Vasantha Vallabharaya Swamy temple@ Vasanthapura-South Bengaluru

Vasantha Vallabharaya Swamy temple@ Vasanthapura-South Bengaluru

This is one of the largest  localities in Karnataka. This locality is known for the Industrial area and Bannerghatta forest.  With the rising population, the high-rise apartments and small villages were merged.  This constituency has 8 wards.  The Temple Vasantha Vallabha Raya Temple falls under Vasanthapura ward.

Vasantha Vallabha Raya Temple-Vasanthapura:

Vasantha Vallabha Raya Temple is one of the ancient temples located on a small hillock in Vasanthapura in Bengaluru South. This temple is 1,000 years old and was built by the Cholas. The temple is dedicated to Lord Vasantha Vallabha Raya Swamy (Lord Venkateshwara). The history of this temple is linked with the legend of Lord Venkateshwara at Tirumala, Tirupati. It is believed that Lord Venkateshwara stayed at this place for some time.

As per sthalapurana, Bengaluru in the old times was called kalyanpuri, and the residential community vasanthapura where the vasantha vallabha raya altar, “committed to Vishnu” is found, was a site amidst a wilderness where blessed sages reflected.

Searches related to the legend  connected with the sanctuary is that the pratisthapana was  by the sage Mandavya. Once, the sage Mandavya, who was in Badarikashrama in the Himalayas, chose to visit the sacred spots in South India, and set off toward Melkote. After a darshan of Cheluvanarayana, on his arrival venture, while contemplating, Vallabharayaswamy appeared to him in a fantasy, and let him know that he was dwelling in Kalyanapuri (now Vasantapura) in Bengaluru.  Mandavya as needs be went to Kalyanapura, and found a captivating idol of Vallabha. Having set up it as indicated by rituals.  While was living at  Guptagiri close-by,  Srinivasa Kalyana occurred on earth. Knowing about it simply after it had happened, Mandavya was exceptionally discouraged at having missed seeing it with his own particular eyes. God, understanding his profundity of feeling, appeared to Mandavya alongside his wifes Bhudevi, Neela Devi, and Vasantanayaki. Having come there, pleased by the magnificence of the spot, the divine beings showered in five lakes close-by, which thus turned out to be sacred and came to be known as Shankhatirtha, Chakratirtha, Plavatirtha, Devatirtha, and Vasantatirtha.   During 2010 the temple authorities made a new silver ratha (chariot), for being used to carry utsava murthi in procession on festive occasions.

While going round the temple the walls are fitted with stones carved with figures of elephants attractively. The shining metallic emblem of Mysore kings (Eagle, with two heads Gandaberunda) and statue of sage Mandavya are worth viewing.

In front of the Vasantha Vallabha Raya Temple, Vasanthapura there is a small temple dedicated to Lord Rama and Hanuman.  The two inclinely laid elephants attached on both sides of stair have tempting features for children to mount them.

The surrounding space of the temple continues to be beautiful.  The flower mendicants are found along the passage offering flowers for performing pooja.   A beautiful piece of history, heritage, as well as the Hindu religious tradition can be seen at Vasantha Vallabha Temple at Vasanthapura.


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  • Ravikumar

    By Ravikumar


    we have been performing kalyanotsava at this temple every year and we have been blessed by the lord
    the lord Venkateshwara has given strength to face all types of difficulties and we have overcome many hurdles in
    our life after performing kalyanotsava at this temple.

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