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Who we are

CloudOptics is literally needed for any company, big or small, who have their applications hosted in the cloud environment.

Purpose built to help identify the deviations in a hybrid environment and additionally keep a tab on emerging threats by contextualizing threat intelligence.CloudOptics performs continuous assessment of AWS, Azure, Rackspace or OpenStack based private cloud against industry standards such as PCI, HIPAA,, ISO 27001 etc.Upon discovering the violations, it helps automatically remediate the threat and hence close discovery to closure the time gap.Custom policy packs that comply to PCI, HIPAA etc., it makes regulatory compliance easier than it ever was for cloud workloads.

Insecure Cloud Configuration :

  • Visibility of Cloud Security
  • Configuration across services, across clouds – AWS, Azure, Rackspace

Config Changes – On-The-Run :

  • Automated continuous compliance monitoring of cloud security configurations

Detection To Closure – Long Cycle Time :

  • Automated remediation of identified issue shortens closure time

Emerging Innovative Threats :

  • Contextualization of Threat Intelligence Feeds & Indicators of compromise – Domains, URL, IP Address
  • Latest Vulnerabilities

Insider Threat Prevention : 

  • Go beyond detection & prevent misuse of insider privileges.



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