#MeToo – Rape Case Filed Against Alok Nath By Vinta Nanda

#MeToo – Rape Case Filed Against Alok Nath By Vinta Nanda

Mumbai Police has registered a rape case against actor Alok Nath after a complaint was filed by the writer-producer, Vinta Nanda. An FIR was registered at the Oshiwara Police Station, when Vinta accused Nath of raping her nearly two decades ago.

About Alok Nath

Alok Nath, who has been known for his 90s TV show, was alleged in a social media post, last month, for raping the writer-producer 19 years ago. Vinta gave an account of the alleged sexual assault in the post, soon after Tanushree Dutta filed a complaint of harassment against Nana Patekar. The allegations were made under the spark of India’s #MeToo movement. However, the allegations were denied by Patekar.

Lately, #MeToo has been gaining momentum in the country, where many women are calling out filmmakers, comedians, authors, journalists and even actors.

The Allegations

On 17th October, Vinta had submitted a complaint against the actor at the police station, but Nath refuted the allegations. On the contrary, he filed a civil suit against the complainant in a court.

Nath’s wife, Ashu also recorded her statement before a magistrate in connection with her complaint against the Vinta. She told the court that her’s and Nath’s reputation has been damaged because of the allegations levelled by the writer. This is when Alok Nath sought Re 1 as damages for allegedly defaming him. 

The Social Media Post

Vinta alleged that the actor raped her 19 years ago. However, she did not mention the of Nath in her social media post. Rather she referred to the “most Sanskari person” in the field of acting.

Alok Nath has been long known for playing characters that endorse ‘moral values’ in many movies like, Hum Aapke Hain Koun!Maine Pyaar Kiya, Vivah, Hum Saath Saath Hain and many more. In view of the rape allegations, The Cine and TV Artists Association had expelled Alok Nath, earlier this month. 

The Indian #MeToo Movement

The #MeToo movement against sexual harassment and assault exploded last autumn. A series of sexual misconduct allegations were made against many powerful men in India, be it Bollywood, IT companies, politicians and slew of other industries.

The movement has resulted in the fall of many Bollywood stalwarts like Nana Patekar, Vikas Bahl, Subhash Kapoor, Sajid Khan, Subhash Ghai, Anu Malik and many others.

Vacation deprived – India stands first in the world

Vacation deprived – India stands first in the world

Vacation deprived – Indians are most vacation deprived in the world according to a survey conducted by Expedia which is a leading online travel agency.

India is followed by South Korea and Hong Kong.  India’s punishing work culture is taking its toll on employees and this in turn is contributing to vacation deprivation.  This is highest in the world and significantly more than last years 60%.

On an average 53% of Indians take very few vacation days than they get and 35% does not take leave at all.  This is due to work schedule and the reason of not having enough staff to cover.  Till date 68% of Indians cancelled or postponed their vacation due to work pressure and feel vacation deprived.

The Survey:

Expedia’s annual survey of Vacation habits covered 11,144 adults and 19 countries.  The survey was compiled by Northstar Research Groups.  The online survey was conducted between September 19 to 28, 2018 and collected responses. According to Survey Indians are most vacation deprived.

Vacation Deprived – Percentage in India

Indian respondents say they go without vacation from 6 months to a year and for 41% the duration was between one to 10 days.  In comparison 64% take vacation in Spain between 21 – 30 days.

Indian workers also do not utilize the full vacation days and rank five to leave their vacation unused after Japan, Italy, Australia and New Zealand.

Vacation deprived – percentage in Benglauru

To get a chance of having a vacation, 70% Bengalureans are ready to change their jobs.  91% say, after a vacation they are well under control of themselves.  36% Bengalureans take few short vacations often and during weekends.

Indian employees are worried about missing major work decisions taken in their absence.  They also feel being seen as less committed to their jobs in the eyes of their employer if taken a vacation.

Some Indians are of the opinion that people who are successful just don’t take vacation at all.  What’s worse is there is a little escape from work for Indian Workers even when they are on a holiday. It is noted that even during vacation they are expected to be available to their supervisors and colleagues.

It is advised to take a holiday as relaxation reduces anxiety and stress level and this in turn increases the productivity and work focus.

Drone racing – Bengaluru Tech Summit 2018

Drone racing - Bengaluru Tech Summit 2018 is happening in the biggest and most extravagant way. This will be in association with Indian Drone Racing League (IDRL) on 20th November. 

Drone racing – Bengaluru Tech Summit 2018 is happening in the biggest and most extravagant way. This will be in association with Indian Drone Racing League (IDRL) on 20th November.

Drone racing will be the biggest racing competition till date in India .  The racing drone pilots are fighting to prove their skills in racing in front of a big audience at the Bengaluru Tech Summit 2018 and the Karnataka Government is organizing the event.

There will be nano drones as well as mid-sized drones operated by competent expert pilots. India’s First Night Drone Race was conducted at IIT Madras by IRDL.

What is Drone Racing?

It is a sport where participants control “drones”.  Drones are equipped with cameras while wearing head-mounted displays showing the live stream camera feed from the drones which is Similar to full size air racing the goal is to complete a set course as quickly as possible.

This is a new high speed competitive racing sport with . Skilled pilots fly quad-copter drones through three-dimensional courses at speeds up to 120 mph. The drones are custom built for speed, agility, and performance.

Drone Capacity at night drone racing:

Drone racers with high speed at 80km/hr and up to 30 feet high are allowed.  Drones weighing above 250 grams required a DGCA licence.  The drones participating in drone race should have a unique identification number.

The drone race will be live on Doordarshan channel.  There will be a trial drone race on 29th November and this trial race will assess the skills of the drone pilots and their capabilities.


30 professional racers from India

3 companies from Sweden

1 co. from Israel

Schedule :

29th November, 2018 – Pilot Practice Day – 1 pm onwards.

30th November, 2018 – Main Night Drone Race Day – 5 pm onwards.

Drone Racing Location :

Bengaluru Main Palace, Bengaluru,

Karnataka – 560052.


The winner will receive a bumper cash prize.

For more details :https://www.bengalurutechsummit.com/night-drone-racing/

Vehicle population – choking Bengaluru city

Vehicle population – choking Bengaluru city

Vehicle population is choking Bengaluru city with vehicles crossing approx. 80 lakh mark.  It is a huge leap from 31 lakh vehicles in 2008.

Bengaluru choked

There is no stopping the boom for vehicles in the city as roads are choked with vehicle population.   According to transport department data,  the vehicle population is set to cross 80 lakh out of which 14-16 lakh are cars and 55-60 lakh are two-wheelers.  This has also contributed to reckless driving in the streets.

Experts say the growth in vehicle registration is alarming and is, in turn, is responsible for the vehicle population.  Even footpaths are choked with vehicles thereby causing problems to pedestrians.

According to the National Bureau of Economic Research of U.S of America, Bengaluru is the most congested city in India.

The ever-increasing vehicle population of Bengaluru has contributed to the dropping in the average speed of a vehicle in the city from 35 km/hr in 2005 to 20 km/hr in 2010 and 9.2 in 2014. The city’s roads are bearing the burden of twice their vehicular capacity – enough of an indicator that the city is getting gridlocked.

Initiatives to curb vehicle population:

Various agencies are taking up numerous initiatives to curb vehicle population like ‘Bus Day’, ‘Open Street Day’ and ‘Less Traffic Day’ to promote the use of public transport.  But the impact of all these efforts is highly debatable.

The different zones of Bengaluru city have 1,400 km. of an arterial and sub-arterial road but half of these roads are two-lane with traffic.

Vehicle population history:

When the city’s population was 16.64 lakh in 1971, the vehicle population was just around one lakh.  Nobody – not even the planners saw what was to come. So, while the vehicle boom overtook the city, every other piece of infrastructure was left far behind.

The city’s traffic police wing was formed in 1930 with a staff strength of 40 policemen in the Halasuru Gate police station.

Solutions to curb vehicle population :

Metro rail is progressing at snail’s pace and the suburban rail project is yet to take off as well as road widening plans being hit by land acquisition delays.

Experts suggest

  • Expansion of BMTC bus services
  • Levying congestion tax
  • Regulating per family vehicle ownership
  • Additional taxes and cess
  • Parking fee to be hiked
  • Promoting carpooling could help stem the growth of private vehicles.

Read more related to this topic: https://www.bangalorean.com/blog/traffic-congestion-bengaluru/

Strict smoking ban in bars & Restaurants

Strict smoking ban in bars & Restaurants

Smoking ban strictly in bars and restaurants, pubs and hotels in Karnataka State across all urban local bodies.  The Government has imposed a complete ban across the State.

The Provisions of smoking ban

Due to smoking ban, the bars and restaurants cannot have smoking zones in their premises without prior permission.  The Government issued a circular on November 17 to this effect.

The establishments can earmark a smoking Zone by taking prior permission but should not provide furniture, seating arrangements or curtains to smokers due to smoking ban.

If any of the establishments violate the rules by not complying to  smoking ban strictly, the licences will be cancelled with immediate effect.

The IT City Bengaluru’s bars, pubs and restaurants are at the risk of losing their trade licence if they do not provide smoking areas due to smoking ban.  The BBMP, which is the licensing authority, has issued a circular regarding strict smoking ban.  The enterprises are to close down smoking areas where food and beverages are served.

According to the findings of the Global Adult Tobacco Survey, the health of the public in general is affected by passive smoking.  The Government has passed a circular on 17th November strictly smoking ban in public places.

Results of Passive smoking:

  • premature death
  • increase risk of coronary heart disease by 25-40%
  • 69 cancer causing chemicals
  • respiratory illness in children
  • causes asthma
  • bronchitis and pneumonia
  • lung cancer, heart disease
  • stroke

Studies have shown that blood samples of workers exposed continuously to smoke in pubs and restaurants contain levels of high nicotine and this is a violation of their right to health.

People who have never smoked and who live with people who do smoke are at increased risk to a range of tobacco-related diseases.

The move by the Government by smoking ban is to protect the rights of non-smokers and curb the effects of passive smoking as per Karnataka Prohibition of Smoking and Protection of health of non-smokers Act and the Cigratte & other Tobacco Products Act. (COPTA).



Pictar Pro – A Premium Camera Accessory for Smartphone Cameras

If you are a phone photographer and love physical controls on your best camera phone, and miss having a viewfinder or more of a steady hold while shooting, then Pictar Pro is just the right gadget that you would want to have.

If you are a phone photographer and love physical controls on your best camera phone, and miss having a viewfinder or more of a steady hold while shooting, then Pictar Pro is just the right gadget that you would want to have.

The Cool Gadget For Your Smartphone Camera

The all new camera accessory by Miggo, Pictar Pro, is specially designed to fix all major shortcoming of shooting pictures with your regular camera phone ergonomics. This tailor made latest gadget is just the right choice for all those iPhone and android phone users, who crave for physical controls with their best smartphone camera.

Pictar by Miggo

The original Pictar by Miggo was launched back in 2016, but the latest gadget, Pictar Pro comes with a slide-on grip, has better materials and bigger controls. The satin-finished brass Miggo gives Pro a premium feel. Unlike the spring clamp in other gadgets for holding the phone in place, Pro comes with a quick-release ratchet clamp. All you have to do is, just open it and squeeze it tight around the phone. With the phone in it, there is space to attach the add-on lenses. Isn’t that cool!!!

Do you know what makes Pictar Pro a cool gadget? Let’s find out

The Exciting Features

  • For changing shooting modes or adjusting exposure compensation, larger metal dials have been provided on the top.
  • To help you focus accurately, the shutter release comes with a more pronounced half-press mechanism.
  • Below Pictar Pro’s cold-shoe mount is a small slot, which allows you to connect a folding eyepiece. This is how it works like an electronic viewfinder.

Pros & Pros

  • The speed is adjustable and its zoom lever smooths out the overall performance.
  • Pictar pro does not uses any physical or Bluetooth connection, but it uses a high-frequency dual tone (18,500 to 20,000kHz) to talk to phone.
  • These dual tones allow the grip’s physical buttons and dials to control camera functions.
  • With Pictar Pro, you can shoot without fighting glare.

Wait! You Need Pictar’s App Too

All these features are made possible with Pictar’s app and a phone connection to the Pro. With high-frequency dual tones, you can just slide the phone in, launch the app and start shooting.

The Best Gadget for Men

The built-in 1400mAh battery with Qi wireless charging is plus point in this new gadget. This amazing camera accessory for your best smartphone camera expected to ship in March 2019.

So, if you have been looking for a photography camera for your man, then be assured with Pictar Pro. Because it is undoubtedly amongst the best gadgets for men.


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84th Kannada Sahitya Sammelana starts on January 4, 2019

84th Kannada Sahitya Sammelana starts on January 4, 2019

Kannada Sahitya Sammelana will be held at the University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad grounds from 4th to 6th January 2019.

History of Sammelana

Kannada Sahitya Sammelana is a Kannada Literature Conference of writers, poets and kannadigas takes place. It is held with the aim of preserving and developing kannada language, literature, arts, culture and music.

Sahitya Sammelana was started in 1915 by H.V. Nanjundaiah and held at Bengaluru for the first time.  The 83rd Akhila Bharata Kannada Sahitya Sammelana held from November 24 to 26 in Mysuru. Chandrashekar Patil popularly known as Champa was the president.

It used to be inaugurated by prominent writers and poets from 1915 to 1948. Since then it has been inaugurated by the Chief Minister of Karnataka. The Kannada Sahitya Parishat is responsible for holding the gathering.

Kannada Sahitya Parishat

Kannada Saahithya Parishath means Literary Council. It is an Indian non-profit organisation that promotes the Kannada language. Its headquarters is in the city of Bengaluru. It strives to promote Kannada language through publishing books, organizing literary seminars and promoting research projects.

It also organizes an annual conference on Kannada literature called Kannada Sahithya Sammelana (Kannada Literary Meet). The current president of the parishat is Manu Baligar.

The Committee of the Kannada Sahitya Parishat selected Mr.Kambar as the president of the  Sahitya sammelana.  Jnanapith Award winner Chandrashekhar Kambar will preside over the 84th sammelana. According to the president of the Parishat Manu Baligar the choice was unanimous.

Who is Kambar?

Eighty one year old Kambar is a prominent kannada poet, playwright, folklorist, novelist, research scholar and film director.  He is the founder-vice-chancellor of Kannada University in Hampi. He is also President of the Sahitya Akademi, country’s premier literary institution, after Vinayak Krishna Gokak (1983) and U.R. Ananthamurthy (1993).

He is known for effective adaptation of the North Karnataka dialect of the Kannada language in his plays, and poems, in a similar style as in the works of D.R.Bendre. Kambar is the cultural phenomenon of Modern India.




The 5G Revolution – Is it the 5G Mobile or the 5G Network?

The 5G Revolution – Is it the 5G Mobile or the 5G Network?

5G revolution is the next big thing, just around the corner. Even if you are not aware of it, there is one thing that you would definitely agree to. This technology is sure to change our lives.

If you ask Verizon, 5G is already here…

Ever since Verizon revealed that it would be the first major telecom company to deploy 5G field tests, the hype for 5G technology has been multiplying, since then. It’s been three years now. Today, it is denoted to as a foundational tech that will supercharge areas like augmented & virtual reality, self-driving cars and even telemedicine.

But what is 5G.

Why do people look so excited?

Why 5G wireless technology is more than just a boost in speed? Let’s find out…

5G or fifth generation of cellular technology promises to greatly enhance the speed, responsiveness and coverage of wireless networks. This means 10 to 100 times much faster than your regular cellular network or fiber optic cables that run in your house.

Low Latency – The Keyword You Need to Know

Low latency. You will come across this word a lot.

When you stream a video on your phone, click on a link or send a request to the network, latency comes into the picture. It is actually the response time when you click a link and the network responds or plays your video. Right now, with regular cellular networks, this lag time lasts around 20 milliseconds. This doesn’t seem like much, but with 5G, the latency will reduce to as low as 1 millisecond. Isn’t that great.

This responsiveness might not matter to us, but to a surgeon in Bangalore doing a critical procedure in Delhi, latency matters a lot. A virtually lag free connection can help people connect with each other in real time.

But How Does It Work?

Initially, 5G used super high-frequency spectrum, which has a higher capacity but a shorter range for delivering a massive pipe for online access. But, over a period of time, the carriers are starting to explore lower frequency spectrum, seeing the range and interference issues. The low frequency spectrum helps transport 5G across greater distances and through walls and other obstructions. And the result is insane speeds and a massive boost to what we get today with 4G LTE.

When Exactly is 5G Coming to us?

Verizon launched the first “5G” service in October, this year. It is a fixed broadband replacement. It requires an installer with a special equipment to pick up the 5G signals and turn it into a Wi-Fi connection so that other devices can access it.

Verizon claims that the speeds (300 megabits per second – 1 gigabit per second) qualify the service for 5G designation. However, Qualcomm disputes this claim.

Verizon is most likely to launch its mobile 5G in 2019, but his competitor, AT&T is already set to release the true mobile 5G service. Last month, it successfully tested a mobile 5G connection in Waco and Texas. AT&T has also mentioned that the company has planned a launch in 19 cities, next year, including San Francisco, Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

Want to know where DeepVeer’s-reception-at-Bengaluru ??

Want to know where DeepVeer’s-reception-at-Bengaluru ??

Newlywed Bangalorean Deepika Padukone and Punjabi Ranveer Singh known popularly known as DeepVeer arrived on 20th November afternoon in Bengaluru.

Deepveer returned to India on 18th November.   The couple had two wedding ceremonies. The first on  14th November in  accordance with Deepika’s traditional Konkani ceremony.  This was followed by Ranveer’s Sindhi wedding rituals on 15th November.

For her Sindhi wedding, Deepika chose a red Sabyasachi lehenga with intricate hand-embroidery golden tilla paired with a chowki design aari-taaridupatta.  It had a heavy border and the age-old saying Sada Saubhagyavati Bhava  written on it in Devnagri.

Sada Saubhagyavati Bhava is a blessing to the newly-weds, which translates to ‘may you forever be married’.

Do you know the cost of Deepika’s lehanga and Jewellery????

Deepika’s Sabyasachi lehenga for her Sindhi wedding is worth whopping Rs. 8.95 lakh.

Her jewellery were from The Sabyasachi Heritage Jewelry Collection. As per the reports earlier, Deepika has spent Rs 1 crore on her wedding jewellery and apparently her mangalsutra is worth around Rs 20 lakh.

The couple posed with all smiles for the press.   Namma Bangalorean Deepika was wearing a off-white gorgeous Anarkali suit by Sabyasachi with kundan earrings and mangalsutra.  Ranveer was in a white kurta-pyjama by Sabyasachi with a floral print jacket and jodhpuri juttis.

The dream fairytale marriage was held at the Villa del Balbianello in Lake como, Italy.  The first wedding reception will be at Bengaluru on 21st November.

As their wedding in Italy was a private affair, the couple will be hosting two nuptial receptions in India.

Their first wedding reception of DeepVeer will be organized at Leela Palace, Bengaluru.  This reception is for their friends and extended family and also for Deepika’s friends, family and relatives in Bengaluru.

As for the choice of hotel at Benglauru, it was reported that Deepika wished for the reception to take place at Leela Palace.  Deepika’s mother Ujjala Padukone finalized the venue after tasting food there.  IT is reported that the food will be of South Indian at the reception.

The second wedding reception of DeepVeer will be held at Mumbai’s Grand Hyatt on November 28.  This reception will be for the couple’s friends and work associates in the film industry.



Dasarahalli suffers water pipeline work

Dasarahalli suffers water pipeline work

Dasarahalli residents are suffering from past one year as roads are dug up to lay water pipeline.

The Bangalore Water Supply and Sewage Board has dug up roads nine months back to lay water pipeline.  The areas affected under Dasarahalli  constituency are MHR, MEI, AGB and Kirloaskar layouts.

The water pipeline laying is progressing very slowly.  The project was taken up to supply cauvery water to 110 villages.  The cost of the project is Rs.296.38 crore.

The roads dug up for laying water pipelines have not yet been restored.  Dasarahalli constituency is facing a  severe garbage disposal problem and also overflowing drainage lines.

The areas is covered with dust, damaged roads and potholes.  Even walking has become a challenge with the floating dust.

Dasarahalli constituency:

The state government brought 110 villages, or five zones -Mahadevapura, Rajarajeshwari Nagar, Dasarahalli, Byatarayanapura and Bommanahaklli -under the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP)

Dasarahalli is relatively a new constituency was formed during the 2007 delimitation exercise and went to its first polls in 2008. With eight wards including Peenya Industrial Area and T Dasarahalli, the constituency has a lot of villages.

The Dasarahalli constituency has a high floating population. Basic necessities such as drinking water and sanitation have not been provided to the lakhs of people residing in these areas.

Residents demand that water scarcity, traffic snarls, garbage management and lack of footpaths are to be tackled on priority.

The area is also suffering from shortage of medical facility.

According to the residents there is no coordination and accountability between the civic agencies.  The laying of water pipeline work by BWSSB is taking so long.  The area is reeling under water scarcity.

The water pipeline work started in 2017 to cover 110 villages totaling to 2600 kms. The officials of BWSSB states that 80% of work is completed.  Once the balance work is done the road repair work will commence.  The officials are proposing to finish the work by May 2019.


Solar power to light 2 parks in Jayanagar

Solar power to light 2 parks in Jayanagar

Solar power will be used to light up two parks of Jayanagar Sanjeevini park and Dhanvantari park.  One of the first in its kind.

Solar power is arguably the cleanest, most reliable form of renewable energy available. It can be used in several forms to help power home or business. Solar-powered photovoltaic (PV) panels convert the sun’s rays into electricity by exciting electrons in silicon cells using the photons of light from the sun.

Uses of solar power:

Solar energy has now proved to be extremely beneficial – not only for the environment but also financially speaking. Additionally, due to the higher demand, the technology has been improved considerably, turning into a significantly efficient source of clean energy.

Solar power panels are placed on the roof. An ideal site will have no shade on the panels, especially during the prime sunlight hours of 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. A south-facing installation will usually provide the optimum potential.

The Solar power unit installed at these parks near south end circle supply power light the pedestrian walkway.  It also provides power to the yoga centre. These parks come under Yediyur ward.

R. Ashok and Mayor of Bengaluru city Gangabika Mallikarjuna inaugurated the unit. The cost of the unit is Rs.15 lakhs. This solar power unit generates up to 15KW electricity daily.  This meets the daily requirements of the park.

The park maintenance workers quarters power requirement is also met by this unit. The BBMP is planning to upgrade the plant in three months time to make the plant generate 25KW.

The Yediyur ward is also having a biogas plant which is generating 50KW power. The power generated by this unit is being used to light the street lights in the ward.

The Mayor is of the opinion that similar projects should be taken up in other wards.  This will save a lot of money on the electricity bill.

Gultooo – a new dimension in the cyber crime -Kannada Movie

Gultooo – a new dimension in the cyber crime -Kannada Movie


Cyber crime, the worlds most dangerous and hidden crime growing its roots stronger and faster than anything in the current digital era. Most of the cyber crime in the recent time has literally shook the world, especially the buzz that happened with regards to the data of the users in the most famous medium – Facebook. This movie has shed lights on the darker side of the cyber crime considering the data leakage or data theft by creating a genre of its kind with an entertainment bonanza with a peek insight of information.

Alok, the depraved hero (though he is portrayed as a decent and good academic guy) in this movie who aspires to become an entrepreneur by having his own start up. So, does he achieve his dream in doing so? Well, thats what the movie speaks about with his intellectual and wicked sense of achieving the same. The best part of the movie is the idea behind the Alok’s aspiration i.e. making use of digital medium with his brain effectively, which can be said as a deadly combination of brain and the digital medium !

The film starts with a brief introduction about the digital era and cyber crime to the viewers. Coming to the plot of this movie – “SUDHAAR Card” (which is nothing but the AADHAAR card), an unique identification provided by the government of india to all of its citizens. This plot provided an intense information about the data stored online in an encrypted way can still be taken away with a mechanism of hacking! Where every audience will start thinking about his/her data can be lost at any point of time. And of course, what are the consequences that can arouse by losing such vital data from the billions of people in the nation.

Sonu gowda has literally made a come back with her 2 shaded performances in this movie. One as an innocent computer science teaching staff in a private computer coaching centre and a high profile CBI officer who deals with the hero in order to find how the data leakage happened and how the same can be reverted by getting back the lost data from Alok. Janardhan chikkanna, the director and the captain of the ship has proven to the kannada cinema industry that a movie of such a genre can be made in our industry too.

The freshness in his narration depicts the amount of research he has made to make this movie and really deserves an applause from the audience. The instrumental cast – including Rangayana Raghu as the chief minister, Pawan Kumar as an ethical hacker and Avinash as a police officer, does its part and are able fully justify their support to the screenplay.

Does Alok escapes from the cyber crime web? Will the CBI and team succeed in getting back the lost data of billions of people of the nation? For the answers, do watch the movie and its worth watching !!

Mobile phone towers to be 50 metres away from buffer zone.

Mobile phone towers to be 50 metres away from buffer zone.

The Mobile phone towers must compulsorily maintain 50-metre distance from the buffer zone.

The Government’s rule requires a 50-metre distance.  Educational Institutions, hospitals and religious structures and proposed mobile network telecommunications facilities must be 50 metres apart.

Electrical and electronic gadgets rule modern society.  On use, each of them generates ‘electro-magnetic field’.  The intensity and impact depend on the gadget type and the time of use. They all operate on electricity.

The high tension power transmission mobile phone towers consist the power grid.  The mobile phone base in India is expanding approximately 17 % per annum. The mobile tower installations have ‘visibly encroached’ into the urban landscape.

Reports from BBMP says there are more than 30000 optical fibre cable and telecommunication towers in Karnataka.  Bengaluru has 6766 towers.

Those mobile towers which have not complied with the buffer zone rules will be dismantled in the next 3 months.  Compulsory removal of towers near educational institutions should be in 3 months.

Cost of Erecting a mobile tower:

Within Bengaluru Rs.1  lakh

City Corporation limits Rs.35,000/-

Town Municipalities Rs.25,000/-

Gram panchayat Rs.15,000/-

Radiation from mobile-phone towers is possibly carcinogenic to humans.  This may cause (glioma) – a type of brain cancer.

Health issues/problems of having a mobile tower at close proximity:

  1. Burning and tingling sensation in scalp
  2. Fatigue & headache
  3. Sleep disturbance
  4. Dizziness, loss of memory
  5. Lack of concentration, increase heart rate.

Are the radio-frequency waves emitted from mobile towers killing us slowly? Being exposed to a mobile tower located within 50-metres is like being in a microwave oven for 24 hours, say experts.

The new rule demands the companies to install sound proof generators to power the mobile towers.  The mobile Co’s are directed to set up a distress cell and committee across Karnataka to monitor issues concerning mobile towers.

The rule also states the companies to obtain building plan occupancy certificates.  Analysis of the safety measures undertaken by the building also should be disclosed.



MCA issues notice to 2000 startups

MCA issues notice to 2000 startups

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs has issued notices to 2000 startups regarding share premium calculations.  The MCA has asked the startups to come with explanation and also about the details of fund-raising transactions.

The latest government department, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) is asking questions. Questions are concerning  the premium paid to the shareholder by investors in startups. It is also seeking explanation about the valuations and exemptions of start-ups.

The Ministry is questioning the valuations at which these startups raised funds.  Notices haves been issued to these startups. The notices have been issued in the past 45 days.  The ministry has sought explanation whether they have sought exemptions under any government scheme.

In a number of start-ups, the primary funding will be made by an angel investor at valuation of 2X, the second round by a VC at 2X.  The income division will then calculate the true worth of the start-up based on the PE’s funding.  The tax will be calculated on the funding made by the angel investor.

The ministry has questioned the valuations at which these 2000 startups have raised money. The focal point is on these start-up companies whose valuations have fallen after the first round of fund raising.

View of Income tax Department:

The Income Tax department had demanded the start-ups to pay tax at the rate of 33% if their valuations fall after the first round.

According to some tax experts the valuation of start-ups depend on numerous factors.  The important factor being future projections.

The Finance Minister of India in 2012 amended Section 56 of the Finance Act 2012.  The ‘Income from Other Sources’ was redefined.  In the redefined section, 30.9% tax was applicable on the capital raised by unlisted companies from any individual against an issue of shares in excess of the market value.

Under Section 56(II) of the Income Tax Act of India the tax was classified as ‘Income from other sources’.  This later became popularly known as angel tax in the Indian startup system, as it brought down the angel investments in India,

All the regulatory procedures of start-ups are held up till the start-ups respond satisfactorily to the MCA notices.



Bengaluru Loses 37% Water Everyday, Coming Its Way

Bengaluru Loses 37% Water Everyday, Coming Its Way

Bengaluru has been associated to Singapore, many times. But, when it comes to checking leakage and water-pilferage, we are not even close to Dhaka.

What BWSSB Has To Say on Stopping Water Leak?

The chairman of Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board, Tushar Girinath said that Bangalore will have to wait for three more decades to fix such problems. Singapore and the capital of Bangladesh, Dhaka provide well-planned administration to the citizens. The percentage of water leakages in these countries is as down as 4 – 5%. However, in Bengaluru the percentage of water leakage is close to 37.59%. According to Tushar Girinath, we will able to bring it down to 5% only by 2050.

Tushar Girinath mentioned other countries like London that have been struggling to prevent the water leakage problem. He added that Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board has the capacity of supplying 1,400 million litres of Cauvery water to the city every day.

However, only 1,350 million litre of water gets supplied every day, of which, 37.59% gets wasted due to leakage. He did highlight that the board is working towards controlling leakage and stop water leak. They are hoping that the leakage will be brought down by .25% by the end of 2030.

Why are we struggling to stop water leak?

Bengaluru is definitely struggling to check and stop water leak, but if you are wondering what’s stopping us. Here are some reasons

  • Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board spends more than Rs 10 lakh every day to pump drinking water to the city. This water is supplied to the city from various centres like Tathaguni, T K Halli, Harohalli and many others, which are quite far from the city. So, to bring the water in, without any losses is a big challenge.
  • Another reason is that the pipelines are old and rusted, which have caused severe leakages in past and continues to do so. Currently, 1,350 million litre of water gets supplied every day, of which, 37.59% gets wasted due to leakage.

The Upcoming Plans

Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board is planning to replace the old pipelines with new ones and spend more on water leak repair. But at times, leakage happens because many people take illegal connections by hoodwinking the officials at Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board.

This is the reason that Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board officials are not able to maintain a proper account of the amount of water being supplied to the city. As on today, there are 7,000 illegal connections in the city, out of which 5,000 have been disconnected.

Bengaluru Tech Summit @ 2018

Bengaluru Tech Summit @ 2018

Tech Summit 2018 is being held at Namma Bengaluru from 29.11.2018 to 01.12.2018 at Palace Grounds, Bengaluru.  The theme of this years summit is “Innovation and Impact”.

Bengaluru city has gained the reputation as one of the largest technology cluster of the world.  This summit is a platform for technologies and industries.  This platform showcases the latest technical innovations to understand in our daily businesses and lives.

The Bengaluru Tech Summit (BTS) showcases everything the city has to offer as a preferred IT and biotech destination.

The conference will have over 250 experts addressing 3500+ delegates and 300+ exhibitors showcasing their services, products and technologies to 11000+ visitors.

Get ready to be a part of an event like never before.  The Summit will offer knowledge, networking and business opportunities.  Get yourself involved and plan your participation. Get Benefited from being an Exhibitor, Sponsor, Presenter, Delegate and Visitor. Block your calendar today!  It is one of a kind event in namma Bengaluru.

The summit presents some of the renowned keynote speakers like Japp Akkerhuis, Dr Ganesh Kishore, Damien Manual etc.


The inauguration of the summit is on 29th November.  The first keynote is by Mr Damien Manuel: Cyber Security Research & Innovation, Deakin University. The next keynote is by Dr.Ganesh M. Kishore.

The event spectrum includes multi-track conference, B2B Expo, Thought Leaders Conclave, IT Export Awards, Bio Excellence Awards.  The Summit also includes Bengaluru Tech Exchange, Show Stoppers- Product Launch and Global Innovation Zone, Startups, and posters.

The Summit has a range of sponsorship opportunities.  This will maximize the organisation’s exposure to key stakeholders. The sponsors will get acknowledgements, benefits on the basis of the level of sponsorship contribution.

The upcoming Bengaluru Tech Summit is all set to offer a fantastic opportunity for entrepreneurs, developers, students and others to mingle, reach out and discover the Indian Tech innovation ecosystem.

We are proud to announce that Bangalorean.com is the online media partners of Tech Summit 2018,

IIlegal building owners – pay double property tax

IIlegal building owners – pay double property tax

The Bengaluru civic body will tap into huge funds as it orders illegal structures in the Bruhat Bengaluru  Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) limits to pay double property tax.

Illegal buildings are increasing in the city and the respective authorities are not sure how safe the buildings are. With a move of collection of double tax, the civic body intends to increase its net revenue from the structures that cropped up with violations.

BBMP will soon bring to amend the Karnataka Municipal Corporation Act , 1976.  The move has been proposed in regard to a State government decision that allows the BBMP to roll up additional property tax from all the owners of unauthorized buildings and constructions.

Allowing BBMP to collect the double property tax, KMC Act,1976  is to be amended.  Once approved, the BBMP will identify the building owners violating by-laws and issue notices to them.

Property tax has to be paid by all persons/institutions who own/possess land/buildings within the limits of BBMP. Property tax is applicable for all properties/open lands within the limits of BBMP.  It is assessed on the basis of built-up area of the property/building.

With the functioning of such an order, a lot of constructions in BBMP area  will take a beating. After such an order, owner of illegal structures will be duty-bound to remit double the property tax of their property for the rest of time span, so long as the construction is illegal.

Other Proposals :

DCM says,there are a few other proposals to be amended in the KMC Act.  The BBMP has proposed to collect 50% of the building value as deposit  to prevent violators from getting a stay from Karnataka High Court before owners approach the Court.

The proposal also includes 3 months imprisonment for those who are found to have aided the violations.  BBMP Commissioner is of view that these measures will help in bringing an orderly development in namma Bengaluru.

The  Akrama-Sakrama scheme, still pending before the Supreme Court  allows all property owners to regularize some deviations.  But the scheme is covering the violations of the approved building plan.

Bangaloreans are of the view that as long as an illegal construction is not regularized, BBMP should not collect the property tax. The BBMP must take action against buildings which are not eligible for regularization terms and conditions.



BBMP reclaims 2 mortgaged properties @ Bengaluru

BBMP reclaims 2 mortgaged properties @ Bengaluru

The BBMP reclaimed two of its mortgaged properties – slaughter House on Tannery Road and Rajajinagar complex.

The BBMP which is cash strapped, has managed to take back two of its pledged properties.  On 16th November 2018, the BBMP repaid the loan to the tune of 21.47 crore.  Also an interest of Rs.2.79 crore which was outstanding with the Housing and Urban Development Corporation (HUDCO) was paid

The palike had received a lot of criticisms when various land marks were pledged with HUDCO to avail loans.  Rs.2389 crore was taken by Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara palike by mortgaging 11 properties.  By the end of 2015-16 the outstanding amount was Rs.1796.41 crore.

The BBMP had to avail loans because a number of infrastructure projects had to be taken up in the newly added 110 villages. These villages were newly added when the administration expanded during 2007-08.

There was a need to create and provide infrastructure to these areas on part with the main areas.  The Government had not been a guarantor for he loans availed by the BBMP.  The cash strapped BBMP failed to repay the same.

Mortgage details :

According to G.Parameshwara, Deputy Chief Minister and Bengaluru Development Minister Rs.498.64 crore was paid in 2016.-17. By paying this, the BBMP took back Kempegowda Museum, Mayo Hall and Johnson market.

In 2017-18 the BBMP took back Malleshwaram Market by paying Rs.496-53 crore.

A loan of Rs.871-67 crore was shifted to State Bank of India including 5 pledged properties as the rate of interest is low at the Nationalized bank.

This year the BBMP has already paid Rs.259.29 crore including Rs.40.05 as interest to State Bank of India.

According to the Deputy Chief Minister, as on date the loan amount outstanding is Rs.652.43 crore.  The BBMP is working towards clearing this outstanding loan to reclaim the remaining 5 pledged properties.  They are

  1.   K.R. Market
  2.   Dasappa Building
  3.   Public Utility Building
  4.   BBMP Office (East Zone)
  5.  Kalasipalya Market.
Property Registration goes online at Namma Bengaluru

Property Registration goes online at Namma Bengaluru

Good news to all property owners as registration of property goes online at Namma Bengaluru. No hassle of visiting the sub-registrar office.

Registration of the documents of sale and purchase of immovable property is mandatory in India and ensures conservation of evidence, prevention of fraud and assurance of title.

A property needs to be registered for the purpose of sale, transfer, gift or lease in accordance with Registration Act 1908.  As per Section 17 of the Registration Act, 1908, all transactions that involve the sale of an immovable property should be registered.

Additionally, all transactions of gift of an immovable property, as well as lease for a period exceeding 12 months, are also mandatorily required to be registered.

To register property online, one needs the following documents :

  •  Identity proof of parties involved (Aadhaar Card, PAN card etc.)
  •  Two passport photographs of parties involved
  •  Sale deed
  •  Power of authority in case the party is representing someone else.
  • If the party is a company then power of attorney/letter of authority, along with a copy of the resolution of the company’s board,  authorizing him/her to carry out the registration and  certificate of incorporation
  •  proof of payment of stamp duty and registration fee
  •  Other documents as per the requirement of State.

Benefits of online-registration

  • The usual resource challenges at registrar offices are reduced drastically.
  •  Consumer pays a relatively affordable registration amount.
  • There is no need to visit multiple offices to register a property.
  • Details and documents pertaining to records can be accessed online.
  • Transparency in the registration process increases significantly, thereby, rationalizing broker fees and negating the need for bribes to officials.

Please check Maulya mobile app to know guidance value of any property.  Maulya App will facilitate the user to the find the respective SRO and DRO office location, Department of Stamps & Registration, Government of Karnataka with the details of the person in-charge.

The online services are available at https://kaverionline.karnataka.gov.in/



ACB raid at Raibag Taluk

On 17/11/2018 the Officials of Belagavi ACB PS trapped and arrested Sri. Appasaheb Nemannavar while accepting the bribe amount of Rs. 8,000/- from the complainant.

A resident of Nippanal village Raibag Taluk had sought for correction of father name in RTC. Sri. Appasaheb Nemannavar, Village Accountant, Nippanal Village, Raibag Taluk has demanded a bribe amount of Rs.13,000/- to do the same.

The bribe amount is recovered. Investigation is continued.

Sanjana Ramesh gets America’s basketball scholarship

Sanjana Ramesh gets America’s basketball scholarship

The 17-year-old Bengaluru girl Sanjana Ramesh became only the second Indian woman to receive NCCA Division 1 US basketball scholarship with the Northern Arizona University.

Five months after being named the Most Valuable Player in the girl’s division of NBA’s Basketball Without Borders Asia camp in June, hosted by India. Bengaluru girl  Sanjana Ramesh has been rewarded for her performance with a full Division I basketball scholarship. This is under the United States’ National Collegiate Athletic Association.

Sanjana is one of two players picked by the Northern Arizona University to play in the NCAA 2019-’20 season.  She is only the second Indian woman to receive an NCAA Division 1 basketball scholarship, after Kavita Akula in 2017.

Sanjana Ramesh 17, will be an incoming freshman for the 2019-20 season. The Bengaluru player captained the Indian team in the 2017 FIBA U-16 Asia Cup. Averaging 6.5 points and 7 rebounds per game in the tournament, Sanjana helped India win Division ‘B’ and earn promotion to Division ‘A’.

Sanjana’s journey

Sanjana Ramesh caught the eye of college recruiters when she was named the ‘Most Valuable Player’ of the girls‘ division at Basketball Without Borders Asia. The three-day development camp had featured top male and female prospects from Asia. The 12th standard student at Delhi Public School (South)  stated that her game has improved considerably in the last couple of years. “The 2017 under-18 Nationals was the turning point for me. I played well for Karnataka, which gave me great confidence. Before that, I was not part of the starting five.”

Northern Arizona University women’s basketball coach Loree Payne said, “She is an athlete who has international and national experience.  We’re trying to get our foot in the door of the international recruiting scene. So for us, Sanjana is everything we’re looking for.  Her potential is limitless.”

She averaged 6.5 points and 7.0 rebounds per game during the tournament and then proceeded to play for India in the 2018 William Jones Cup held in Taiwan.  Sanjana Ramesh had also participated in The NBA Academies Women’s Program camp in May at The NBA Academy India.

Good wishes to Sanjana from Bangalorean.com

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Intel’s ‘walking power project’ in Bengaluru

Intel’s ‘walking power project’ in Bengaluru

Intel has installed a ‘walking power project’ at it’s campus in Bengaluru.  If you walk into the office, there is a walkway installed at their newly opened design house ‘SRR4’ at its 44 acre campus on sarjapur ring road.  The walkway is installed with energy harvesting tiles.

Every time an employee or a visitor step on the walkway, their footsteps triggers electricity generation.  It is called as “footfall harvesting”.

The tile surface flexed when stepped on, which creates kinetic energy that is then converted into off-grid energy and data.  It produces an average of 7 watts continuous power per footstep while a person walks on it.   The end result is clear enough though.

The interactive walkway installation is enabled with Intel Architecture.  The walkway measuring 7.7sq. metres will produce up to 4 joules of energy.  It will power a bright LED lighting display at the entrance of the building.

This is seen as renewable technology and as a potential alternative to solar, which is difficult to use indoors or in built-up urban areas that are prone to shade.

In addition to street lighting, the technology is suited to low energy applications such as advertising displays and signage.

Flooring can be made from any number of sustainable materials, making it, generally, an eco-friendly feature in homes and businesses alike.  Now, however, flooring could be even more “green”.

How it works:

The method uses a common waste material: wood pulp. The pulp, already a common component of flooring, is partly made of cellulose nanofibers. They’re tiny fibers that, when chemically treated, produce an electrical charge when they come into contact with untreated nanofibers.

When the nanofibers are embedded within flooring, they’re able to produce electricity that can be harnessed to power lights or charge batteries. And because wood pulp is a cheap, abundant and renewable waste product of several industries, flooring that incorporates the new technology could be as affordable as conventional materials.

End Result:

The new Intel building, constructed with an investment of Rs.1,100 crore, is equipped with IoT-based smart features.  It anvails renewable energy sources like solar and fuel cells for power generation, which is expected to meet 40% of the building’s power demand.




ACB raid at Madikeri

ACB raid at Madikeri

ACB Madikeri raided and arrested two officials at Madikeri Taluq and District.

A resident of Mekeri village, Madikeri Taluq and District had sought compensation as per SC/ST Atrocities Act from Social welfare department, Kodagu district. Her husband was murdered on 27.03.2018. In this regard, a case was registered in Madikeri rural P.S under SC/ST Prevention of Atrocities Act.

Smt. Mayadevi Galagali, Deputy Director and Sri Mohan.K.B, S.D.A, Social Welfare Department, Kodagu district had demanded a bribe amount of Rs.20,000/- to recommend the file to DC office for release of Atrocity Composition Relief Fund.

On 15-11-2018 the officials of Kodagu district, ACB  trapped Sri. Mohan.K.B, while accepting a bribe of Rs.20,000/- from the complainant.

The bribe amount has been seized. Both the accused have been arrested. The case is under investigation.

Venkatappa Art Gallery in Namma Bengaluru is Unsafe

Venkatappa Art Gallery in Namma Bengaluru is Unsafe

Venkatappa Art Gallery (VAG) in Namma Bengaluru is unsafe and is to be razed,rebuilt.  The gallery is situated in Bengaluru, in the vicinity of Cubbon Park and next to the Bangalore Museum as well as the Vishvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum. It attracts artists and art lovers from all over Karnataka.

Who is Venkatappa?

Venkatappa, a nenowned artist, was born in 1886 in Mysuru. He studied fine arts in Chamarajendra Technical Institute, Mysuru from 1902 to 1908. He took up advanced studied in Fine Arts and Crafts in Kolkata under the guidance of Percy Bown and Abanindranath Tagore from 1909 to 1916. Venkatappa died in 1965.

History of Gallery

The Government of Mysuru had decided in 1966 that a gallery/museum was needed that could hold the paintings, musical instruments and plaster of paris,  bas reliefs which formed the collection of Karnataka’s most famous artist, K.Venkatappa (1886–1965), a pupil of Abanindranath Tagore. Thus the birth of Venkatappa Art Gallery.

The Art Gallery came into being with the foundation stone being laid by the then Chief Minister S.Nijalingappa on 24 November 1967. It took a long time to complete. Artists who were frustrated with the delays went on an innovative protest on the footpath in front of Bible Society demanding the gallery space be finished in 1971. Artists included G.S Shenoy, Bhaskar Rao, Ramesh Rao, Acharya and Punam Chattaya. The building was finally completed in 1975.

The  Gallery was intended to function both as a museum holding the works of K. Venkatappa as well as becoming a space for artists from all over Karnataka to use for their arts practice. Venkatappa Gallery is commonly mistaken for the Bangalore Museum as they both stand next to each other and yet they are very different. Venkatappa Art Gallery continues to be a space that accesses the contemporary holdings within it a museum as well as a gallery. Something quite rare in the history of the structure of museums.

Present situation

But now the building of Venkatappa Art Gallery is unsafe and is said to be in “danger” of caving in.  It is not even 50 years since it was constructed by the Public works department.  Worried about the health of this 43 year old building, the Government of Karnataka has decided to demolish it and rebuild it.

Tourism Minister Sa Ra Mahesh said the idea was to give the Venkatappa Art Gallery a complete makeover.  According to him the building of VAG is slowly sinking as there is a moat around it.  The water in the moat has weakened the foundation of the building.  The building has developed huge cracks.

The department of Heritage, Museum and Archaeology is in the process of writing to the PWD department to submit plans and designs for the proposed new buildings.

Ranji trophy: Nischal, Sharath’s tons life Karnataka

Ranji trophy: Nischal, Sharath’s tons life Karnataka

Nischal and Sharath pulled Karnataka in Ranji Trophy.  Contrasting centuries by opener D. Nischal ( 111, 339b, 10×4) and debutant wicketkeeper B.R. Sharath (103, 161b, 20×4) and the duo’s 160 run partnership for the 6th wicket kicked off Karnataka’s Ranji Trophy campaign by ensuring at least three points versus defending champion Vidarbha.

On a penultimate day at the Vidarbha Cricket Association stadium, Nischal and Sharath helped Karnataka overtake Vidarbha’s first innings total of 307 and captain R. Vinay Kumar, batting stiff neck, ensuring a healthy 71-run lead for the visiting team.

The fightback of Karnataka

After two middling days, Karnataka on Wednesday (November 14) came up with a determined effort that ensured them at least of first innings lead against Vidarbha on the third day of their Ranji Trophy Elite Group A fixture at the VCA stadium here.

Nischal and Sharath, the more aggressive of the duo, added a fine 240 runs for the sixth wicket that might have just turned this match decisively in favor of Karnataka.

The young wicketkeeper became only the ninth Karnataka batsman to score a hundred on first-class debut. More importantly, his hundred, combined with a 160-run partnership with D.Nischal, gave Karnataka the vital lead against defending champion Vidarbha in its Ranji Trophy opener.

Two lucky dismissals –a rough call by umpire Rajeev Godara to uphold a caught-behind appeal against Sanjay Ramaswamy and Captain Faiz Fazal’s run out – in the last session meant Vidarbha still has to work hard to avoid an outright defeat.

Veteran Wasim Jaffer and seasoned pro-Ganesh Satish may have helped Vidarbha wipe off the deficit but with the team leading by a solitary run, the duo will have to dig out in the morning to take the team to safety.

The day belonged to the young duo with different styles of batting.  While Nischal continued his dogged defence to frustrate the bowlers, Sharath continued his boundary spree.

Ranji centuries on debut for Karnataka:

125 runs  K.Ganapathy Rao v/s Kerala – 1957

104 runs  PR Ashokanand v/s Kerala – 1958

101* runs YB Patel v/s Hyderabad – 1961

108 runs S.Krishna v/s Kerala – 1961

230 runs G.R.Vishwanath v/s Andhra – 1967

110 runs M.Vijay v/s Goa – 1988

174 runs S.Sriram v/s Tamil Nadu – 1996

106 runs B.Rowland v/s Kerala – 1999

103 runs BR Sharath v/s Vidarbha – 2018


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Sex education for children still a taboo

Sex education for children still a taboo

Giving sex education for children is still remain a taboo with parents.  If parents do not teach their children about sex, then they will learn about it from somewhere else and an opportunity to instill family values will be lost.

A good strategy is to start talking to children about sex (education ) when they are young and continue that conversation as they get older.  A child exposed to information about sex from sources such as schools, friends and the media at a much earlier age than many parents expect.

Advice for parents

Parents should rely on the school system to teach sex education.  If your child is taught sex education at school, ask them what they learned and review it with them.  Sex education does not lead to promiscuity.

Six out of 10 parents do not provide sex education to their kids, according to a study.  Curiosity about sex is a natural step from learning about the body. Sex education helps kids understand about the body and helps them feel positive about their own bodies. Younger kids are interested in pregnancy and babies

Discussing sex is also part of starting open communication with your child. Early, honest, and open communication between parents and kids is very important, especially when your child becomes an adolescent. If open communication is normal, kids are more likely to speak with parents about all the other trials of adolescence, such as depression, relationships, and the abuse of drugs and alcohol, as well as sexual issues.

Beginning a conversation about sex early and continuing that conversation as the child grows is the best sex education strategy. It lets parents avoid giving one big, and likely uncomfortable talk when the child reaches adolescence (and will have already gotten information and misinformation from their friends). These conversations are easiest when they come out of a life experience, like seeing a pregnant woman or a baby.

When parents talk with their children about sex, they can make sure that they are getting the right information. Parents should be a child’s first source of information about sex. Understanding correct information can protect children from risky behavior as they grow up.

Having open communications about sex education with children and other matters is healthy and safer in the long run. This does not necessarily mean it will be easy or without awkward moments. Teens are still very private people. However, speaking about sex early increases the chance that teens will approach parents when difficult or dangerous things come up.

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Jawa motorcycles launched in three variants

Jawa motorcycles launched in three variants

Classic Legends has launched the Jawa motorcycles. It is divided into three models. The Jawa,   the Jawa Forty-Two and the Jawa Perak ‘factory custom’ (Rs 1.89 lakh). All prices are ex-showroom.

One of the most celebrated two-wheeler brands in the country, Jawa Motorcycles is officially back in business, 22 years after the last product was rolled out by the manufacturer.  The company has unveiled its first all-new offering for the Indian market.

Perak, being a special factory custom Jawa motorcycle will be launched latter.  As for the pricing, the entry-level Jawa Forty Two is priced at Rs.1.55 lakh with the retro-looking Jawa is priced at Rs.1.64 lakh (both ex-showroom, Delhi.)

The Jawa motorcycle brand has come back to India as part of Classic Legends Pvt. Ltd., a subsidiary of the Mahindra resources including the research and development centre as well as the production facilities.

Design of the bike

Several teasers of the Jawa motorcycle have been circulating on social media.  It has already given us a fair idea as to what the bike will actually look like.  By the looks of it, the old-school styling of the upcoming Jawa remains identical to the original offering of the 1970’s.  One might even mistake it for a fully restored vintage bike at the fist glance.

The company has already revealed few details about the engine and the new Jawa motorcycle will be powered by a 293 cc single-cylinder motor tuned for 27bhp and 28 Nm of peak torque. More details on the compression ratio, firing order and more will be revealed at the unveiling event.

The single cylinder head has fins in spite of this motor being liquid cooled and the Jawa nametag is embossed too. The rest of the motor is clean and there is little clutter all around. The twin peashooter pipes also hark back to the past.

The first models to go on the sale floor will be the Jawa and the Jawa 42. Test drive and delivery will begin from February 2019. All Jawa motorcycles will be built at the Mahindra factory in Pithampur.

The new Jawa motorbikes look thoroughly modern yet have that retro essence. It will sport all the bells and whistles found in modern bikes and at the same time offer a retro charm. Needless to say, the new Jawa will take on another icon here in India, the Royal Enfield Classic. Looks like the days ahead are going to be exciting.

Happy Biking.