BBMP to levy land transport cess

BBMP to levy land transport cess

While Bengaluru’s citizens already suffer due to bad roads in the city, they might even have to pay extra because of these very roads. Interestingly, the decision will be taken by Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike — the agency responsible for the maintenance of the city’s roads.

The cash-strapped Bruhat Bengaluru Mahangara Palike (BBMP) seems to be in no mood to give up on an opportunity to fill its coffers. Pinching the people where it hurts the most, the BBMP has decided to levy yet another cess to augment its revenue.

Bengalureans are already paying a hefty property tax, the BBMP has proposed to levy two percent‘ Land Transport Cess’ on property owners across the city. Enabling the civic body to levy the cess, the BBMP Council will take a decision on Tuesday to submit a proposal to the state government to amend the Karnataka Municipal Act (KMC).

Currently, the BBMP has been levying four different cesses — library, labour, garbage, and beggar. Adding to the list, a new cess on land transport will be collected and handed over to the land transport department, according to sources in the BBMP.

Bangaloreans have pointed out that despite the civic body collecting solid waste management cess, the city is crippled with a garbage crisis.  Some are of the opinion that the levy of additional cess will be double jeopardy for honest taxpayers.  Numerous cesses are being collected but there is no clarity on what the money is being utilized for.

Some citizens are of the opinion that the roads should be differentiated first as Good, Bad and Ugly Roads. They are of the opinion Good roads are one which is white cemented recently, Bad Roads are one which is being asphalted now and then and Ugly roads are one which has many potholes and is not asphalted at all and only during election flag end of the year gets asphalted. So properties falling under these three categories they can impose Land Transport tax ranging from 2 percent, 1 percent, and Nil percent respectively

It is like the first dig up the roads, then forget about patching them, wait for rains to destroy them further, dig up again, wait for a few motorists to die, and then pass the expense to the honest taxpaying public.

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