Iblur Junction – Fatal attraction

Iblur junction has a fatal attraction.  Sarjapur residents are protesting against the awful and terrible Iblur junction where many commuters mainly pedestrians have died.  The main cause being bad and poor traffic management.

Iblur junction aerial view

Accidents at Iblur junction – fatal attraction

The junction witnessed many fatal accidents.  Recently an elderly man of 75 years was knocked down by a BMTC bus while crossing the Iblur junction.  On 12th January a 50 years old Bengaluru resident was killed.  He was hit by a concrete mixer at the junction.

Accident at Iblur junction

The number of accidents are highlighting the woes of residents in this area.  The residents repeatedly approached BBMP to make the signal pedestrian friendly.  Just 2 weeks ago  a 22 year old  met with an accident at the same spot.  A BMTC bus was involved in this accident.

Main demands – Iblur Junction

Residents say that there is a severe shortage of pedestrian infrastructure such as footpaths, zebra crossings and skywalk at iblur junction.

The residents are demanding :

  • Pedestrian crossing
  • Three median islands at Iblur Junction
  • Zebra crossing
  • skywalk

Repeated accidents at Iblur junction are raising temper among the local residents.  The residents are staging protests regularly.    They are seeking a skywalk – a long pending demand to prevent accidents. 

Footpaths are encroached with street vendors, construction debris and parked vehicles.  Vehicles violate traffic norms and there are no traffic police to guide the traffic.  Drains are left uncovered for the unsuspecting pedestrians or even vehicles to fall into.

Iblur Junction – fatal attraction – a death trap

Residents say that crossing over from Iblur lake towards Columbia Asia hospital near Sarjapur road junction is a death trap.  This stretch is dangerously risky.  There are no pedestrian crossings.

Traffic at Iblur junction

It is very difficult for the elderly and persons with disabilities to cross the road. 

Conclusion – Iblur Junction

These accidents have triggered a debate on social media.  Many people have slammed BBMP for not installing skywalk where it is required.

Many have questioned ‘when the BBMP wake up?’  The BBMP is of the opinion that the sky-walk at Iblur junction is not feasible as the metro rail falls on the same stretch.

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