Diversion – Rs.150 crore from BBMP limits

Diversion – Rs.150 crore from BBMP limits

Diversion of Rs.150 crore from BBMP limits goes to four JD)U) constituencies.  The State Government has diverted SWM fund to Devanahalli, Hoskote, Nelamangala, Mangadi and Ramanagara taluks.

Government diverts funds from BBMP limits :

The money diversion is from the money earmarked for solid waste management under the Mukhyamantri Nava Bengaluru’s project.  The amount allotted for this project is Rs.753 crore. 

The five taluks are outside the city municipal limits.  The above mentioned places outside the city municipal limits will get Rs.150 crore for developmental works.  This includes solid waste disposal and processing units. 

According to some this seems like a politically motivated move.

Diversion of funds – JD(S) Constituencies :

The four taluks which is getting money through diversion are constituencies represented by the JD(S) leaders – Narayanaswamy L.N. (Devanahalli), K.Sreenivasamurthy (Melamangala), A. Manjunath (Magadi) and Anitha Kumaraswamy (Ramanagara). 

Hoskote is represented by M.T.B.Nagaraju who represented Congress and is the housing minister.

JD(S) Constituencies

In these areas the Waste management processing units were proposed to be set up in the future.  Instead of using the money for waste processing units which are operational and where locals are protesting the money  has been diverted.

Impact of Diversion :

Developmental work around the areas of Doddabidarakallu, Lingadheeranahalli, Subbarayanapalya, Kannahalli and Seegehalli plants have till date received only Rs.10 crore each.

These are the waste processing units which have met with strong opposition and resistance from residents residing in and around the area.  The problems faced by the residents includes foul smell and mosquito menace.

Solid Waste Management

Rs.15 crore is allotted or made available for the development of villages in and around new landfills and the existing landfills.  The existing landfills includes Bellahalli, Mittiganahalli and Bagalur.

Reasons given by the Government/BBMP :

According to Mr. Mahendra Jain, the Additional Chief Secretary (Urban development) “the allocation to the five taluks was to “mitigate” the effects of sending the Bengaluru city’s waste there.  The waste which goes to these areas will be compensated with better infrastructure”.

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