Gottigere lake to shrink for road widening

Gottigere lake to shrink for road widening

Amid a huge protest against the encroachment of water bodies, the government has decided to shrink a part of the Gottigere lake on Bannerghatta road for the namma metro project.  This lake is said to be 500 years old.  This lake is an upstream lake of Hulimavu lake and Madiwala lake, which is spread on the eastern side of the Bannerghatta road.  It has suffered encroachments repeatedly and also the sewage water inflow has polluted and degraded the lake badly.

In a  meeting held between BBMP and BMRCL, it was decided to widen the Bannerghatta road by 10-15 feet.  The road runs on the boundary of the Gottigere lake. A part of the lake will be lost in the process.  A concrete wall will be constructed on the dried up portion of the lake.

According to an official it was easier to shrink lakes after the abolition of the Karnataka Lake Conservation of Development Authority (KLCDA) as KLDCA Act is also lost.

Locals and expert authorities in this field are not in favor of this idea as the lake was once home to migratory birds and needs to be restored.

The lake has already lost its identity, if shrunk further, nothing much will be left.

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