayya while

receiving a bribe of Rs.2,000/- .


A resident of Tenginagundi village of Bhatkal Taluk in Uttara Kannada District had applied for changes in

Varisudarara Khatha at Tasildar Office, Bhatkal.  Shri. Annayya, Village Accountant, Hebale village had

demanded a bribe amount of Rs.2,000/- from the brother-in-law of the applicant to do the same.


The bribe amount has been seized. The accused has been arrested. The case is under investigation.


New Year Makeover For Iblur Lake

BBMP’s team is working harder to rejuvenate and give a complete makeover to the Iblur Lake by the end of December. From, CCTVs, to running paths and public toilets, the residents can expect the complete face lift to happen by the year end.

After Eight Long Years

Thanks to the members of citizen group Iblur Environs Trust and the team from BBMP, Iblur lake is finally getting a complete renovation after eight long years. The Iblur Environs Trust has highlighted on certain things that they want to implement at the lake. BBMP is making a good effort to turn things into reality and finish the work by end of December. Work on the lake started last year in December and the citizens group has kept a complete check on the everyday progress.

The New Features

  • The lake will get a proper fencing all around to prevent dumping of garbage and land encroachment.
  • The walkway and the running path have already been created and public toilets are all ready for usage.
  • A separate Kalyani is about to get ready for the people to offer pooja and immerse idols.
  • A separate room for the security guards is being built so as to ward off people from carrying out any illegal activities in and around the premises.
  • CCTV cameras are also being installed.
  • Dim lights will be installed around the periphery, so that it doesn’t harm the flora and fauna.
  • Botanical garden with trees like fig, peepal and neem will not only add to the beauty of this place, but will also attract many birds.
  • A 400-metre wide arboretum will be built right next to the bank of the lake.
  • A Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) will also be built by April 2019 on Outer Ring Road.

Once the lake is rejuvenated, the Iblur Environs Trust will be looking after it. The members of the group would be contributing money and will work collectively towards the betterment of the lake.

Joy Ice cream  – Prestige properties land case

Joy Ice Cream land case has resurfaced again.  The Prestige Projects and the Joy Ice cream had challenged the State Government.

joy Ice Cream land case

Case History:

Joy Ice Creams was allotted land in question measuring 3 acres and 23 guntas in 2006 by Karnataka Industrial Areas Development Board (KIADB).   The land is in Pattandur Agrahara in KR Puram.

Within 40 days of executing the deed, Joy Ice Cream sold the land to Prestige Estate Projects Ltd. After purchasing the land from Joy Ice Creams, Prestige constructed a multi-storeyed residential building consisting of 21 floors and four villas.

Later, the government withdrew the condition relating to non-alienation of the land and the deputy commissioner also withdrew all conditions imposed while granting land. Subsequently, the land grant in favour of Joy Ice Creams was cancelled on the ground that it has violated the conditions.

The Joy Ice Creams and Prestige had challenged the Government order in the Karnataka High court.  The inquiry by the Revenue Secretary regarding the sale of the land has blamed the action of the KIADB as having resulted in the misuse of the plot.

The inquiry also raised issues on how the development plan was sanctioned. Even before getting the land, the joy ice creams had entered into an agreement of sale with the Prestige Projects.

This reveals that Joy ice Cream was not interested in building a software park and serviced apartment on its own.

The inquiry also raised issues on how the development plan for taking up the housing project had been sanctioned.

Enquiry by State Government:

The State Government had ordered a departmental enquiry against the officials who had recommended the extension of relaxation to the Prestige Estates.

prestige estates

The Lokayukta in 2014 had submitted a report against the officials who favoured the prestige estates.   The complaint was filed over the violation of land allotment by Joy Ice Cream Pvt. Ltd.

After 4 years, the revenue department took a decision to recommend a departmental enquiry.   The officials Mahesh babu (DC’s office), R. Lakshman Prasad (Sub-registrar) and an official who was Shirastedar recommended to the Government, the extension of relaxation to Prestige Estates.

On the basis of the Lokayukta report, the State government had sought for a detailed replay from the officials.  The High court quashed the State Government’ order of land allotment cancellation. An NGO, Samaja Parivartana Samudaya has filed an appeal challenging the single judge bench order.

The case is yet to come up for hearing.

Endangered species Star Tortoises  – Bannerghatta park

Endangered species Star Tortoises  – Bannerghatta park

endangered animal species

Star tortoises – endangered species back to Bannerghatta Park

The Endangered species Star tortoises repatriated from Singapore are released into Bannerghatta National Park center at Bengaluru.  These tortoises are transferred into a special anti-predatory enclosure built by Karnataka Forest Department officials.

The enclosure is created specially to keep these endangered species safely.  A forest guard and an SOS volunteer will keep round the clock watch on these star tortoises.

Efforts of an NGO to bring back endangered Star tortoises :

With a lot of effort by a Bengaluru-based NGO  Wildlife SOS along with authorities in Singapore and their Indian counterparts, these star tortoises are back. The efforts led to the return of close to 50 Indian Star tortoises which were smuggled out of India to Singapore.

The reptiles were intercepted by Singapore officials.  Later they were placed at a rescue center under the care of an NGO called ACRES. A team of forest officials made a trip to Singapore to inspect the reptiles.

After confirming that they were indeed Indian Star tortoises, one of the most trafficked tortoise species in the world efforts were made to bring it back.

Star Tortoises :

Geochelone is a genus of tortoises. Geochelone tortoises, which are also known as typical tortoises or terrestrial turtles, can be found in Africa and Asia. They primarily eat plants.

The genus consists of two extant species:

  • Indian Star tortoise  ( elegant)
  • Burmese star tortoise ( platynota)

The form of the shell of the Indian star tortoise allows it to turn over when lying upside down very easily.

Indian Star Tortoises are poached mainly for their body parts and meat. The star tortoises have been declared as “endangered species” and are protected in India under the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972.

It has taken 16 months to bring back the endangered species. The quarantined tortoises will be kept under observation for 3 months.

These Star tortoises will be monitored with the help of a microchip.  The height, weight and the health of the tortoises will be monitored periodically.

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Dayananda Sagar University (DSU)-Talent search

Dayananda Sagar University (DSU)-Talent search

Talent Search – Dayananda Sagar University (DS) is a platform for young students to update their skills with new technologies.

The well known and celebrated “Talent Search” event by Dayananda Sagar University is Back Again.   It starts from 29th November and ends on 1st December 2018.  This event is organized to nurture, unveil and reward the best talents of India.

About DSU

Dayananda Sagar University is a private university.  Dayananda Sagar Institutions was founded in the 60s by late Sri. Dayananda Sagar. He was committed to take knowledge to the people, transform students into responsible citizens and making them professional leaders of tomorrow.

The University as morphed into global education powerhouse, spread over five campuses, catering to the education needs of thousands of students.  DSU is well equipped with state-of-the-art laboratories, set up by global corporates to instil innovative thinking in young minds of the university.

Talent Search – Why one should attend this path-breaking event?

  • Nurture talents and aspirations of the budding talents of India.
  • Introducing the students to new skills other than just academics and its real-world applications
  • One-to-one interaction with IIM/IIT professors of DSU and entrepreneurs as mentors in the events
  • A 3 day Teach, experiment and exhibit student’s learning’s in a single platform
  • Certifications for the all participants & cash rewards of total 5 lakhs for top 5 teams
  • Support for further development of Idea and mentoring the young innovators from inception to higher levels of innovations and “go to markets”
  • Encouragement and admission preferences for toppers in admissions of technology programs and higher studies.

The DSU’s startup village has labs by industries like Autodesk, GE, IBM, Bosch, ETAS, VMware, NVidia, Boston, Bosch Rexroth, Dassault-Systems, Analog Devices etc.

Over 2000 students from 100 colleges have registered.

Talent Search is Open To:

Juniors: Class 9 and 10

Seniors: Class 11 and 12

Training: 29th, 30th November & 1st December 2018

Talent Demos and Project Exhibition: 1st December 2018

No Entry Fee

Venue :

Dayananda Sagar University

Kudlu Gate, Hosur Main Road


Traffic Congestion – Bengaluru  – lack of integration

Traffic Congestion – Bengaluru – lack of integration

Traffic congestion – Bengaluru, the main cause being lack of integration.

Lack of integration and coordination between different transport utilities is causing a major problem in finding solutions to the city’s traffic congestion.

Traffic congestion has become a way of life for Bangaloreans.  Traffic is a mess in the city and in 2005 traffic moved at a speed of 35 km (22miles) an hour and in 2014 it has come down to 9.2 km. (5.7 miles).

At peak hour the speed is a crawling 4-5 km. on the city’s outer ring road.  A citizen spends more than 240 hours stuck in traffic jams every year.  Social costs of traffic congestion include time delays, extra fuel spent, costs due to traffic accidents, vehicle loss, wear and tear as well as environmental issues.

Why is Bengaluru having traffic congestion?

Everybody agrees that the reason being rapid and unplanned growth of the city.  Bengaluru is described as the Silicon Valley of India.  Since 1990, all major global technology firms began opening offices here and to a great extent support industries have grown along with the IT sector bringing a huge number of people from all over the country.

Over the years the population has become double but the infrastructure has remained the same.  The city roads are taken away by parking and encroachments.  Footpaths are encroached by hawkers and sellers and in turn causing a major problem to pedestrians.

The bus shelters are in a despicable state.  Shelters focus more on revenue generation by advertisement than serving the passengers.

The Metro stations in the city are not having proper bus bays.  This is causing the problem to switch between metro and buses.

Solutions to curb traffic congestion:

Most affected areas by traffic congestion are the Industrial/IT Parks routes.  These areas pull a huge crowd in the mornings and push in the evening.  Following the following will help in reducing traffic congestion

  1. Encourage carpooling, ride-sharing
  2. Curbing petrol allowance. Giving allowance only to two-wheeler users.
  3. Use of Public transport

Government’s role to ease traffic congestion

  1. Stop making roads useless. Avoid road digging.
  2. Service roads should be built parallel to main roads
  3. The metro project should be given priority and to be completed quickly
  4. Strict traffic rules to curb traffic violation
  5. Promoting city run BMTC
  6. Improving last-mile connectivity.
  7. Strict rules for trucks and heavy vehicles
  8. Repair of roads and foot paths urgently

For further information on traffic congestion please read: vehicle population 


Lalbagh Botanical Garden – makeover

Lalbagh Botanical Garden – makeover

Lalbagh Botanical garden is all set to get a makeover in Bengaluru.

Soon visitors can see more fish in the lake in the Lalbagh Botanical garden.  It is getting ready for a make-over.  Eight low-level aerators and one high level have been placed in the lake to provide oxygen in the pond water.

The botanical garden is enriched with numerous native and exotic flora of wide-ranging diversity, use and interest. This has been achieved by way of introduction, acclimatization, and multiplication of plants.  These plants have been obtained from various parts of the world since its inception in 1760.


Glass House at Lalbagh Botanical garden:

Glasshouse was built in 1889 during the administration of Sri John Cameron to commemorate the visit of Prince of Wales. Designed on the lines of the Crystal Palace of England, it was intended for acclimatizing the exotic plant specimens. Today, as the jewel of Lalbagh, it is the center stage for holding the famous biannual flower shows.

The garden is getting a butterfly park along with a taxonomy and fragrance garden.  Lalbagh’s 240-acre campus is home for many magnificent trees, a bandstand,  a glass house and spectrum of exotic flora.

The vacant land around Lalbagh rock is been identified for this make-over project.  Consultation is taken with naturalists and environmentalists in this regard.

butterfly park

Butterfly park:

Lalbagh botanical garden has 900 genera and 2500 species of flora.  This fauna and flora attract a lot of butterflies.  The horticultural department is planning to rear butterflies in the laboratory and release into the park.

The butterfly park project will have shrubs, herbs, climbers and other trees.

The other two butterfly project in Bengaluru :

  • Bannerghatta Biological Park
  • Doraisanipalya Jallary Reserve Forest off Bannerghatta Road.

The project at Lalbagh Botanical Garden also includes a taxonomy and fragrance garden.  Two acres of land will be utilized to plant rare saplings from the western ghats.

One acre of land in the Lalbagh is reserved for growing 125 endangered species and plants.  175 kinds of fruit-bearing trees will also be planted in the fruits tree park.

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School Bag Weight –  School Children

School Bag Weight –  School Children

School bag weight will be lighter for children in namma Bengaluru from now onwards.


School bag weight will be lighter according to the Human Resource Development ministry instructions to all the State Governments.

HRD Ministry Instructions

The school bag weight according to the HRD ministry should be

1.5 kg       –  for Class I & II   and no homework

2-3 kgs.    –  for Class III & IV

4 Kgs        –  for Class VI & VII

4.5 kgs.     –  for Class VIII & IX

5 Kgs.       –  for Class X

Prescribed syllabus

Classes  I & II  – Language and Mathematics

Classes II & III – EVS & Mathematics

Parents views on school bag weight :

While parents blame teachers for the increase in school bag weight, school managements feel students tend to carry most of the books.  The teachers say that the parents should ensure that books are sent as per the timetable.

Parents of these school going children have welcomed the move by the Ministry.  The commitment by the Karnataka State to take a serious look at reducing the burden of schoolbags on children is to be seen.

The communication, which was sent out to States last month, is set to be followed up by the Department of Primary and Secondary Education, which has, in the past, been unable to regulate the school bag weight of children.

The school bags are sometimes not possible for the parents to lift and carry and the plight of children is pathetic.   Due to the school bag weight children are having serious physical problems.  The move by the HRD is a welcome news to both children and parents.

The Department of Primary and Secondary will now have to reduce the content in textbooks.

School Bag weight Problems:

Carrying a heavy bag has resulted in Musculoskeletal and psychological problems among primary school children.

According to International guidelines, school bag weight should not be more than 10% of the child’s body weight on their shoulders.

To reduce the school bag weight, the syllabus has to be revised and reduced. To reduce the content of the textbooks, the irrelevant chapters needs to be cut down.

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Rajnikanth’s 2.0 Teaser – Here’s A Sneak Peak

Rajnikanth’s 2.0 Teaser – Here’s A Sneak Peak

Cine-lovers have been desperately waiting for the glimpse of the Shankar-directed film 2.0 for several months. And finally, the teaser introduced the prime characters of the movie, Dr Vaseegaran, Chitti and their nemesis. While Dr Vaseegaran and Chitti, both the roles are being played by Sir Rajnikanth, the bird-man like villain is played by Akshay Kumar.

So, was the wait for 2.0 worth it?

Hell, yeah! If you’ve missed the teaser, then have a sneak peak here and find out, how this movie is sure to blow your mind.

The Special Effects

Although the movie release has been postponed several times, the quality of special effects has not been compromised at all. In less than a minute, I was convinced that Shankar and team 2.0 have done a mind-blowing job. The flying cell phones assembling into a terrorising bird-like figure is just magnificent.

The phenomenon, which is being described as “beyond the control of science” and requires ‘superpowers,’ spawns a lot of curiosity in the audience. The filmmakers have ensured that the curiosity remains till the end by introducing a stupendous villain onscreen.

The army of robots forms all sorts of weapons and cages to control the villain, hell-bent on wrecking the world.

No wonder 2.0 is one of Asia’s most expensive movies with a reported budget of Rs. 500 crore.

Akshay Kumar, The Villain

The OTT makeup on Akshay Kumar might leave some fans disappointed. However, the teaser enlightens a lot about Akshay Kumar and his character, who is reportedly an ornithologist and his experiment backfires on him.

Chitti, The Savior

chiti charater potrayed by rajanikanth

Shankar’s Enthiran had several references from Frankenstein, especially the creation of Chitti and how it went rogue. At the end of Enthiran, Chitti was dismantled because of the wreckage he caused. But in this movie, Chitti is reassembled by Dr Vaseegaran to fight a common enemy. Another reason that 2.0 is sure to blow your mind is that the end of Enthiran couldn’t have been the end of Chitti.

Enthiran shook the box office, back in 2010, with its exemplary performance at the ticket window. So, chances of 2.0 mimicking Enthiran‘s run are quite higher.

After several delays, the movie is now expected to hit the screens on November 29.
Budget – 575 Cr (Approx.)
Duration – 147 Min.
U/A Certificate
Science Fiction
Director – S Shankar (Earlier few Films – Gentlemen (1993), Indian (1996), Jeans (1998), Nayak (2001), Sivaji (2007), Robot (2010)
Producer – A Subaskaran / Raju Mahalingay
Production co Lyca Prod.
(Shot in Tamil & will be released in 14 other languages.)
Music Director – A. R. Rahman
Star Cast – Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar, Amy Jackson.
Cinematography – Nirav Shah
Editor – Anthony
Would be released 6600 – 6800 screens

For watching the official teaser: 2.0 official teaser Hindi

2.0 official teaser Tamil

Good Samaritan Law – Samaritans detained by cops

Good Samaritan Law – Samaritans detained by cops

Good Samaritan Law- Bengaluru Samaritans complain they are detained by cops in a survey

A survey conducted reveals that 8 out of 10 people in the country is unaware of the 2016 Good Samaritan Law.  This Law aims to encourage citizens to offer first aid to victims.

The city of Chennai and Bengaluru respondents have the least awareness about the law.  Chennai stands at 93% and Bengaluru at 92%.

Good Samaritan Law :

This laws offer legal protection to people who give reasonable assistance to those who are, or who they believe to be, injured, ill, in peril, or otherwise incapacitated. By contrast, a duty to rescue law requires people to offer assistance and holds those who fail to do so liable.

Good Samaritan laws generally provide basic legal protection for those who assist a person who is injured or in danger. In essence, these laws protect the “Good Samaritan” from liability if unintended consequences result from their assistance.

Why is Good Samaritan law important?

Ensuring that Good Samaritans are protected from liability claims or legal actions as a result of their assistance.  It is important for ensuring that people are not afraid to render assistance to strangers when required to do so.

80% of citizens are not aware of their rights of not being harassed by either police or hospital.  None of the hospitals have displayed in their premises the Good Samaritan Charter. Hospitals are required to the public a charter in Hindi, English and regional language.

The Good Samaritan law aims to encourage people to offer first-aid to accidental victims without fear of harassment by police.  It also provides for financial help to good Samaritans who help victims in a timely manner. They will be exempted from repeated attendance in court and police station.

Percentage of awareness about the Good Samaritan Law:

India 16%

Bengaluru 8%

Indore 29%

Jaipur 28%

Chennai 7%

A large group of a police station and hospitals demand for contact details of Good Samaritans who help the victims.  57% of hospital employees and 64% of police admitted to asking contact details of good Samaritans.

The Police also agreed that they pressurize the good Samaritans to become a witness in case of helping accident victims.  9% of police admitted that they forcibly detain the bystanders to become the witness.  31% of the said eyewitnesses are accused by the police according to the lawyers who deal with the case.

Most of the people are willing to help except a small group of people who wants to escort the accident victims to hospitals or calling the police or an ambulance.

Reasons for not helping includes being scared of police harassment, getting involved in an unwanted legal tangle and being unaware of the Good Samaritan law.

Solutions :

The main solution is in having a state-specific Good Samaritan laws

Grievance redressal mechanism for good Samaritans

A reward and recognition system

A penalty system for police and hospitals that do not adhere to the law

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Lalbagh Gardens – Mounting problems

Lalbagh Gardens – Mounting problems

Lalbagh Garden – the city’s famous botanical garden is mounting with problems.

Lalbagh Garden – a beautiful slice of heaven in namma Bengaluru is facing problems like mounting garbage, scarce toilets, stray dogs etc.

History of Lalbagh :

Hyder Ali commissioned the building of this garden in 1760 but his son, Tipu Sultan completed it. Hyder decided to create this garden on the lines of the Mughal Gardens that were gaining popularity during his time.

The Mysore ruler laid out these famous botanical gardens and his son added horticultural wealth to them.  Tipu imported trees and plants from several countries.

The garden has a famous glass house dating from 1889. The garden hosts two annual flower shows on 26th January and on 15th August. Lalbagh houses India’s largest collection of tropical plants. The garden has a lake and is one of the main tourist attractions.

A 250-year-old garden on 240 acres, with one of the most spectacular collections of trees in the world, is trashed. Very disheartened to see the crowd fill the place with garbage even though there are dustbins kept all over the place.

Problems at Lalbagh :

A  heritage rock – a three hundred billion-year-old rock is the major attraction of Lalbagh garden.  It is always filled with plastic covers flying all over the place and soft drink bottles.

Shame on people for this disaster!  A so-called hi-tech city with a very highly educated crowd.

Bengaluru has a serious problem due to the incomplete and improper segregation of sewage and storm-water drain lines. While the sewage is meant to reach sewage treatment plants, storm-water is meant to drain into lakes and water bodies.

The longtime regular walkers complain about the lack of maintenance within the premises and point out the lack of dustbins.  The sale of packaged food like pop-corns, chips, juice in tetra pack, water bottles inside the park is contributing to the problem.  This problem is not being controlled.

Facilities at Lalbagh

The Botanical Garden has an ambulance facility.  The medical facility includes treatment for snake bite and honeybee stings.

At present, the garden is using 2 auto tipper and 30 member team to clear the waste in the garden.

The Lalbagh has built tanks to compost dry leaves. By this project, the garden is generating organic fertilizers.  These composed organic fertilizers are sold to the public.  The garden sells around 350 tonnes every year.

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Mary Kom – New World Champion

Mary Kom – New World Champion

Mary Kom is the New World champion

Mary Kom became the world champion by winning the Gold medal at World boxing championship.

Mary Kom – World champion emerged victorious beating Ukraine’s Hanna Okhota 5-0 in 48 Kg. A category in Women’s World Championship at the J D Jhadav Hall.

This is Mary’s historic 6th gold.   She was adjudged the best boxer of the 10th World Women’s Boxing championship.  The AIBA panel chose the Indian boxer Mary Kom as the best among the competitors.  It was a much-deserved honour to the 35-year-old boxer.

Event :

Mary Kom entered the arena to the cheering reception by her fans. The Indoor Stadium was buzzing. Local favourite Mary Kom, who was in the blue corner, was making her way into the ring. The seasoned campaigner’s relatives and friends were there.

When the event started with both the boxers being a bit flat-footed, Mary threw a few good punches in the first round. As usual, she waited for her opponent to make the moves but came up with a few decisive ones herself.

It turned out to be a tight affair. A close contest as Ukraine’s Hanna kept herself busy. She tested the Indian boxer Mary Kom as the latter seemed more aggressive than she was in the first round.  Both boxers hoping to make a mark.

The Indian pugilist resisted a lot of theatrics from her opponent and was content to keep herself away from the action.

By winning the title Mary Kom has now the joint-most successful boxer in the history of the world meet. And she has done no other woman has done.

It was Mary’s strength, resolution, determination and her attitude which made her reach the goal.

The Olympics bronze medalist belongs to the Kom tribe of Manipur. She is the first daughter of M.Tonoa Kom and M.Akham Kom of Kangathel village in churachandpur district of Manipur.

Mary Kom’s aggression is the mainstay of her game. And she has a never-say-die attitude a boxer should have. She fights till the last bell and one can only respect that.



Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna

Padma Bhushan

Future Aim:

Mary Kom’s next project is Tokyo Olympic 2020.

Congratulations to Mary Kom for winning gold medal in the Boxing championship

you can also read more about her journey to the final here.


Potholes to be filled by BBMP by smart-fix mechanism

Potholes to be filled by BBMP by smart-fix mechanism

Potholes to be filled by BBMP using Smart-fix mechanism

Potholes in Bengaluru to be filled by BBMP using smart-fix mechanism according to the Karnataka High court directive.

This came just after the Karnataka High Court came down heavily on BBMP over the problem of city’s potholes.  The Mahadevpura Zone is where the highest number of potholes remain at approximately at 740.

The Supreme Court took note of the bad road conditions and stated the situation is frightening when a total of f 3,597 lives were lost due to potholes in the country.

Due to filling of potholes during day time on major stretches traffic jam  are presenting a major problem.

Pavement Condition Index :

The BBMP is planning to introduce Pavement Condition Index (PCI) in the city.  It is an automated machine learning mechanism which identifies the roads with potholes to be filled in.

A preliminary inspection will be conducted by a camera-mounted-vehicle.  The vehicles identifies the Potholes to to be filled in and marking of the pothole is done through GPS.  The information about the site of the pothole will be informed to the concerned contractors who will in turn fix the potholes.

Smart-fix mechanism to fill potholes:

This smart-fix mechanism software keeps a record of all the data collected regarding the identification of the pothole.  The information includes the location, the timeline, status and the work update.

This whole process of pothole filling work will be monitored and be updated.  A pilot project is being introduced in the East Zone of Bengaluru. If the pilot project works satisfactorily, the entire city of Bengaluru will be covered.

Bengaluru city being a metropolitan will have continuous complaints and problems about potholes.  By using the smart-fix mechanism,  identification of the pothole will be easier.  This also helps in knowing the reasons for reappearance of pothole shortly after filling.

Bad Maintenance of roads are a great concern for common man.  A lot of commuters are suffering from severe back ache due to potholes.

Opinion :

The High Court’s interference and directive to BBMP in itself indicates the seriousness of the problem.  The Court is anguished that even after so many strict directives the BBMP is failing to do the needful.  According to Court, pot hole filling is not a heroic act but the BBMP’s basic duty.

Citizens of Bengaluru are of the opinion that the solution should be long-lasting.  What we need is a time lasting, long-term solution put in place.


BBMP Chief & Traffic Inspector of BTM Layout Takes Strict Action Against Illegal PGs

. According to the bbmp, there are more than 800 PG accommodations in BTM 1st and 2nd stage. Most of them are illegal.

Residents of BTM Layout have been grouchy about the hundreds of PG dwelling in the area. They have suspected that the paying guests create a lot of disturbance and nuisance to the neighbors. According to the residents, there are more than 800 PG accommodations in BTM 1st and 2nd stage. Most of them are illegal.

BBMP Commissioner On The Matter

N Manjunath Prasad, the BBMP Commissioner has responded to the matter and said, “According to the Revised Master Plan (RMP) of 2015, the PG’s are allowed. We are bound to give permission to whoever wants to build. Once the building plan is sanctioned, a commencement certificate should be taken and later the occupancy certificate is mandatory after a building is made. If these certificates are not there, then the building shouldn’t be there. Apart from this, if there are any violations in the building, then we do not grant them the occupancy certificate. The same goes for the paying guest dwellings. If they lack these certificates, then we will shut them down.”

The Strict Rules & Regulations

N Manjunath Prasad also raised his concern regarding the nuisance caused by the paying guests. He said that the owner of a PG should follow certain rules and regulation. Their paying guests should be accustomed to all the rules, as well and should be told to follow the same. If in case the paying guests still cause any disturbance and nuisance to other residents, the license of the owner can be canceled and the PG can be closed immediately.

Legal Documents & Licenses

The BBMP is checking documents and licenses of all the PGs in BTM Layout. They have identified 170 illegal PGs, so far. All these PGs have been given a notice of seven days to provide legal documents. If they fail to do so, they will be shut down immediately.

More Constables & Patrolling

BTM Layout is the same area, where once the notorious Bawaria Gang was caught and had not been heard, ever since. Although the crime in BTM Layout has decreased over the years, but still 1086 cases of mobile theft and chain snatching were registered in 2016. In 2017, 619 cases were registered and only 327 cases came into limelight in 2018. However, 320 cases have been filed against drunk people in BTM layout and most of them have been young students from PGs.

The residents of BTM Layout have requested the BTM Layout Traffic Inspector, Puttamadaiah to increase the patrolling in the area.

Inspector has promised to make more Hoysala patrolling vehicles available. He also mentioned that 12 constables will be deployed for night duty in the area. Right now, there are 3 Hoysalas dedicated for BTM Layout that acts within 15 minutes of a complaint.

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Property tax hike – Bengaluru city

Property tax hike – Bengaluru city

BBMP(Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike)  plans property tax hike – Bengaluru from April 2019.

The hike in the property tax in Bengaluru will be by 25-30%. This is to meet the pressure of taking important new projects by the BBMP.

If the BBMP goes ahead with property tax hike – Bengaluru,  the residential areas will pay 25% more  and commercial areas 30%.  If the coalition government approves and endorses the same, the rates will be coming to effect from 1st April 2019.

The BBMP revenue department has prepared a proposal for the property tax hike – Bengaluru.

BBMP Commissioner confirmed the proposal of property tax hike- Bengaluru by saying “revision of property tax is being done as per the Karnataka Municipal Corporation Act.  The Act mandates revision once in 3 years”.

BBMP is struggling to meet the deadline of the on-going projects due to financial problems.

Reasons for opposition to property tax hike – Bengaluru:

The move by BBMP to property tax hike – Bengaluru has irked the residents and property owners.  Many expressed  the city lacks basic infrastructure including good roads.  The garbage and solid waste management is a day to day crisis in the city.

The problems also include poor maintenance of street lights, bad footpaths and no drainage system.

Citizens of Bengaluru say there is no transparency in the system.  Nobody knows how much of revenue is being generated by BBMP through property tax.

Properties which comes under the new BBMP zones are yet to get ‘A’ Khata and do not have even occupancy certificates.  Some of the areas lack basic necessities such as water and sanitation connection.  Without providing these basic facilities BBMP is proposing Property tax hike-Bengaluru.

In some of the BBMP Zones even after paying property tax the areas have been neglected.  The citizens in these areas have seen little or no development in terms of infrastructure and amenities.

When was property tax raised previously?

With a similar aim, property tax  was raised by 20 % for residential building and 25% for non-residential properties in 2016. The civic body can revise the property tax in every 3 years, with a min. of 15% and max. 30% according to the Karnataka Municipal Corporations Act, 1976.

Some even suggested that the citizens must be able to penalize the BBMP for not performing their duties in the Bengaluru city.

The general opinion is that the property tax hike is unlikely to go ahead in an election year.




ACB raid at Tumkur -23.11.2018

ACB raid at Tumkur -23.11.2018

ACB Raid – Tumkur

On 23.11.2018 the officials of Tumkur ACB PS trapped Shri. Ranganath while accepting a bribe amount of Rs.4000/-.

A resident of Madhurigi taluq, Chikkahosalli village had sought for registration of Gift deed of his land at Sub-register office, Madhugiri.  Shri Ramachandraiah, Sub-Register, Madhugiri and Shri. Ranganath, Stamp Deed Writer had demanded a bribe amount of Rs.5,000/- to do the same.

Both have been arrested.  The bribe amount has been seized and the case is under investigation.

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Voter Registration Drive – Bengaluru

Voter Registration Drive – Bengaluru

Voter Registration Drive is starting from today at Bengaluru.  With Lok Sabha elections fast approaching,  the Election commission of India along with BBMP is conducting a special voter registration drive.  It is starting from November 23rd to November 25th 2018.

If you are a voter and intend to exercise your franchise, you should first check whether your name is on the voters list.  This is needed as several glitches have been reported in the electoral roll.

Voter registration drive is taking place in all the 28 assembly constituencies at the revenue offices and polling stations in Bengaluru.  If your name is not on the electoral roll or if you are registering for the first time, don’t worry.  Utilize this opportunity.

The BBMP has taken up voter registration drive from today for three days.  Citizens who wish to enroll or delete may also do during the drive.

Make sure your name is in voter’s list. Many times, voters find their names missing from electoral rolls and return home disappointed. Make use of voter registration drive.

Are you a first time voter?  Are you completing 18 years as on 01.01.2019?

Get your Voter ID cards by registering in the nearest polling station.  All you need is photo copies of proof of residence, age proof and a passport size photograph.

Fill Form 6 and submit it along with the documentary proof.  Citizens whose application are under process can contact their ARO for status update.

If you are enrolling online be sure to keep a scanned copy of address proof, identity proof and photographs ready. These documents have to uploaded.

You may fill Form-6; Take 2 print outs of filled form 6, submit one and take acknowledgement on another copy.

Download the forms from http://voterreg.kar.nic.in.

to check your name in the voter’s list: https://electoralsearch.in/

This is the last chance for citizens to get registered so they can  vote in the upcoming elections.  Visit the nearest polling booth with relevant documents.

To reach State Voter Helpline, call 1800 4255 1950

To call from within the District, dial 1950

To call from outside the District, dial District STD Code + 1950


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Jitendra Virwani – 2nd richest realtor in India

Jitendra Virwani-CEO Embassy Property Development

Jitendra Virwani started out in his father Mohan Virwani’s construction business as a teenager.  He went on to start his own development dynasty in 1993 with borrowed capital of $50,000 from friends.  The company was renamed as Embassy Property Developments.

The embassy brand is a well known brand in the real estate world.  The brand is known in business parks and housing industry.

He has a bachelors degree from Bengaluru University.  Jitendra Virwani is the CEO and Managing Director of Embassy Property development. The Co. is a privately held real estate developer based  in  Bengaluru and commenced operations in 1993 under Jitendra Virwani.

Jitendra Virwani’s  Embassy group is into real estate development like commercial, residential, hospitality, industrial warehouse spaces, services, retail and education.  The co. has also developed projects in different cities like Chennai, Hyderabad, Coimbatore and Pune.

The Co. has developed projects in 2 countries abroad i.e.  Malaysia and a business park  in Serbia.

Jitendra Virwani has been ranked the 2nd richest in the list with a net worth of Rs.23160 crore.  Mangal Prabhat Lodha of Lodha group tops the list with Rs.27150 crore.

Virwani’s achievement in real estate:

  • Embassy property development under Virwani is Bengaluru’s biggest developer of office parks.
  • Embassy Property Development, together with private equity firm Blackstone, will soon be listing India’s first-ever REIT
  • Embassy has a roster of multinational tenants such as Google, IBM and Warburg Pincus.
  • Son Karan, who works with him, is overseeing a joint venture in shared office spaces with WeWork.

Unlike some developers who consider only end-profits, Virwani is more focused on cash flows. He is not afraid to walk away from deals that would involve too much leverage.

Jitendra Virwani’s philanthropy:

Funds a State-run school for poor kids, now renamed as Stonehill Government Primary School

Passion :

He is passionate about horses.  Virwani owns a riding school in Bengaluru.

Owns the elite Stonehill International School, in the suburbs of Bangalore

The Way Forward: 

Virwani has a substantial commercial real estate portfolio which brings in steady rentals.  Jitendra Virwani’s Embassy Manyata Business Park stands tall as one of Bangalore’s premier office parks. Spread over 62 acres, it has 9 million square feet of office space and marquee tenants like IBM, Microsoft, Target and Cognizant.

Embassy’s office park business now covers over 14 million square feet generating approximately Rs 696 crore in rentals per year.



Mary Kom in World Boxing Championship final

Mary Kom in World Boxing Championship final

Mary Kom in World Boxing Championship finals is representing India. She is a  five time world champion  who beat North Korean Kim Hyang Mi in 48 Kg category.

Mary Kom is a five time world Amateur Boxing champion and only woman boxer to have won a medal in each one of the six world championships.  The 35 year old Mary beat her counterpart in semifinals with a score of 5-0 unanimously.

The finals will be on 24th November 2018.  Mary Kom will fight against Ukraine’s Hanna Okhota.  The 22 year from Komsomolsk defeated Madoka Wada of Japan 5-0 in the Semi-finals to enter finals. Earlier this year in a tournament in Poland Mary had defeated Hanna.

On reaching semifinals on 20th November, Mary Kom became the most successful woman boxer in the boxing history.  If Mary wins a gold, she will match Cuban men’s legend Felix Savon as the joint most successful boxer in the world championship.

North Korea’s Kim Hyand started off rapidly in the 1st round with a lot of punches against Mary Kom.  Kim was defeated by Mary in the Asian Championship last year in Ho Chi Minh City.

Mary Kom found the fight harder but managed to get a hold from the 2nd round and rebounded in her unique way.  It was a tough battle but Mary made it.

She has won a lot of awards and medals for her contribution to the world of Boxing.

Mary Kom’s awards and Recognition:

  • The International Boxing Association (AIBA) awarded Mary Kom with the first AIBA Legends awards for “promising boxing career.
  • The International Boxing Association (AIBA)  announced Mary Kom as the brand ambassador for 2016 AIBA Women’s World Boxing Championships.
  • Padma Bhushan (Sports), 2013
  • Arjun Award (Boxing), 2003
  • Padma Shri (Sports), 2006
  • Contender for Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award, 2007
  • People of the Year- Limca Book of Records, 2007
  • CNN-IBN & Reliance Industries Real Heroes Award.
  • Pepsi MTV Youth Icon 2008
  • ‘Magnificent Mary’, AIBA 2008
  • Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna award, 2009
  • International Boxing Association’s Ambassador for Women’s Boxing 2009 (TSE 30 July 2009 Thur)
  • Sportswoman of the year 2010, Sahara Sports Award.

Mary Kom is also the first amateur athlete to win the Padma Bhushan.