BBMP Chief & Traffic Inspector of BTM Layout Takes Strict Action Against Illegal PGs

. According to the bbmp, there are more than 800 PG accommodations in BTM 1st and 2nd stage. Most of them are illegal.

Residents of BTM Layout have been grouchy about the hundreds of PG dwelling in the area. They have suspected that the paying guests create a lot of disturbance and nuisance to the neighbors. According to the residents, there are more than 800 PG accommodations in BTM 1st and 2nd stage. Most of them are illegal.

BBMP Commissioner On The Matter

N Manjunath Prasad, the BBMP Commissioner has responded to the matter and said, “According to the Revised Master Plan (RMP) of 2015, the PG’s are allowed. We are bound to give permission to whoever wants to build. Once the building plan is sanctioned, a commencement certificate should be taken and later the occupancy certificate is mandatory after a building is made. If these certificates are not there, then the building shouldn’t be there. Apart from this, if there are any violations in the building, then we do not grant them the occupancy certificate. The same goes for the paying guest dwellings. If they lack these certificates, then we will shut them down.”

The Strict Rules & Regulations

N Manjunath Prasad also raised his concern regarding the nuisance caused by the paying guests. He said that the owner of a PG should follow certain rules and regulation. Their paying guests should be accustomed to all the rules, as well and should be told to follow the same. If in case the paying guests still cause any disturbance and nuisance to other residents, the license of the owner can be canceled and the PG can be closed immediately.

Legal Documents & Licenses

The BBMP is checking documents and licenses of all the PGs in BTM Layout. They have identified 170 illegal PGs, so far. All these PGs have been given a notice of seven days to provide legal documents. If they fail to do so, they will be shut down immediately.

More Constables & Patrolling

BTM Layout is the same area, where once the notorious Bawaria Gang was caught and had not been heard, ever since. Although the crime in BTM Layout has decreased over the years, but still 1086 cases of mobile theft and chain snatching were registered in 2016. In 2017, 619 cases were registered and only 327 cases came into limelight in 2018. However, 320 cases have been filed against drunk people in BTM layout and most of them have been young students from PGs.

The residents of BTM Layout have requested the BTM Layout Traffic Inspector, Puttamadaiah to increase the patrolling in the area.

Inspector has promised to make more Hoysala patrolling vehicles available. He also mentioned that 12 constables will be deployed for night duty in the area. Right now, there are 3 Hoysalas dedicated for BTM Layout that acts within 15 minutes of a complaint.

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Hulimavu lake gets cleaned by residents

Hulimavu lake gets cleaned by residents

It is not a hidden secret that immersing idols in water causes debris to build-up, and increases water pollution levels.  The lake facing properties in Bengaluru have worried residents, who dread festivals because the lake become the dumping ground for all the waste the festivities generate.

The lake is a non designated and prohibited area for dumping idols.  The residents were hopeful that this year as the government had issued instructions to immerse the idols at Areke Kalyani and not at the Hulimavu lake.

It was the case with the residents of Hulimavu, who had to deal and handle the after affects of immersion, after the Ganesha Chaturthi in the Hulimavu lake near their homes. The whole area stank, thanks to the plastic flowers, broken idols, thermocol and non-biodegradable wet waste floating in the lake.  Some of the miscreants managed to sneak into the area, and performed the immersion in the lake after 21 days.  This caught the attention of the Hulimavu Kere Tharanga, a community to clean up lakes.  The members decided to take the matters into their own hands and after having a meeting with the community, got the support from volunteers and started working on cleaning the lake by pulling out debris and other remains of the idols.

Hulimavu lake is to be maintained with periodical cleaning and prevention of all threats like polluting activity, encroachments.  The Lake Development Authority is to be kept in loop for all activity.


Madiwala Lake contaminated

Madiwala Lake contaminated

The residents of Madiwala and BTM layout who come in the morning for a walk and residents living around the lake were in for a shock as they found the fish and snails heaped around Madiwala Lake, raising unbearable stink in the water body.

The State Forest Department maintains the Madiwala lake which receives sewage and storm water from surrounding localities. Several residents, who complained about the stink, said sewage from the drain flowing into the lake due to a breach in a bund had depleted oxygen levels causing the large fish and snails kill and authorities concerned had done nothing despite repeated complaints but the forest department said it was a natural phenomenon.

Madiwala lake is one of the biggest lakes in Benglauru which is around 300 years old. It is situated in the BTM Layout. It is a home to many migratory birds. The lake comes under the administration of Karnataka State Forest Department which carries out the routine maintenance of this lake.

The incident comes at a time when there is a growing concern by environmentalists over polluted lakes, exemplified by the thick froth and flames from the Yamlur lake that caused ripples in the city.

The forest officials said that the lake was earlier being maintained by the Karnataka Lake Conservation and Development Authority (KLCDA) in coordination with the forest department. But after KLCDA was disbanded, the work and funds were yet to be transferred to the forest department.

The Minor Irrigation Department, which is now in charge of all lakes has also not acted. G T Thimme Gowda, executive engineer, Bengaluru, Minor Irrigation Department said that the lake falls under BBMP limits and the municipality is in charge of it.

Kuvempu Park being adopted by BTM layout Residents

Kuvempu Park being adopted by BTM layout Residents

The Kuvempu park at BTM layout  is on the smaller side with a limited amount of equipment, some of which also may need a few repairs. This park is a large Forest theme park with various wild animals life size statues beautifully laid out  — giraffe, elephants, peacock, deer and a dinosaur too! No wonder this is famously known as the “zoo park” by many kids. BTM layout also has many other parks and play grounds but this one is a star attraction.  The park is beautiful and the grounds are quite large. There is a fountain on site.   There’s also a spacious gazebo right at the centre of the park for visitors to relax or take a break.

Residents said that the parks lack facilities like water, lights and security.  This despite the fact that the State Government releases funds for the maintenance once in 2 years.  The park needs minimum of Rs.25000/- for its maintenance and part of it is contributed by the residents.

The Residents’ Welfare Association in BTM Layout were unhappy with the BBMP’s maintenance of the parks in their area.  After repeated complaints about the maintenance by BBMP,  in the end they decided to adopt the biggest of the 13 parks, the Kuvempu park.



Madiwala Lake-BTM Layout

Madiwala Lake-BTM Layout

An abbreviation of Byrasandra, Thavarekere and Madiwala Layout is a neighbour-hood in South  Bengaluru.   This Constituency has 8 wards. Madiwala lake is one of the important landmark of BTM Layout.

 Madiwala Lake 

One never gets disappointed when they travel to see the beauty of the nature.  The Nature always makes you feel better and better at any time.  It gives hope and a feeling that one can stand alone whatever may happen…..

Bengaluru once used to have so many lakes but due to encroachment, the lakes have reduced slowly.  Madiwala lake is one such lake which is protected from being encroached.  It is situated in the BTM Layout.

Madiwala lake is one of the biggest lakes in Bengaluru spread over an area of 114.3 hectares.  The lake spreads over 270 acres with an island with bamboo bushes at the centre which attracts rare birds. A nice and calm place to spend some time on weekends or in the evenings with family.

It is said the lake was developed during the Chola period. As time passed, it became polluted with industrial waste. Thanks to the efforts of the Karnataka State Forest Department, the lake was cleaned and restored to its former glory in 2008. Citizens have also made efforts to preserve the lake. At a time when Bengaluru’s lakes are being threatened by encroachment and with horrific instances of lakes catching fire, it becomes the responsibility of citizens to ensure lakes like the Madiwala Lake are preserved.

The lake is well maintained, clean and neat. Entry fee is Rs.10/-for adults, Rs.5/- for kids.  Camera ticket is extra at Rs.100/- . You will be pleasantly surprised to find this beautiful large blue lake and  will be delighted  that the lake has boating.  There are 2 types of boats, one with self peddling which can accommodate 4 people and another is a big boat which can accommodate around 20-30 people. You have a whole paddle boat to yourself if you are not scared of waters and you can go on for any distance. You can ride towards the land in the middle of the lake. It is worth a visit on any day!   Boating is at Rs.50/- per person.  Boating can be difficult in the evenings with many people standing in queue.

Pay and Use toilets are present in the premises.  No plastic items are allowed inside.  Walking stretch is very long.  Benches are provided to take some rest and enjoy the beauty in leisure.  It is a good place to relax yourself and have a good time. Ice-cream and corns are available just outside the gate. Also you can see some fishes and feed them too.

You can spot many migratory birds. Painted storks, Indian cormorants, pond herons are found aplenty. The big birds like storks, cranes and ducks are present. There are a variety of migratory birds that flock to this lake: great cormorant, glossy ibis and lesser pied Kingfisher, to name a few. A board with the list of birds sighted at the lake is placed at the centre making bird watching exciting particularly for beginners.

A Nice place to spend weekend with family.