BBMP Schools – lack basic facilities

BBMP Schools – lack basic facilities

BBMP schools – in Bengaluru are in short of basic facilities.  The infrastructure is under stress, teachers are underpaid, and the quality of learning is dismal.

With the Right to Education process in place, admission to private schools is being preferred, resulting in limited demand for state-sponsored education in BBMP Schools.

India may be spending 3% of its gross domestic product on education, but the impact of this expenditure is rarely seen.

Schools lacks infrastructure:

BBMP, being the local civic body, also manages its own network of schools with its own revenue. Currently there are 49,500 public schools in Karnataka.

This includes 17,220 schools in Bengaluru that are managed either by the State Government or by the BBMP.

In the case of schools run by the civic body, the fund-starved Palike is unable to meet demands and provide quality education.

The narrative around BBMP  schools remains one of poor accountability and infrastructure, poorly trained or absent teachers, poor attendance and pass rates of students.

Basic facilities – BBMP Schools :

Recently, a meeting was convened by the Palike’s Standing committee on education.  Majority of Schools were represented by their authorities and they aired their opinion of not being able to offer any other activities as the most basic needs are not met.

Bengaluru’s BBMP schools do have basic infrastructure like toilets and electricity, but in many cases the infrastructure is not functional.

Some of the schools under the civic body in the city are functioning without toilets.  It is very important for a school to have toilets, especially when it comes to girls.

It is mandatory for all the schools to have these basic facilities. In fact, despite of the Swachh Bharath mission there are many BBMP schools which have failed to fulfill these essential requirements.

Problems at BBMP Schools :

While shortage of qualified teachers is a major concern.  The  teachers are not respected or incentivized enough in the education system. Teacher absenteeism – i.e., absence without a valid reason – has been blamed for much of the shortcomings of BBMP schools.

Bengaluru’s government schools are also affected by bureaucratic procedures like frequent teacher transfers.

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