Mechanical sweepers – clean Bengaluru city

Mechanical sweepers will be used in Benglauru to sweep the streets.  Bengaluru roads are set to be cleaner with BBMP all set to deploy these machines.

Mechanical Sweeper

Mechanical sweepers – BBMP :

The civic body of the city, BBMP has decided to use 34 sweepers.  17 sweeping machines will be purchased by BBMP on its own grants and 17 will be given by the contracts on a monthly payment.

With these, the total tally of these machines will be 41 machines as the palike already has 7.

Mechanical Sweepers – Mode of Operation :

Each sweeper is capable of cleaning up to 50 km. a day along arterial and sub-arterial roads.  With 41 mechanical sweepers, the civic body is planning to sweep atleast 2000 km. of arterial and sub-arterial roads in Bengaluru.

mechanical street sweeper

According to the Mayor of Bengaluru, the BBMP cannot rely on the manual sweeping in arterial and sub-arterial roads as the roads are wider.  These roads are wider than the regular wards roads.  these machines are ideal for this purpose.

Mechanical Sweepers – Functions :

These machines will be equipped with GPS navigation systems.  This makes the mopping of the city easier for the operators.  These sweepers are monitored through a video facility.  On the basis of this, the contractors are paid. 

Work of sweeping machine

Cost of Mechanical sweepers :

Each machine cost R.70 lakh.  The standard amount of making payments to the contractors per month will be Rs.65 lakh.  This payment varies according to the performance.

The BBMP has decided to make payments based on the performance of each machine.  This is to avoid fake billing or excess billing payments to the work done by the contractors.

Future plans – Mechanical Sweepers

The BBMP has decided to add 50 more machines to Bengaluru city in the next 2 years.  This move is to make it almost 100 mechanical sweepers aiming to clean 5000 km. of roads each day.

Currently Bengaluru’s total road strength is 14440 km.  as white topping roads do not easily accumulate dust, it will be easier to focus on arterial and sub-arterial roads.

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