Ignite Film Festival

Ignite Film Festival

Held by IFIM College, Bengaluru.

Ignite Film Festival, IFIM, Film Festival, Bangalore, Events in Bangalore
Ignite Film Festival held by IFIM, Bangalore

In the first place, the idea of Ignite Film Festival by IFIM was born with an intention to bridge the gap between the industry and the young talents. While Bengaluru IFIM College hosted Ignite Film Festival, a two-day film festival from January 19 to 20 at the college auditorium. Also the main agenda of this fest being to serve a platform to young minds to unleash their inherent creativity.

One of the initiative to promote and encourage young filmmakers, storytellers and creative individuals. Also the spark has been made by Ignite Film Festival this year. Likewise the fire of passion shall spread and students of IFIM College will keep it burning. Most importantly this is a legacy by the present batch students.

Sagar Puranik, IFIM, Ignite Film Festival, Inauguration, Grand Inauguration, Events in Bengaluru
Ignite Film Festival Inauguration by Sagar Puranik- Day 1 at IFIM Business School, Bangalore

Furthermore, the best film- Samara, best editor went to Door no. 143 and the best screenplay award was bagged by Kanasina Prapancha. Likewise Best actor also went to Samara, while best director for Bluff. Similarly the best cinematographer bagged by Alike.

That’s not all..

Besides that, Dr Anupama Natarajan, Principal, IFIM College said, “In this era of constant innovation in every field, creativity is the currency for success. Ignite is an ideal platform for young minds to explore their skills and present their creativity in ways. It is important for colleges to provide an engaging practical exposure to students to prepare them better for their continuous employability.”

Moreover short film contest, a story writing contest and stories contest were some of the activities held. While the fest also held photography workshop.

IFIM College, Ignite Film Festival, Bengaluru, IFIM, Business School
IFIM College Bangalore

Last but not the least, film maker Sagar Puranik’s short film was premiered at IFIM auditorium on January 19 as a part of the Ignite Film Festival. Similarly on January 20, the nine short films selected by the judging panel were screened for the general public.

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2.0 Movie Review

2.0 Movie Review


2.0 movie review is all about Rajinikanth diving deeply into two pivotal characters with all his might, but there is a dip in the enthusiasm.

2.0 – Movie Review

Unlike, the first part, Chitti is all reloaded to antagonize a force that is out to eliminate mobile phones and cellular transmission towers. The movie is all about the battle between the good and evil. The storytelling also goes well. However, the furious action sequences hardly touch the heights that flying mobiles achieve.

2.0 movie is focused on the sad reality of the sparrows vanishing from our metropolitan cities. Although, the pressing nature of the debate is buried under the loud yet impressive demo of animatronics, prosthetics, and special effects.

After Eight Long Years….

The co-screenwriter and director Shankar planned a follow-up to his movie Enthiran that was released in 2010. The Tamil cinema supernova, Rajnikanth has featured in this new movie after a long break. The 2.0 movie has been in the works for quite long and its stars show clear signs of wear and tear. However, for Rajnikanth fans, the movie wasn’t more than a minor irritant.

The Opening Scene

In the 2.0 movie opening sequence, a mysterious power is established, when a man hangs himself from a cell tower. He makes a serious attempt to eliminate mobile telephony from the face of the earth.

Suddenly, the towers are uprooted, and handsets fly off the hands of their owners and turn into a destructive wave. The city is in the control of complete mayhem. The army is called and a good scientist is roped in for stopping the impending calamity.

Scientist advises bringing Chitti back from the dead. His plan is constantly resisted by elements in the administration, but as things go out of control, Dr Vaseegaran secures a free hand. Soon, the lead actor plunges into the universe of two pivotal characters. But a visible dip in the enthusiasm can be felt.

The Entertainer 

The right-versus-wrong tropes that 2.0 movie employs are trite, but the battle is on at the heart of the film, where there are thought-provoking and entertaining moments, at once. But pulling this erratic, messy epic out of the fire is no cakewalk for Rajnikanth, as well.

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NetApp Adds AI to Its Bengaluru Charter

The popular data storage vendor and management company, NetApp has recently added research around AI (artificial intelligence) to its Bengaluru charter. The idea behind doing this is to enhance the productivity and better quality testing of the products.

NetApp’s Bangalore site supports research, development, marketing and global services. It is running multiple projects that are focused towards finding defects, before a product is certified and is ready to ship. The company is using AI algorithms to test software and hardware products, identify bugs and to run code checks.

A Word With Senior Vice President

The senior vice president for NetApp Flagship Product, Octavian Tanase said, “We expect Bangalore to tackle new initiatives like artificial intelligence and machine learning. Our aim is to leverage data sets to make faster and better decisions and find new efficiencies, to innovate and make the team more productive. We are using it to build a better product”.

The Data Fabric Strategy

Octavian Tanase drives overall business outcomes and customer success by developing the software and systems. These software and systems form the backbone of the NetApp’s Data Fabric strategy. The strategy aims at enabling businesses to connect disparate data management and storage resources. It also streamlines data management between cloud storage and on-premises storage.

The company added AI charter during the spring this year. The senior vice president is expecting that the company will make more investments in artificial intelligence in the foreseeable future.

NetApp’s R&D Centre

NetApp is turning the company’s R&D centre in Bengaluru into a multi-function site. This latest addition is a part of new CEO George Kurian’s strategy to transform the legacy storage firm into a data management company. This is one of NetApp’s largest sites in the world, which employs approximately 1800 people.

New Year Makeover For Iblur Lake

BBMP’s team is working harder to rejuvenate and give a complete makeover to the Iblur Lake by the end of December. From, CCTVs, to running paths and public toilets, the residents can expect the complete face lift to happen by the year end.

After Eight Long Years

Thanks to the members of citizen group Iblur Environs Trust and the team from BBMP, Iblur lake is finally getting a complete renovation after eight long years. The Iblur Environs Trust has highlighted on certain things that they want to implement at the lake. BBMP is making a good effort to turn things into reality and finish the work by end of December. Work on the lake started last year in December and the citizens group has kept a complete check on the everyday progress.

The New Features

  • The lake will get a proper fencing all around to prevent dumping of garbage and land encroachment.
  • The walkway and the running path have already been created and public toilets are all ready for usage.
  • A separate Kalyani is about to get ready for the people to offer pooja and immerse idols.
  • A separate room for the security guards is being built so as to ward off people from carrying out any illegal activities in and around the premises.
  • CCTV cameras are also being installed.
  • Dim lights will be installed around the periphery, so that it doesn’t harm the flora and fauna.
  • Botanical garden with trees like fig, peepal and neem will not only add to the beauty of this place, but will also attract many birds.
  • A 400-metre wide arboretum will be built right next to the bank of the lake.
  • A Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) will also be built by April 2019 on Outer Ring Road.

Once the lake is rejuvenated, the Iblur Environs Trust will be looking after it. The members of the group would be contributing money and will work collectively towards the betterment of the lake.

Rajnikanth’s 2.0 Teaser – Here’s A Sneak Peak

Rajnikanth’s 2.0 Teaser – Here’s A Sneak Peak

Cine-lovers have been desperately waiting for the glimpse of the Shankar-directed film 2.0 for several months. And finally, the teaser introduced the prime characters of the movie, Dr Vaseegaran, Chitti and their nemesis. While Dr Vaseegaran and Chitti, both the roles are being played by Sir Rajnikanth, the bird-man like villain is played by Akshay Kumar.

So, was the wait for 2.0 worth it?

Hell, yeah! If you’ve missed the teaser, then have a sneak peak here and find out, how this movie is sure to blow your mind.

The Special Effects

Although the movie release has been postponed several times, the quality of special effects has not been compromised at all. In less than a minute, I was convinced that Shankar and team 2.0 have done a mind-blowing job. The flying cell phones assembling into a terrorising bird-like figure is just magnificent.

The phenomenon, which is being described as “beyond the control of science” and requires ‘superpowers,’ spawns a lot of curiosity in the audience. The filmmakers have ensured that the curiosity remains till the end by introducing a stupendous villain onscreen.

The army of robots forms all sorts of weapons and cages to control the villain, hell-bent on wrecking the world.

No wonder 2.0 is one of Asia’s most expensive movies with a reported budget of Rs. 500 crore.

Akshay Kumar, The Villain

The OTT makeup on Akshay Kumar might leave some fans disappointed. However, the teaser enlightens a lot about Akshay Kumar and his character, who is reportedly an ornithologist and his experiment backfires on him.

Chitti, The Savior

chiti charater potrayed by rajanikanth

Shankar’s Enthiran had several references from Frankenstein, especially the creation of Chitti and how it went rogue. At the end of Enthiran, Chitti was dismantled because of the wreckage he caused. But in this movie, Chitti is reassembled by Dr Vaseegaran to fight a common enemy. Another reason that 2.0 is sure to blow your mind is that the end of Enthiran couldn’t have been the end of Chitti.

Enthiran shook the box office, back in 2010, with its exemplary performance at the ticket window. So, chances of 2.0 mimicking Enthiran‘s run are quite higher.

After several delays, the movie is now expected to hit the screens on November 29.
Budget – 575 Cr (Approx.)
Duration – 147 Min.
U/A Certificate
Science Fiction
Director – S Shankar (Earlier few Films – Gentlemen (1993), Indian (1996), Jeans (1998), Nayak (2001), Sivaji (2007), Robot (2010)
Producer – A Subaskaran / Raju Mahalingay
Production co Lyca Prod.
(Shot in Tamil & will be released in 14 other languages.)
Music Director – A. R. Rahman
Star Cast – Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar, Amy Jackson.
Cinematography – Nirav Shah
Editor – Anthony
Would be released 6600 – 6800 screens

For watching the official teaser: 2.0 official teaser Hindi

2.0 official teaser Tamil

BBMP Chief & Traffic Inspector of BTM Layout Takes Strict Action Against Illegal PGs

. According to the bbmp, there are more than 800 PG accommodations in BTM 1st and 2nd stage. Most of them are illegal.

Residents of BTM Layout have been grouchy about the hundreds of PG dwelling in the area. They have suspected that the paying guests create a lot of disturbance and nuisance to the neighbors. According to the residents, there are more than 800 PG accommodations in BTM 1st and 2nd stage. Most of them are illegal.

BBMP Commissioner On The Matter

N Manjunath Prasad, the BBMP Commissioner has responded to the matter and said, “According to the Revised Master Plan (RMP) of 2015, the PG’s are allowed. We are bound to give permission to whoever wants to build. Once the building plan is sanctioned, a commencement certificate should be taken and later the occupancy certificate is mandatory after a building is made. If these certificates are not there, then the building shouldn’t be there. Apart from this, if there are any violations in the building, then we do not grant them the occupancy certificate. The same goes for the paying guest dwellings. If they lack these certificates, then we will shut them down.”

The Strict Rules & Regulations

N Manjunath Prasad also raised his concern regarding the nuisance caused by the paying guests. He said that the owner of a PG should follow certain rules and regulation. Their paying guests should be accustomed to all the rules, as well and should be told to follow the same. If in case the paying guests still cause any disturbance and nuisance to other residents, the license of the owner can be canceled and the PG can be closed immediately.

Legal Documents & Licenses

The BBMP is checking documents and licenses of all the PGs in BTM Layout. They have identified 170 illegal PGs, so far. All these PGs have been given a notice of seven days to provide legal documents. If they fail to do so, they will be shut down immediately.

More Constables & Patrolling

BTM Layout is the same area, where once the notorious Bawaria Gang was caught and had not been heard, ever since. Although the crime in BTM Layout has decreased over the years, but still 1086 cases of mobile theft and chain snatching were registered in 2016. In 2017, 619 cases were registered and only 327 cases came into limelight in 2018. However, 320 cases have been filed against drunk people in BTM layout and most of them have been young students from PGs.

The residents of BTM Layout have requested the BTM Layout Traffic Inspector, Puttamadaiah to increase the patrolling in the area.

Inspector has promised to make more Hoysala patrolling vehicles available. He also mentioned that 12 constables will be deployed for night duty in the area. Right now, there are 3 Hoysalas dedicated for BTM Layout that acts within 15 minutes of a complaint.

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#MeToo – Rape Case Filed Against Alok Nath By Vinta Nanda

#MeToo – Rape Case Filed Against Alok Nath By Vinta Nanda

Mumbai Police has registered a rape case against actor Alok Nath after a complaint was filed by the writer-producer, Vinta Nanda. An FIR was registered at the Oshiwara Police Station, when Vinta accused Nath of raping her nearly two decades ago.

About Alok Nath

Alok Nath, who has been known for his 90s TV show, was alleged in a social media post, last month, for raping the writer-producer 19 years ago. Vinta gave an account of the alleged sexual assault in the post, soon after Tanushree Dutta filed a complaint of harassment against Nana Patekar. The allegations were made under the spark of India’s #MeToo movement. However, the allegations were denied by Patekar.

Lately, #MeToo has been gaining momentum in the country, where many women are calling out filmmakers, comedians, authors, journalists and even actors.

The Allegations

On 17th October, Vinta had submitted a complaint against the actor at the police station, but Nath refuted the allegations. On the contrary, he filed a civil suit against the complainant in a court.

Nath’s wife, Ashu also recorded her statement before a magistrate in connection with her complaint against the Vinta. She told the court that her’s and Nath’s reputation has been damaged because of the allegations levelled by the writer. This is when Alok Nath sought Re 1 as damages for allegedly defaming him. 

The Social Media Post

Vinta alleged that the actor raped her 19 years ago. However, she did not mention the of Nath in her social media post. Rather she referred to the “most Sanskari person” in the field of acting.

Alok Nath has been long known for playing characters that endorse ‘moral values’ in many movies like, Hum Aapke Hain Koun!Maine Pyaar Kiya, Vivah, Hum Saath Saath Hain and many more. In view of the rape allegations, The Cine and TV Artists Association had expelled Alok Nath, earlier this month. 

The Indian #MeToo Movement

The #MeToo movement against sexual harassment and assault exploded last autumn. A series of sexual misconduct allegations were made against many powerful men in India, be it Bollywood, IT companies, politicians and slew of other industries.

The movement has resulted in the fall of many Bollywood stalwarts like Nana Patekar, Vikas Bahl, Subhash Kapoor, Sajid Khan, Subhash Ghai, Anu Malik and many others.

Pictar Pro – A Premium Camera Accessory for Smartphone Cameras

If you are a phone photographer and love physical controls on your best camera phone, and miss having a viewfinder or more of a steady hold while shooting, then Pictar Pro is just the right gadget that you would want to have.

If you are a phone photographer and love physical controls on your best camera phone, and miss having a viewfinder or more of a steady hold while shooting, then Pictar Pro is just the right gadget that you would want to have.

The Cool Gadget For Your Smartphone Camera

The all new camera accessory by Miggo, Pictar Pro, is specially designed to fix all major shortcoming of shooting pictures with your regular camera phone ergonomics. This tailor made latest gadget is just the right choice for all those iPhone and android phone users, who crave for physical controls with their best smartphone camera.

Pictar by Miggo

The original Pictar by Miggo was launched back in 2016, but the latest gadget, Pictar Pro comes with a slide-on grip, has better materials and bigger controls. The satin-finished brass Miggo gives Pro a premium feel. Unlike the spring clamp in other gadgets for holding the phone in place, Pro comes with a quick-release ratchet clamp. All you have to do is, just open it and squeeze it tight around the phone. With the phone in it, there is space to attach the add-on lenses. Isn’t that cool!!!

Do you know what makes Pictar Pro a cool gadget? Let’s find out

The Exciting Features

  • For changing shooting modes or adjusting exposure compensation, larger metal dials have been provided on the top.
  • To help you focus accurately, the shutter release comes with a more pronounced half-press mechanism.
  • Below Pictar Pro’s cold-shoe mount is a small slot, which allows you to connect a folding eyepiece. This is how it works like an electronic viewfinder.

Pros & Pros

  • The speed is adjustable and its zoom lever smooths out the overall performance.
  • Pictar pro does not uses any physical or Bluetooth connection, but it uses a high-frequency dual tone (18,500 to 20,000kHz) to talk to phone.
  • These dual tones allow the grip’s physical buttons and dials to control camera functions.
  • With Pictar Pro, you can shoot without fighting glare.

Wait! You Need Pictar’s App Too

All these features are made possible with Pictar’s app and a phone connection to the Pro. With high-frequency dual tones, you can just slide the phone in, launch the app and start shooting.

The Best Gadget for Men

The built-in 1400mAh battery with Qi wireless charging is plus point in this new gadget. This amazing camera accessory for your best smartphone camera expected to ship in March 2019.

So, if you have been looking for a photography camera for your man, then be assured with Pictar Pro. Because it is undoubtedly amongst the best gadgets for men.


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The 5G Revolution – Is it the 5G Mobile or the 5G Network?

The 5G Revolution – Is it the 5G Mobile or the 5G Network?

5G revolution is the next big thing, just around the corner. Even if you are not aware of it, there is one thing that you would definitely agree to. This technology is sure to change our lives.

If you ask Verizon, 5G is already here…

Ever since Verizon revealed that it would be the first major telecom company to deploy 5G field tests, the hype for 5G technology has been multiplying, since then. It’s been three years now. Today, it is denoted to as a foundational tech that will supercharge areas like augmented & virtual reality, self-driving cars and even telemedicine.

But what is 5G.

Why do people look so excited?

Why 5G wireless technology is more than just a boost in speed? Let’s find out…

5G or fifth generation of cellular technology promises to greatly enhance the speed, responsiveness and coverage of wireless networks. This means 10 to 100 times much faster than your regular cellular network or fiber optic cables that run in your house.

Low Latency – The Keyword You Need to Know

Low latency. You will come across this word a lot.

When you stream a video on your phone, click on a link or send a request to the network, latency comes into the picture. It is actually the response time when you click a link and the network responds or plays your video. Right now, with regular cellular networks, this lag time lasts around 20 milliseconds. This doesn’t seem like much, but with 5G, the latency will reduce to as low as 1 millisecond. Isn’t that great.

This responsiveness might not matter to us, but to a surgeon in Bangalore doing a critical procedure in Delhi, latency matters a lot. A virtually lag free connection can help people connect with each other in real time.

But How Does It Work?

Initially, 5G used super high-frequency spectrum, which has a higher capacity but a shorter range for delivering a massive pipe for online access. But, over a period of time, the carriers are starting to explore lower frequency spectrum, seeing the range and interference issues. The low frequency spectrum helps transport 5G across greater distances and through walls and other obstructions. And the result is insane speeds and a massive boost to what we get today with 4G LTE.

When Exactly is 5G Coming to us?

Verizon launched the first “5G” service in October, this year. It is a fixed broadband replacement. It requires an installer with a special equipment to pick up the 5G signals and turn it into a Wi-Fi connection so that other devices can access it.

Verizon claims that the speeds (300 megabits per second – 1 gigabit per second) qualify the service for 5G designation. However, Qualcomm disputes this claim.

Verizon is most likely to launch its mobile 5G in 2019, but his competitor, AT&T is already set to release the true mobile 5G service. Last month, it successfully tested a mobile 5G connection in Waco and Texas. AT&T has also mentioned that the company has planned a launch in 19 cities, next year, including San Francisco, Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

Bengaluru Loses 37% Water Everyday, Coming Its Way

Bengaluru Loses 37% Water Everyday, Coming Its Way

Bengaluru has been associated to Singapore, many times. But, when it comes to checking leakage and water-pilferage, we are not even close to Dhaka.

What BWSSB Has To Say on Stopping Water Leak?

The chairman of Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board, Tushar Girinath said that Bangalore will have to wait for three more decades to fix such problems. Singapore and the capital of Bangladesh, Dhaka provide well-planned administration to the citizens. The percentage of water leakages in these countries is as down as 4 – 5%. However, in Bengaluru the percentage of water leakage is close to 37.59%. According to Tushar Girinath, we will able to bring it down to 5% only by 2050.

Tushar Girinath mentioned other countries like London that have been struggling to prevent the water leakage problem. He added that Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board has the capacity of supplying 1,400 million litres of Cauvery water to the city every day.

However, only 1,350 million litre of water gets supplied every day, of which, 37.59% gets wasted due to leakage. He did highlight that the board is working towards controlling leakage and stop water leak. They are hoping that the leakage will be brought down by .25% by the end of 2030.

Why are we struggling to stop water leak?

Bengaluru is definitely struggling to check and stop water leak, but if you are wondering what’s stopping us. Here are some reasons

  • Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board spends more than Rs 10 lakh every day to pump drinking water to the city. This water is supplied to the city from various centres like Tathaguni, T K Halli, Harohalli and many others, which are quite far from the city. So, to bring the water in, without any losses is a big challenge.
  • Another reason is that the pipelines are old and rusted, which have caused severe leakages in past and continues to do so. Currently, 1,350 million litre of water gets supplied every day, of which, 37.59% gets wasted due to leakage.

The Upcoming Plans

Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board is planning to replace the old pipelines with new ones and spend more on water leak repair. But at times, leakage happens because many people take illegal connections by hoodwinking the officials at Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board.

This is the reason that Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board officials are not able to maintain a proper account of the amount of water being supplied to the city. As on today, there are 7,000 illegal connections in the city, out of which 5,000 have been disconnected.

Shimmer – The Fashion Exhibition At Lalit Ashok

Bangalore, may not be the fashion capital of India, but is definitely the place where luxury meets lifestyle through flea markets and exhibitions that boast the hottest trends and styles.

Talking of such exhibitions, Shimmer, The Fashion Exhibition, at Lalit Ashok is definitely a fashion and lifestyle exhibition, which you would not like to miss.

Shimmer is a well-anticipated exhibition, where multiple exquisite designers come under one roof. This lifestyle and fashion exhibition caters to women with different fashion needs. This year, Shimmer has been an exclusive handpicked event, especially for all those who have a special affection for branded stuff and who have a special affinity towards handloom products.

In this exhibition, designers and brands have shared their vision for the upcoming seasons and have introduced many new styles and designs. Here, women will be able to find everything, ranging from Apparels, Designer Clothing, Jewelry & gems to Footwear, Hand Bags, Accessories, Gifts and lots more.

If you are somebody, who doesn’t make fashion own yourself; if only you decide who you are and express yourself by the way you dress and the way you live, then you must not miss the event. Just simply say goodbye to all the dead closet space, once and for all and get some designer and trending dresses from the hottest Fashion Exhibition in town, Shimmer.

Get Happy-High and Dance Your Night Away at Gilly’s Redefined

Dancing is an excellent stress-buster, especially after an exhausting day and Bangalore houses some of the grooviest party destinations. Apart from just being a hub of IT professionals, the bustling city hosts the best dance floors for you to groove on.

After the sundown till a little past midnight, Bangalore is sure to leave you spellbound with its vivacious nightlife. From live karaokes to underground watering holes, umpteen microbreweries and posh nightclubs, you have multiple places to enjoy and make ad-hoc plans with your friends.

One thing that I have learnt after coming to Bangalore is that with so many pubs and discotheques across the city, you will never run out of options and can just soak up yourself in your favourite place, get happy-high and dance the night away with your friends. There are unduly high number of dance clubs and dedicated dance floors that serve all kinds of alcohol and scrumptious food.

From Big Brewsky to Pebble, XU, Skyye Lounge, Ice, High Ultra Lounge, No Limits Lounge, The Warehouse, Vapour, Siam Trading Company and many more; I have tried quite a lot of options on my list. But Gilly’s Redefined has been something different.

Gilly’s Redefined is a wonderful place to hangout with friends and if you have weekend plans, nothing can beat this place. They have three dedicated floors “Fandom at Gilly’s Redefined”, “The Terrace at Gilly’s Redefined” and “My Bar”. They serve amazing food, they have quick service, the call and bill order button is really facilitating and is definitely worth for money.

As far as I know, the English Craft Brewing Company has tied up with Gilly’s and they serve four different varieties of fresh brews, available on tap. Chelsea Wit (Belgian Wheat beer) and Soho Triple (crossover between Belgian wheat and IPA) are two of my favourites.

The brewed beers, scrumptious food, live music and live sports screening is not just it. They have amazing ambience, a full bar, smoking area, private dining area and extended seating capacity too. They play live music from national and international brands and also have happy hour offers.

To find out more happening pubs and clubs around you, just click here.

Ranveer and Deepika – The Most Loved Couple of Bollywood All Set to Tie Knots

Ranveer and Deepika – The Most Loved Couple of Bollywood All Set to Tie Knots

After months of speculations, Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone have finally revealed their wedding date and are tying the knot on 14th and 15th November. Although the couple has not announced anything about the destination of their wedding, but as per the rumors the duo will be getting married in “Amchi Mumbai”.

According to reports, the couple had selected a luxurious villa overlooking Lake Como in Italy, but later the venue of their wedding was changed due to logistical issues as some family members had trouble traveling to Italy. The sangeet, mehendi and the wedding is expected to take place at a five-star hotel in Vakola.

Since the couple has announced their wedding dates, their friends, fans, and well-wishers are really excited about the special day. Both Ranveer and Deepika have been running on quite busy schedules as the wedding dates are arriving. While Ranveer is busy wrapping up the schedule of his upcoming movie “Simba”, Deepika is all tied up with even the minutest details of the wedding.

Ranveer and Deepika reception details

While there have been no details regarding the venue, some updates about their Mumbai reception have come up. The duo will be seen hosting a grand reception in Mumbai on the 30th November.

As per the report, on 30th November, guests will be invited to a Bollywood party, and the reception will be on 1st. The couple has supposedly chosen Grand Hyatt, Mumbai as the venue for their reception. Around 3000 guests are expected at the grand celebration in Grand Hyatt. Ranveer and Deepika will be hosting a reception for close friends and family in Bengaluru, as well, on 28th and 29th November.

The announcement of the wedding date has already taken the internet by storm and the fans and friends are already delighted with the big news.

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Badhaai Ho – Racing Far Ahead At Box Office

Badhaai Ho – Racing Far Ahead At Box Office

We often watch movies about middle class families staying in a cramped flat and dealing with their daily life challenges. But how often do we deal with the fact that someone’s parents have a healthy sex life? And this is usually confronting for India’s young generation, because who will think of their parents having an active sexual life.

Badhaai Ho, directed by Amit Ravindernath Sharma along with three writers, Shantanu Srivastava, Jyoti Kapoor and Akshat Ghildial, is a comic story about a family of five who are dealing with a similar scenario.

The storyline is not just about a guy walking in on his parents ‘doing it’, but the disgust and discomfort that he faces. The story proves a scenario nearly as awkward, but it is so real and warm that viewers will definitely come back for a Part 2, if at all Amit Ravindernath is thinking about the second direction.

The middle aged couple, with grown up sons creates an icky situation for the “Kaushik’s”. When the couple announces that they are expecting their third child, the reaction of their sons and other people around them is absolutely stupid, yet hilarious. Ayushmann Khurrana is already on roll after his dark comedy in Andhadhun. He has returned to the big screen with the family entertainer, Badhaai Ho. Ayushman plays the role of the elder son, amusingly and follows the laughter riot of dealing with the awkward news.

The movie has earned Rs 7.29 crore on the opening day and made Ayushmann, the biggest opener till date. The following day, the movie made a business of Rs 11.67 crore and on the third day, it soared even higher by earning Rs 12 crore, thus bringing its total collection to around Rs 30 crore.

If you have also been a part of this hilarious story of a family who is dealing with an accidental pregnancy and can’t stop laughing out loud, share your views with us.


In the Waking of #MeToo or Challenging the Odds With #NotAllMen!

In the Waking of #MeToo or Challenging the Odds With #NotAllMen!

In recent years, the term ‘feminism’ has gained momentum. To be more specific, the allegations against the Hollywood producer, Harvey Weinstein, prompted women all around the world to share their worst experiences of sexual harassment in the wake of #MeToo movement.

Today, people are opening up against the disparity between the two sexes that has been so vast that it is left unacknowledged, even after decades. Being a woman myself, I am still learning what it means to be a feminist. This is not it. Every day I am learning to put myself above the sexist norms that have been prevalent in society.

#MeToo and #NotAllMen

#MeToo in India hasn’t been doing much, but sometimes I feel a difference. If I see one side of the coin, there is a peculiar missing piece in the Indian #MeToo movement, the men. Everywhere on social media today, it seems like the problem of sexual abuse and harassment is only the problem of women and their equal opportunities. Except for the individual man pointed out by an individual woman, men are nowhere to be seen. There are hardly any prominent men responding with outrage or support, which is affecting the health of society.

The other side of the coin depicts a different story, altogether. In the wake of #NotAllMen movement, many men are reiterating that not all of them are potential rapists. Counter-arguments asking people to refrain from generalizing and putting all men in the same box is coming to limelight. Many men are continuously showing complete disapproval with the #MeToo movement and consider it unreasonable. They believe that some people disrespect women and can potentially harm them, but not all of them are same. Rather, they believe that not all of them are criminals in the making.

#MeToo increasing pressure on Men

#MeToo and #NotAllMen movement are putting increasing pressure on men in power and they are at least acknowledging the added obstacles that women face every day, be it workplace harassment, persistent pay gap or physical health & mental health issues.

The allegations against Harvey Weinstein not only went viral on social media but also ended the culture of silence. I believe the revolution will be slow and highly refuted, but it shall become the tsunami is not just Hollywood, Bollywood or journalism, but also every industry, workspace, and every home.

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Why Are Men Missing From Indian #MeToo Movement?

Why Are Men Missing From Indian #MeToo Movement?

The #MeToo movement against sexual harassment and assault exploded last autumn, when a series of sexual misconduct allegations were made against many powerful men in India, be it Bollywood, IT companies, politicians and slew of other industries.

According to a research, older people in our society are less likely to speak out against inappropriate behaviour or have a conversation about sexual harassment. Young people are more likely to speak out about inappropriate behaviour in the wake of #MeToo movement. More than one in three people actually challenge any kind of inappropriate conduct, like lecherous remarks or unwanted advances.

The Peculiar Missing Piece in #MeToo Movement

But there is a peculiar missing piece in the Indian #MeToo movement, the men. If we see the online campaign today, it looks like the problem of sexual abuse and harassment is only the problem of women and their equal opportunities. Except for the individual man pointed out by an individual woman, men are nowhere to be seen. There are hardly any prominent men responding with outrage or support, which is affecting the health of society.

The Film Industry

Lately, Tanusree Dutt – Nana Patekar case, Mahima Kukreja-Utsav Chakraborty case, or other men in the industry including Alok Nath, Subhash Ghai, Sajid Khan, Zain Durrani, Vikas Bahl and many others have come to limelight for their inappropriate or more appropriately “sexist” behaviour. However, hardly any film actors have spoken up in these cases or about respecting women and their physical & mental health that gets affected after any sexual assault. No angels have come out so far, who could talk about understanding what accounts to harassment.

This deafening silence from men is a sign that their dominance at workplace, their power and privilege will go unexamined. This silence will ensure that the institutionalisation of sexual violence will remain unchallenged, despite of any number of #MeToo challenges being supported on social media.

According to Jackson Katz, the American activist considering gender violence ‘women issues’ in itself is a part of the problem. It is directly or indirectly giving men an excuse not to pay any attention to feminism and to tune out of the conversation.

This is what is currently unfolding in India. The passiveness of men is a political silence here, which is shifting the focus from problematic masculine behaviours to all women who have been a victim instead.

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#MeToo – A Movement For Feminism

The allegations against Harvey Weinstein, the Hollywood producer, prompted women all around the world to share their worst experiences of sexual harassment and assault with the society. This not only went viral on social media as the #MeToo movement, but also ended the culture of silence.

Today, #MeToo movement is putting increasing pressure on men in power and they are at least acknowledging the added obstacles that women face everyday, be it workplace harassment, persistent pay gap or physical health & mental health issues. But neither acknowledgment is enough, nor is punishing, because it is a question of equal opportunities.

2017 – The Year to Remember

The year 2017, not only saw women marching from Washington to London to all around the globe, in order to stand against Trump’s election, but this was the year when the TIME magazine gave “Person of the Year” award to whistle-blowers who exposed sexual harassment. Above all, the African-American activist, Tarana Burke, went viral, the same year, under the hashtag MeToo to prompt feminist awakening.

#MeToo Movement

It all began, when actress Alyssa Milano posted a tweet on 15th October, 2017 with the hashtag #MeToo, stating that “If all the women who have been sexually harassed or assaulted wrote ‘MeToo’ as a status, we might give people a sense of magnitude of the problem.”

This initial tweet motivated millions of women who shared their stories of harassment, catcalling, assault and even rape. Actresses like Viola Davis, Patricia Arquette, Debra Messing and many others also shared the tweet with the hashtag. The movement even prompted men to share their own stories of assault, which went awfully viral.

#MeToo amassed thousands of tweets, stories and expanded to various other countries and languages. French women started tweeting with hashtag #balancetonporc, meaning “snitch out your pig”. This hashtag was given by the journalist Sandra Muller to push French women so that they also take the courage, tell their stories of sexual harassment or assault at workplace and its impact on their health. Post this social media campaign, France considered putting fines on catcalling.

To support the movement, Italian actress, Asia Argento, launched the Italian version of #MeToo, #QuellaVoltaChe, meaning “that time when…”. In her tweet, she explained how a director exposed himself, when she was only sixteen years old. Post this tweet, many Italian women were motivated to share their stories.

The point here is not to rerun the incidents that led to #MeToo, but to think through what this movement means for feminism and where is it ought to go next.

Sexual harassment is like poison in the life of women and is undoubtedly, one of the many factors that contributes to gender gap in the workplace. And this won’t stop until men pledge to bring a change in the culture of sexual entitlement, globally.

It is high time that people are educated about respecting women, teaching them meaning of feminism, understanding what accounts to harassment and improving the health of society.

Are You Up For BYOC Challenge – The “Bring Your Own Cup” Challenge

Paper and plastic cups are the biggest evil of coffee. A few are recycled, but billions and billions of them are dumped, every year. But are there any alternatives, though?

Well, if you love sipping your filtered coffee, but hate killing the planet, it’s time for you to invest in a reusable cup. But as with most things in the ever-changing coffee universe, the multitude of options available gives rise to many questions.

In a bid to beat plastic pollution, Whitefield residents have come up with a new challenge, “Bring Your Own Cup”. According to this challenge, people need to carry their own steel glasses or plates and use them instead of plastic or paper cups. They also need to post a picture of them holding the cups with hashtag #BYOC.

Rishita Sharma, Co Founder of Rent a Cutlery (which leases steel cutlery for events) and Green Utsav introduced the BYOC challenge. The motive is to reach out to people at a great pace and stop them from using plastic.

A large number of people use such cups on a daily basis, especially in the corporate offices and these cups are not eco friendly, at all. These cups are littered and they often clog drains.

With BYOC challenge, many people have started taking their own cutlery set from home, which includes, steel spoon, fork, straw and cup. The idea is that people should refuse plastic and this is why such challenges are being promoted on social media platforms to help motivate people.

Have You Booked Your Flight for Mysore Dusshera Yet?

Before you raise your eyebrows and look at the screen with a startled expression on your face, let me tell you this Dusshera ATR 72 (low budget flight) between Bengaluru and Mysore, will be flying soon, starting from 10th October for 10 days.

But before we discuss about this, let me give you a glimpse of the traditional Mysore Dusshera.

Symbolizing the victory of good over evil, Dusshera is one of the most auspicious festivals in India, which is celebrated with great pomp and show in Karnataka. Unlike many other states in India, Dusshera is celebrated for 10 long days in Karnataka, in a grand fashion.


According to the legend, Goddess Chamundeshwari killed Demon Mahishasura. The day, goddess killed the demon, came to be known as ‘Vijaydashmi’, which is actually the last day of the Dusshera Festival.

The festival was an annual event in Mysore since 15th century and was initially celebrated by the Kings of the prestigious Vijayanagar Kingdom. The Wodeyar rulers of Mysore continued the tradition and in a few years, it became a royal festival.


In the 21st century, the processions of Dusshera celebration are carried out in the traditional way. The ‘Jamboo Savari’, includes the parade of wonderfully decorated elephants, one of which carries Goddess Chamundeshwari idol. These elephants are accompanied by dance groups, music bands, folklores, armed forces and royal identities.

They begin their light motorcade, generally known as Panjina Kavayithu, from the Mysore Palace and end it at Bannimantap. Other major feature of the celebration is the Dusshera display at the grounds. The show gets flooded by stalls that offer garments, makeup, eatables, handicrafts and plastic items. Outside recreations and entertainment rides also become a part of the exhibition.


This year, a 7-seater Cessna makes way for a 72-seater ATR 72 between Bengaluru and Mysuru and even this fills up quickly.

The State Department of Tourism and its agency, Karnataka State Tourism Development Corporation (KSTDC), in the last two years, operated a 7-seater Cessna between Bengaluru and Mysuru, during the Mysuru Dasara festival season. And the small plane was undoubtedly a success. So, this year, Karnataka State Tourism Development Corporation got an Alliance Air, which is a low-cost subsidiary of Air India, so as to put a ATR 72 into service. According to sources, 72-seater will be operating between two cities for 10 days, during the festival season, that is from 10th October to 20th October.

The road journey between Bengaluru and Mysuru can take up to several hours during the weekend and not everyone would be well-connected to KIA. On the contrary, the flight will take 50 minutes and the ticket prices will cost around Rs 999 and Rs 2,100. The flights will leave Bengaluru at 2.10 pm and will arrive at 3 pm in Mysuru. The return flight will be at 3.30 pm and will reach Bengaluru at 4.20 pm for all 10 days except Tuesdays.

So, if you haven’t booked your flight yet for the grand Dusshera at Mysore, book it today.

5 Things That Every Bangalorean Should Do To Protect Their Heart

Our heart is one of the most hardworking and vital organs, which pumps nearly 2000 gallons of blood every day. Such a task requires a strong heart and the problem is that our hearts are heading down an unhealthy route. So, before it gets too late, let us all pledge to protect our heart, on this World Heart Day.

5 Things That Every Bangalorean Should Do To Protect Their Heart

Every Bangalorean’s health matters to us a lot. That’s why we have compiled this useful information just for you. Here are five things that every Bangalorean should do to protect his heart.

  1. Get Active & Work Your Muscles Out: Did you know working out every day can help prevent heart strokes? Well yes, 30 minutes of activity every day along with regular exercises can make your heart healthy, relieve you from stress and reduce the risk factors of getting any cardiovascular disease.
  2. Protect Yourself From Tobacco: Protecting yourself from tobacco can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease by 50%, within a year. Not just this, to keep your lungs and heart healthy, you should avoid smoke-filled environments and exposure to second-hand smoke.
  3. Eat Healthy: Fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grain products, fish, lean meat, beans, peas, lentils, and less saturated fats. All these healthy foods along with lots of water and less of alcohol can help you keep you keep your diet balanced.
  4. Reduce Blood Sugar: According to a study, heart disease death rate in adults with diabetes is 4 times higher than normal people. But the good news is that you can minimize the impact of diabetes on your body or can even delay the onset of diabetes by eating right, exercising and making some minor lifestyle changes.
  5. Maintain Your Weight: Limiting the salt intake and maintaining your weight can also help you control your blood pressure and lower the risk of heart disease. You can keep a track of your healthy weight and body fat by using BMI (Body-Mass index).

This is not it. If you burn 50 calories every day doing strenuous activities like swimming or hiking, you are 60% less likely to die of any heart disease. Rather, you should stay away from health issues like depression, try to meditate every day, be a part-time vegetarian, change your oil to vegetable oils, snack on pumpkin seeds, eat fresh berries or can even get a dog at home. These tips and tricks might sound funny but are definitely the keys to a fitter and healthy tomorrow.

Let’s take a step forward for the fitness of Bangaloreans and stay pumped up.

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Mutthala, Who Uncovers The Scathing Portrait Of Our Society & System

Mutthala is a small theatre piece about a morally upright plumber, who is pursuing his degree in civil engineering. Directed by Sir M C Anand, the entire plot is an explosive combination of highly personal drama, in a locality where corruption and greed seem to be the only shared values left in people.

The Storyline

The honest plumber is up against an entire system of bureaucrats, after learning about the bad condition of an apartment occupied by lower-middle-class people. The old building is in a grave state of disrepair. A routine burst pipe in one of the rickety communal sections of the building unearths a much larger problem, as the exterior wall behind the pipe has cracked and will lead to other problems.

Shankar (the main character), the plumber inspects the whole matter, after a husband-wife dispute leads to a routine pipe breakage. He realizes that the building has fissured from the ground right up to the ninth floor, thus staking the lives of 800 inhabitants of this poorly maintained apartment. The old building is at the risk of collapsing within the next 26 hours.

Knowing that 800 inhabitants might go down with the building, Shankar with his little knowledge and understanding, races to the birthday party of the Mayor Annapornamma and tries to convince her to get the building evacuated. He bypasses corrupt inspectors and bureaucrats, who have already used the major portion of funds to funnel the money for their personal interests.

The ticking-clock story ratchets up the tension, when the characters, soaked in alcohol, at the birthday party, start the blame game after learning about the current status of the poorly maintained apartment. After blatant and aggressive accusations fly left and right, the mayor uncovers the fact that the entire city council is rotten to the core. But she tries to convince the realtor Karamchand Bherulal to provide shelter to those 800 inhabitants for two months in his ready-to-move luxury apartments so that the evacuation can happen immediately. Unfortunately, all her efforts go in vain.

All Thumbs Up

All the characters have done an extremely great job and have tried to convey the message, loud and clear. The play’s dark, nighttime color palette clearly portrays our modern-day society and the challenges that a common man faces with societal disparity caused by the bad behavior of the ruling class.

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Bangaloreans Welcome Ganesha With Great Devotion & Enthusiasm

While all of us were eagerly waiting for Lord Ganesha to hit the roads of the city soon, the celebrations of the grand festival went really well.

This festival cum carnival is the sign of togetherness and a gala of frolic that beautifully amalgamates our rich culture and art. From huge Ganesha idols to sectarian pandals, orchestra, khadbu, and chickpeas sundal, Ganesha Chaturthi, like always, goes in full swing. This is the reason staggering celebration of this festival is a standout amongst the most commended celebrations in India.


Ganesh Chaturthi or Ganeshotsav is commended on the fourth day of Bhadrapada month, which falls at the end of August or early September, every year. Usually, it is celebrated for 11 days, but many people do the visarjana on the same day or the next day.

When talking about Ganesh Utsav in Bangalore, APS School Grounds, Basvanagudi is known for its greatest and longest running Ganesha pandal in Bangalore. Forum Value Mall, Koramangala is also known for its greatest flea market. The three and a half lakh square foot of throbbing diversion and brand infiltrating retailing all under one roof is worth the visit. Apart from this, Inorbit mall, Orion mall, and Prestige Shantiniketan are also perfect places to pick up some out of the box pooja material, décor items, and mouth-watering desserts.

This is not it “Observing Ganesha” by EKA has developed an exciting occasion in the city, which draws a huge number of aficionados and is a perfect place to showcase your innovativeness. Here you can capture the fun of making Ganesha before the festival. Talking of the temples, Panchamukhi Heramba Ganapati Temple, Ananda Nagar Ganapati Temple, and Shri Jambu Ganapati temple carry immense crowd on this special day. On this special occasion, how can you forget Techie Ganesha temple in Koramangala and Power Ganesha temple in Jayanagar 4th Block, which attracts a lot of software professionals from around the city

The Eco-Friendly Sugarcane Ganesha

This time Sathya Sai Trust in Bengaluru did their Ganesha idol using sugarcane and shunned away PoP completely. Every year they come up with some new ideas for Ganesh Utsav, but this time they decided to go eco-friendly. They used around five tons of sugarcane and took almost a month and a half to finish the magnificent idol of Ganesha.

The Desi “Ganesha Habba”, Bangalore Style

Ganesha habba is always incomplete without a tint of our desi celebration at home. While most of the people follow the tradition, buy Ganesha idols, perform pooja and do visarjan, there are many people who always think out of the box and go an extra mile to make the festivity more memorable, every year.

Bhargava N, a resident of Uttrahalli, is a crazy Lord Ganesha aficionado, who knows just how much sugar should be added to get the right flavor for the big day.

Known for her innovative ideas to decorate her small pandal at home, Bhargavi tries to do something new every year on this festive occasion.

She not only organizes eco-friendly Ganesha making workshops at her home, with a professional sculptor who teaches the art of clay sculpting and turning clay into beautiful Ganeshas but also ensures that the festivity spirit is high in all the people around her.

The spirit of Ganesha festival reflects in our culture and Lord Ganesha brings wisdom, prosperity and big fortune with this big day.

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Jibran Munaver – Prosthetic eye maker, Cricketer and Chef

Jibran Munaver – Prosthetic eye maker, Cricketer and Chef

 Jibran at his new restaurant in BDA Complex, Banashankari 2nd Stage. Initially, he seemed friendly, creative and enterprising due to his unique idea of a vegetarian Lebanese restaurant – Foodizo Cafe – that has over 40 types of mocktails. There was something more special with his talents and skills.
   Following the advice of his uncle who is a famous eye surgeon, Jibran trained at the International Prosthetic Center in Hyderabad. He now makes medically approved eye prosthesis that he handcrafts with acrylic at his clinic in HSR Layout. There are less than a hundred people in India and just three in Bangalore including Jibran who make these optic prostheses.
   He has helped over 5,000 people in Bangalore to look normal again after losing an eye due to accidents or medical problems. With the help of these acrylic eyes, optically challenged people are able to socialize again with confidence. Jibran was formerly working at Narayana Netralaya and he now consults at Manipal Hospital at Salem, Manipal University and many hospitals in Bangalore. Most of the prosthetic implant surgeries are performed at Jibran Prosthetic Eye Center which is also known as De Cure Center.
   Jibran helps many people from the background and is a gem to our city. He is also a good cook and often experiments on recipes to add to his cafe. He is also a Karnataka state level sportsman who plays cricket professionally as an all-rounder.
Blog by: Ananthsimha M.A.
Ananthsimha M.A.  along with Jibran Munaver

Step Aerobics – Workout That Stimulated An Exercise Craze, Lasted For Decades & Continues to Take Bangalore by Storm

Step Aerobics is one of the classic workouts of 80’s that has lasted for decades. This highly effective cardiovascular workout has stood the test of time and is still ruling the charts for a simple reason, it delivers results.

Step aerobics is a fun way to step up, around and down the platform in different patterns, boost your heart rate and strengthen your muscles. Having said that, we cannot ignore the very prominent aerobics instructor, Balamurali Ramachandra, who has already make a hit with his enthralling and crowd-pleasing, “Sunday Funday” step aerobics class.

Sunday Funday with Balamurali Ramachandra

Balamurali Ramachandra is one of the renowned instructors in South Bangalore who has made step aerobics the magic fitness mantra. And believe me it has already taken Bangalore by storm. His magic fitness mantra titled as “Sunday Funday” is one of the popular weekend classes that is followed by hundreds and thousands of fitness freaks.

The upbeat music, choreographed routines on the step and cool down at the end of the class is a fun way to burn calories with Balamurali and at the same time, you work on your core, arms, legs, glutes and back. He designs the high intensity work out in a manner that it can work your lower body, upper body, core and cardiovascular system.

Balamurali Ramachandra skilfully designs 3 – 4 combos for each stepper class and ensures that the workout is fun and challenging at the same time. Some of his classes also include resistance training using weights. His dexterity and mastership makes Sunday Funday the most versatile workout tools for all those who love cardiovascular exercises.

With Balamurali, you are sure to enjoy stepping up, over and around an adjustable step to the beat of high energy music that will give you an excellent total body workout for burning fat. So, if you are also a fitness freak and haven’t tried your hands on the best stepper class yet, make sure Sunday Funday is on the top of your list.

Amble through the Heritage plat

Amble through the Heritage plat

The Taj West End Hotel is not only one of the oldest hotels in Bangalore; it is the only hotel which has been in operation since its inception. Among the many royal palaces that have been converted into luxury hotels by the Taj group, The Taj West End is one among them.  

Shivaji Nagar is synonymous with the history of Bangalore. Being one of the oldest localities existing since the British rule, it has many historical treasures waiting to take notice. Exploring the constituency, one can come across Russel Market which was established in 1927, St Mary’s Basilica- one of the oldest churches built in the 17th century, Coles Park which was established in 1914 and many others. Among these archaic troves is where the Taj West End Hotel lies.  

Located in the Shivajinagar Constituency, the hotel was once the military base for the British. Many English officials resided in this hotel with their families. Later Mrs. Bronson, an English women opened a boarding house exclusively for the English and called it Bronson’s West End. Following the change of ownership to the Spencer’s, the hotel became more of a country club with its English charms. 

The hotel has been graced with many rich and famous people from across the world. Some of the notable people are- Sir Winston Churchill, Prince Charles, Devika Rani & Svetoslav Roerich, Dame Peggy Ashcroft and Rex Harrison. The Spencer’s called upon Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces to take over the ownership and to continue the luxury hotel legacy.

Today, the hotel is one of the best luxury hotels in Bangalore. The hotel has designed a ‘Heritage Walk’ which serves the visitors with champagne and a guided tour of the hotel and its historical significance. On this walk, one can find the oldest post box in all of Karnataka which is to this day operational and one of the oldest rain tree which is older than the hotel itself. The walk concludes at the Prince of Wales Lawn, named to commemorate the Royal Prince’s stay in 1962.    

The Taj West End has given the world an opportunity to revisit the old world of British luxury in its original stature.

Bengalūrū: Mud Fort to Metropolis

Bengalūrū: Mud Fort to Metropolis

Our Bengalūrū has a history that dates back a thousand years. This city was ruled by The Chola Empire and The Hoysala Kings before Kempe Gowda established Bengalūrū. Its vast history continues to intrigue and amaze us to this day.

The Hoysala King Veera Ballala II is believed to be the one who named this city. While on a hunting expedition, the King lost his way in the forest; tired and hungry, he came across a woman who served him boiled beans. The grateful King named the place “ಬೆಂದ ಕಾಳು ಊರು” (“bendakaal-ooru”) literally, “town of boiled beans”; which was eventually colloquialised to “Bengalūrū”. This story is questionable; however, a more authentic source to the name “Bengalūrū” can be found in a ninth-century Western Ganga Dynasty stone inscription. In this inscription found in Begur, “Bengalūrū” is referred to as a place in which a battle was fought in 890 CE; it states that the place was part of the Ganga Kingdom until 1004 and was known as “Bengaval-uru”, the “City of Guards” in Halegannada (Old Kannada).

Later in the year 1587, this miracle city came under the visionary Kempe Gowda. Kempe Gowda a vassal of the Vijayanagara Empire built a mud-brick fort that would become the central part of modern Bengalūrū. He established the city and referred to the new town as “gandu bhoomi” translated as “Land of Heroes”. He was successful in achieving his dream of building a big futuristic city. As per his vision, Kempe Gowda built the Bengalūrū Fort which comprised of small towns called Petes (Markets). He is noted for his societal reforms and contribution to building temples and water reservoirs in Bengalūrū.

Kempe Gowda’s successor Kempe Gowda II continued in the footsteps of his father. Kempe Gowda II built temples, tanks including Kempapura and Karanjikere tanks and four watching towers that marked Bengalūrū’s boundary. The four watch-towers built at the time in Bengalūrūare are still seen today in the following places: Lal Bagh Botanical Garden, Kempambudhi Tank, Ulsoor Lake and Mekhri circle.

Many saints and poets from the Vijayanagara rule referred to this city as “Devarāyanagara” and “Kalyānapura” or “Kalyānapuri” (“Auspicious City”). After the fall of the Vijayanagara Empire in the year 1565, Kempe Gowda III was defeated by Adil Shahi and ShahjiBhonsle from Bijapur in 1638. Almost 50 long years Bengalūrū was ruled by Shahji Bhonsle.

Later the Mughal general Kasim Khan defeated Ekoji I, son of ShahjiBhonsle, and sold Bengalūrū to the Kingdom of Mysore’s ruler Chikkadevaraja Wodeyar in 1689. Bengalūrū rule once again changed hands when Woedeyar King Immadi Krishna Raja Wodeyar gave the city to Hyder Ali as a personal Jagir in 1579. After the death of KrishnarajaWodeyar II in 1759, Hyder Ali, Commander-in-Chief of the Mysore Army, proclaimed himself the de facto ruler of the Kingdom of Mysore.

The beautification of our glorious city Bengalūrū began under the reign of Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan. Hyder Ali commissioned the building of Lal Bagh in 1760 and Tipu Sultan completed it. Bengalūrū developed into a commercial and military centre of strategic importance. During the Third Anglo-Mysore War, the British armies under Lord Cornwallis captured Bengalūrū Fort. In 1799, Tipu Sultan was defeated and killed in the Fourth Anglo-Mysore War.

The British East India Company arrived in 1807 and it leased some land east of the old city to set up a cantonment near the lake in Halasuru aka, Ulsoor which belongs to Shivaji Nagar Constituency. Bengalūrū became not only a military base for the British but also a settlement for many Europeans, Anglo-Indians and missionaries. The names of many of its streets in Cantonment are retained till date like- Artillery Road, Brigade Road, Infantry Road and Cavalry Road. The Company’s military installations and symbols still dominate the landscape: Parade Ground, Brigade Road, the Indian Army’s oldest engineering group Madras Sappers, and many others.

Bengalūrū saw a rapid growth with the introduction of Telegraph connections to all major Indian cities in 1853 and a rail connection to Madras, in 1864. After the Indian Independence in August 1947, Bengalūrū continued to be the capital of the unified and linguistically homogeneous Kannada-speaking new Mysore state that was created in 1956, and renamed to Karnataka in 1973.

This engaging city continues to grow in terms of people and trade. Bengalūrū experienced swift growth in the decades 1941–51 and 1971–81, when it welcomed many immigrants from northern Karnataka. By 1961, Bengalūrū had become the sixth largest city in India, with a population of 1,207,000. In the decades that followed, Bengalūrū’s manufacturing base continued to expand with the establishment of private companies such as MICO (Motor Industries Company), which set up its manufacturing plant in the city.

Bengalūrū was the fastest-growing Indian metropolis after New Delhi between1991–2001.With an estimated population over ten million, Bengalūrū is now the fourth most populous city in India and the 28th most populous city in the world. In 2005, the Government of Karnataka announced it had accepted the proposal to rename Bangalore to Bengalūrū.

From Mud Fort to Metropolis, this charming city is constantly developing; and with the advent of metros it has instilled confidence in both the citizens and investors. Being people friendly, this city is ideal for citizens of all age groups. Ever growing, forever diverse, the tag “Namma Bengalūrū” brings a heart-warming smile upon many faces.