BBMP clears hurdles at Majestic for pedestrian pavements

BBMP clears hurdles at Majestic for pedestrian pavements

Commuters in Majestic, which has developed into a busy multi-model mobility hub, can look forward to safe pedestrian pathways in the area.  All roads around the Kempegowda bus terminal-metro interchange will soon be developed under TenderSURE.

Wide footpaths are the need of the hour.  Footfall in the area has risen exponentially since the opening of the Namma Metro Green Line.  But the BBMP needs to work with the BMTC and Namma Metro to integrate skywalks and other pedestrian facilities before the works are developed.

The BBMP has finalized a package of 6 road in Majestic-Gandhinagar and around K.R.Market.  The project faced resistance from street hawkers as all roads selected are busy hawking zones.  Traditionally the TenderSURE roads displace hawkers from footpaths.

The pipelines of BWSSB and the network of cables belonging to BESCOM and KPTCL was hindering the work at Majestic.  Nobody had a precise blue print of what lay below the surface.  To clear the hurdles, the BWSSB drains had to be remodeled and repaired and Bescom cables had to be repaired and relocated.

The BBMP introduced underground ducts for cables to pass and realigned drains under the pavements.  The work is progressing around Gandhinagar, Subedar Chatram road and Gubbi Thotadappa road around K.R. Market with traffic department permission. Even white topping work on six identified roads will be taken up.  BBMP is promising that the work will be completed by September 2019.

The Palike had started the work with a delivery date of February 2020 in mind. The  pavements under construction under TenderSURE model along six roads, totalling a length of 10.5km. is being developed at a cost of Rs.130 crore.  The project has been funded by government of Karnataka under Nagarothana grants.

All the roads will have footpaths at least 3m wide.  Gubbi Thotadappa Road and Dhanvanthri Road will have footpaths as wide of 7m.



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