Hulimavu lake gets cleaned by residents

Hulimavu lake gets cleaned by residents

It is not a hidden secret that immersing idols in water causes debris to build-up, and increases water pollution levels.  The lake facing properties in Bengaluru have worried residents, who dread festivals because the lake become the dumping ground for all the waste the festivities generate.

The lake is a non designated and prohibited area for dumping idols.  The residents were hopeful that this year as the government had issued instructions to immerse the idols at Areke Kalyani and not at the Hulimavu lake.

It was the case with the residents of Hulimavu, who had to deal and handle the after affects of immersion, after the Ganesha Chaturthi in the Hulimavu lake near their homes. The whole area stank, thanks to the plastic flowers, broken idols, thermocol and non-biodegradable wet waste floating in the lake.  Some of the miscreants managed to sneak into the area, and performed the immersion in the lake after 21 days.  This caught the attention of the Hulimavu Kere Tharanga, a community to clean up lakes.  The members decided to take the matters into their own hands and after having a meeting with the community, got the support from volunteers and started working on cleaning the lake by pulling out debris and other remains of the idols.

Hulimavu lake is to be maintained with periodical cleaning and prevention of all threats like polluting activity, encroachments.  The Lake Development Authority is to be kept in loop for all activity.


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