Infosys Foundation revives heritage Vasantha Vallabharaya swamy Kalyani in Bengaluru

Infosys Foundation revives heritage Vasantha Vallabharaya swamy Kalyani in Bengaluru

With more and more lakes and other water bodies in Bengaluru going dry, the temple tanks are shrinking. Once known among the five thirthas of Vasanthapura, the kalyani or the temple tank of Sri Vasantha Valabharaya swami temple in Vasanthapura is only among the surviving two tanks in this area.

However, this ancient temple is considered to be erected during the Chola dynasty, the ancient temple history also carries the story of Rishi Mandavya’s finding of a Svayambhu image of Vallabharaya at the site where the shrine presently sits.

The kalyani (tank) located on the premises of the Chola-era Vasantha Vallabharaya Temple in South Bengaluru has been revived by the Infosys Foundation. The non- profit organisation handed  over the heritage structure to the Muzrai Department in the presence of Chief Minister H..D.  Kumaraswamy on September 24.  The kalyani, which was facing the threat of being reduced to half its size by land-grabbers, has been restored to its original form.  The foundation has spent Rs.8.5 crores for the restoration of the tank.

According to Mrs. Sudha Murthy, Chairperson, Infosys Foundation, the temple tanks have historically been important sources of water in Bengaluru.  They store water and also replenish ground water.  Taking inspiration from the Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple tank, the steps have been rebuilt in this kalyani.  The kalyani has been cleaned of the debris in and around and the foundation is planning to plant neem trees on the premises.

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