Plastic items banned in BBMP events

Plastic items  banned in all BBMP events.  The civic body is finally doing what it is preaching.

Plastic items to be banned

The BBMP has issued an order to ban all single use plastic items and disposable cups, bottles, plates and other single use plastic disposables in all its offices and in all programs.  The BBMP order is implemented with immediate effect.  This ban includes the BBMP head office.

BBMP – Plastic items banned

The Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP), is the administrative body responsible for civic amenities and some infrastructural assets of the greater Bengaluru  metropolitan area. It is the fourth largest Municipal Corporation in India.

Its roles and responsibilities include the “orderly development of the city” — zoning and building regulations, health, hygiene, licensing, trade and education, as well as quality of life issues such as public open space, water bodies, parks and greenery.

The BBMP represents the third level of government  (the Central Government and State Government  being the first two levels). BBMP is run by a city council composed of elected representatives called “corporators”, one from each of the wards (localities) of the city.

Plastic items banned by BBMP :

Plastic items banned by BBMP includes all plastic items such as carry bags, bottles, plates, cups, spoons, straws and table spreads. 

Plastic bottles

The ban holds good even for BBMP council meetings and programs.  The plastic items and materials used for serving food and water, including the single use packaged drinking water bottles are banned.

The BBMP is responsible for solid waste management in Benglauru.  The civic body is trying to enforce the plastic items ban in the city.  In recent months, the BBMP had sent advisories to bulk generators of plastic items including wedding and banquet halls.  But the BBMP was using plastic bottles and disposables in its offices and programs.

All the BBMP offices are hereby to stop usage of plastic items. The civic body is planning to invest in common drinking water dispensing system and steel glasses.  The expenses for all this be billed by the offices to the BBMP.

Plastic items not to be used in BBMP meetings

Most of the offices under BBMP already have RO Plants.  The initiative of ban of plastic items also cuts spending of money on plastic bottles for the BBMP.  The civic body is spending Rs.1 crore every year on plastic bottles. 

The Commissioner of BBMP said the civic body is planning a strong action plan to implement the plastic items ban in letter and spirit. 

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