Removal of advertising structures by BBMP gains speed:

Removal of advertising structures by BBMP gains speed:

The Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) has started removing the structures that are now devoid of advertisements and banners.  The civic body is overseeing the process.

The BBMP had issued a public notice on August 14 and then extended the deadline to September 6 asking the concerned agencies to remove the metal structures.  It had stated in the circular that if the agency failed to do so, the civic body would remove the structures and recover the cost from the owners/occupants of the premises.  But there was very little response to the announcement.  The BBMP had warned of legal action against agencies or firms.

The BBMP observed that Bengaluru is looking cleaner and more colourful and vibrant after Palike, along with the Bengaluru Traffic Police, removed the advertisement flexes, hoardings, posters and wall writings across the city in a special drive since August1, 2018.

Following the order of the High Court to pull down advertisement hoardings, the BBMP has stepped up the pace in removing the advertisement structures.  The BBMP has filed 767 FIR’s against offenders for not adhering to the guidelines set up by Court.

According to the New Law, no commercial hoardings are to be allowed anywhere in the territorial jurisdiction of BBMP.  The city has been divided into 4 advertising zones like A,B,C and D.  The newly drafted advertising by laws is open for public view for a period of one month and the objections can be filed within this period.

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