T. Suneel Kumar, IPS

31-07-2017 to till date

Sri Praveen Sood, IPS

01-01-2017 to 31-07-2017

N. S. Megharikh, IPS

31-07-2015 to 31-12-2016
M.N.Reddi, IPS

21-07-2014 to 31-07-2015

Shri. Ragavendra H. Auradkar, IPS

30-06-2013 to 21-07-2014

Shri. Jyothi Prakash Mirji, IPS

20-05-2013 to 30-06-2013

Shri. Ragavendra H. Auradkar, IPS

05-04-2013 to 20-05-2013

Shri. Jyothi Prakash Mirji, IPS

02-05-2011 to 05-04-2013

Shri. Shankar M. Bidari, IPS

11-07-2008 to 02-05-2011

Shri. Achyut Rao, IPS

21-06-2006 to 11-07-2008

Shri. Ajay Kumar Singh, IPS

08-06-2005 to 21-06-2006

Shri. Mariswamy, IPS

02-05-2003 to 08-06-2005

Shri. M.D. Singh, IPS

21-10-2002 to 02-05-2003

Shri. H.T. Sangliayana , IPS

31-10-2001 to 21-10-2002

Shri. Madiyal, IPS

19-11-1999 to 31-10-2001

Shri. L. Revanasiddaiah, IPS

14-04-1997 to 18-11-1999

Shri. S.C. Burman, IPS

13-06-1996 to 02-04-1997

Shri. T. Srinivasalu, IPS

21-12-1994 to 13-06-1996

Shri. P. Kodanda Ramaiah, IPS

15-09-1993 to 21-12-1994

Shri. Chandulal, IPS

31-07-1992 to 15-09-1993

Shri. Ramalingam, IPS

05-06-1989 to 31-07-1992

Shri. S.N.S. Murthy, IPS

01-12-1988 to 05-06-1989

Shri. A.R. Sridharan, IPS

31-10-1987 to 01-12-1988

Shri. K.U.Balakrishna Rao, IPS

08-12-1986 to 31-10-1987

Shri. P.G. Arlankar, IPS

02-03-1983 to 08-12-1986

Shri. A.R. Nizamuddin, IPS

31-12-1980 to 02-03-1983

Shri. B.M. Garudachar, IPS

31-10-1976 to 30-12-1980

Shri. T. Albert Manoraj, IPS

02-06-1976 to 31-10-1976

Shri. M. L. Chandra Shekar, IPS

20-09-1973 to 01-06-1976

Shri. K.G. Ramanna, IPS

02-06-1972 to 19-09-1973

Shri. Veera Badhraiah, IPS

31-10-1968 to 01-06-1972

Shri. Kadhar Ali, IPS

20-04-1966 to 31-10-1968

Shri. C. Chandy, IPS

01-07-1963 to 19-04-1966

One comment

  • Rajnish Sharma

    By Rajnish Sharma


    Welcoming Bhaskar Rao as new CP of Bangalore. Richly deserved after years of hard work and service. Confident that we will get to see upliftment in every sector considering his skill in public relations and craftsmanship. Let’s hope that city of Bangalore is a better place to live under his aegis.

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