Potholes to be filled by BBMP by smart-fix mechanism

Potholes to be filled by BBMP by smart-fix mechanism

Potholes to be filled by BBMP using Smart-fix mechanism

Potholes in Bengaluru to be filled by BBMP using smart-fix mechanism according to the Karnataka High court directive.

This came just after the Karnataka High Court came down heavily on BBMP over the problem of city’s potholes.  The Mahadevpura Zone is where the highest number of potholes remain at approximately at 740.

The Supreme Court took note of the bad road conditions and stated the situation is frightening when a total of f 3,597 lives were lost due to potholes in the country.

Due to filling of potholes during day time on major stretches traffic jam  are presenting a major problem.

Pavement Condition Index :

The BBMP is planning to introduce Pavement Condition Index (PCI) in the city.  It is an automated machine learning mechanism which identifies the roads with potholes to be filled in.

A preliminary inspection will be conducted by a camera-mounted-vehicle.  The vehicles identifies the Potholes to to be filled in and marking of the pothole is done through GPS.  The information about the site of the pothole will be informed to the concerned contractors who will in turn fix the potholes.

Smart-fix mechanism to fill potholes:

This smart-fix mechanism software keeps a record of all the data collected regarding the identification of the pothole.  The information includes the location, the timeline, status and the work update.

This whole process of pothole filling work will be monitored and be updated.  A pilot project is being introduced in the East Zone of Bengaluru. If the pilot project works satisfactorily, the entire city of Bengaluru will be covered.

Bengaluru city being a metropolitan will have continuous complaints and problems about potholes.  By using the smart-fix mechanism,  identification of the pothole will be easier.  This also helps in knowing the reasons for reappearance of pothole shortly after filling.

Bad Maintenance of roads are a great concern for common man.  A lot of commuters are suffering from severe back ache due to potholes.

Opinion :

The High Court’s interference and directive to BBMP in itself indicates the seriousness of the problem.  The Court is anguished that even after so many strict directives the BBMP is failing to do the needful.  According to Court, pot hole filling is not a heroic act but the BBMP’s basic duty.

Citizens of Bengaluru are of the opinion that the solution should be long-lasting.  What we need is a time lasting, long-term solution put in place.


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