ACB raid – RTO Rajajinagar

ACB raid was conducted at Rajajinagar, Bengaluru RTO office and the officials seized Rs. 8.72 lakhs.

A complaint was received about middlemen operating at RTO, Rajajinagar.  ACB Bengaluru city unit conduced searches at RTO office and adjoining shops.

The ACB seized Rs.872681.00 in cash from shops and office which had no proper explanation.  The officials seized 8 seals, 1026 smart cards, 1523 DL Smart cards, 19

A Sum of Rs.7.31 lakhs  wchich is claimed to be officially collected is been recovered. 

17 private persons were arrested last night.

The investigation is on.


  • Raj

    By Raj


    hope the govt servants caught red handed are arrested too along with pvt persons mentioned in news.the govt servants shld be dismissed from services permanently

  • ashok

    By ashok


    This nothing new In every rto it is the same case and as everyone knows the officials work through these middlemen
    and ultimately part of the money reaches them .I would not be surprised if higher ups are also involved since without their help these kind of activities openly cannot flourish which everyone knows.If govt was serious they would have removed these shops and only necessary ones like copier etc should have been retained.Does aCB need a complain I do not understand what was meant unless they want to show they were not aware.

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