Jain Temple – Chickpet

Jain Temple – Chickpet

Chikpet is a shopping area in Bengaluru. ‘Chick’ means small and ‘pete’ means market.  In the 16th century Kempegowda establishing chickpete at the cross road of 4 important trade routes when he founded the city of Bengaluru.  During the time chickepte was called pete.  Chickpete is a crowded market  with a network of narrow streets.  It is the most sought after shopping are for the people of Bengaluru, a sit is a diverse market.  This constituency has 7 wards.  The famous Jain temple is in Chickpete..


 Shri Mahavira Digambara Jain temple

Jainism traditionally known as Jainadharma, is an Indian religion and philosophy originating in Ancient India. The Jains follow the teachings of the 24 Tirthankaras and Mahavira,  accepted as the founder of the faith, was the 24th and lived in the 6th century BCE. Jains have significantly influenced the religious, ethical, political and economic spheres in India for over two millennia. They are best described by the adage that “Business is in their blood. Peace is their badge.  The combination makes them an extraordinary community in India and so is their case in Bengaluru.  Of the 40 odd Jain temples in Bengaluru, Digambara – affiliated ones are fewer  than the  Svetambara – affiliated ones.  Digambara and Svethambara are the two living schools of the Jain community.  Digambara monks   do not wear clothes since they believe that clothes are like other possessions, increasing dependency and desire for material things, and desire for anything ultimately leads to sorrow. Svetambara monks and nuns wear white, seamless clothes for practical reasons and believe there is nothing in the Jain Agamas that condemns wearing clothes.

Shri Mahavira Digambara Jain temple is located in the Dewan’s lane of Chickpet area has an idol of Mahavira in the  Kayootsarga  posture. The temple constructed in 1878 has undergone many renovations. . But the entrance arch to the temple is intact . The idols of Parshva, Bahubali, Vimalanatha, Anantanatha and Brahma Yaksha  are seen in this temple. A guesthouse for pilgrims, Mahavira Bhavan, Ahimsa Derasar (House of non-violence) and a well equipped library containing the books on Jainism are part of the temple complex.


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