CCB raids on pubs in Bengaluru :

CCB raids on pubs in Bengaluru :

Central Crime Branch (CCB) teams conducted surprise raids late night at pubs – for allegedly playing loud music – and two dance bars at Indiranagar and St Mark’s Road.  The police claimed to have rescued 36 women, including one from Nepal.  According to the police, 11 men, including three bouncers and a DJ, were arrested. They also seized Rs.8.02 lakh, two cash counting machines, and some musical instruments.  CCB officials said they were trying to find out whether the women were being trafficked into the city to perform at dance bars.

CCB officials claimed that they rescued nine women from Mehendi bar and restaurant on Residency Cross Road. The cops also arrested five employees identified as Captain Appacchu, Nithin Singh and Prince Rathod along with bouncers Suraj, Arjun and Santosh Shetty. At least 27 women were rescued from Lais bar and restaurant on St Mark’s Road and arrested two employees identified as Nabil and Anand. In Indiranagar, the raids were conducted at Vapour Pub and Brewery on 100 Feet Road in Indiranagar.

All the raids were under the Ashoknagar and Indiranagar police station limits.  According to police, these raids were carried out after receiving instructions from the Chief Ministers Office. (CMO).

The police said that these bars were functioning without a valid license and were also open till late at night.  Some sources informed that Chief Minister H.D.Kumara Swamy issued directions to the CCB to put an end to the menace of the illegal lottery, gambling and other activities in Bengaluru as they are the sources for money allegedly being used to topple his government.

The city police recently issued notices to pubs with live band performances to adhere to the apex court ruling to obtain mandatory permission from police.

Indiranagar Residents protest against rampant commercialization

Indiranagar Residents protest against rampant commercialization

Unhappy with the BBMP for not following with the High Court orders to act against illegal commercial establishments in Indiranagar, the I-Change Indiranagar which is a federation of residents welfare associations of Indiranagar, Defence colony, BM Kaval, and HAL approached Chief Secretary T.M.Vijay Bhaskar.

In a complaint filed by the federation, the master plan of the area is purely residential in nature, but the BBMP was allowing commercial activity to go on unchecked in violation of zoning regulations.

According to a resident, “ if the guidelines allow restaurants on 100 ft. road, officials should ensure that other matters are done right – that restaurants comply with sound limits, ensure parking for customers and that of garbage is managed”.  The residents in and around have been suffering for a long time with restaurants staying open till 4 AM sometimes.  The customers who come to the restaurants block the gates to park their vehicles, and sometimes the party goes on even after the pubs are closed.  Even after repeated complaints, the officials look the other way when these restaurants and pubs flout all laws.  The police do not turn up.  Sewage lines normally get blocked. Crime rates are increasing.

The Residents are waiting for action from the official bodies

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Indiranagar Residents protest against demolition of BDA Complex at Indiranagar

Indiranagar Residents protest against demolition of BDA Complex at Indiranagar

A protest was held recently against the proposed demolition of the BDA complex, a building in Indiranagar which houses 165 tenants and government offices.  The complex is spread over 6.03 acres will be redeveloped under the PPP model at an estimated cost of Rs.657 crore.   The BDA has already issued tenders for the project.

The redeveloped structure would apparently have two huge blocks, housing over 1000 car parks, 6,50,000 sq.ft. of retail and mall space and 3,50,000 sq.ft. of commercial office space with a total built-up area of 14.95 lakh sq. feet versus the current 1.34 lakh sq. feet. This will be over 11 times the size of the current structure!!!!

The residents opposed to the plan of the Bangalore Development Authority to demolish the existing complex and claimed if demolished, then an environment-friendly tree park should come in its place.  The Residents Welfare Association (RAW) of Indiranagar and a citizen group i-change Indiranagar are against the demolition. They prefer to get it renovated and maintained.  The complex is only 32 years old and RAW and i-change Indiranagar think that any decision on the development by BDA should be done after discussing with the residents.

If as per BDA’s plan, a new complex is built, it will result in 171 trees being axed which is against the National Green Tribunal (NGT) Regulations.  The complex also lies within the 75-meter buffer zone of the adjoining Kadirena Palya lake where any development is banned as per NGT order.  There are two Rajakaluves literally abutting the Complex.

According to the RAW, Indiranagar, the proposed structure will increase in vehicular pollution, sound pollution, traffic congestion.  The redevelopment will only ensure there is a huge overload on public infrastructure and a breakdown of control of traffic.  Residents are already feeling the stress and inconvenience of illegal commercialization of residential bye-lanes.

Is it worth causing distress and inconvenience to the residents? The residents want this place to be a lung space, a carbon sink and an oxygen producing area for the public and the future generations.

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DRDO @ C.V.Raman Nagar


C.V.Raman Nagar is located in the eastern part of the city of Bengaluru.  The well developed locality was named after the Nobel Prize winner Sri.Chandrashekhara Venkata Raman.  This constituency has 7 wards.  The Central Government  organisation DRDO  is at this constituency.

Defence Research & Development Organization: (DRDO)

This department works under Department of Defence Research and Development of Ministry of Defence. DRDO dedicatedly working towards enhancing self-reliance in Defence Systems and undertakes design & development, leading to production of world class weapon systems and equipment in accordance with the expressed needs and the qualitative requirements laid down by the three services i.e., Army, Navy and Air Force.

DRDO is working in various areas of military technology which include aeronautics, armaments, combat vehicles, electronics, instrumentation engineering systems, missiles, materials, naval systems, advanced computing, simulation and life sciences. DRDO while striving to meet the Cutting edge weapons technology requirements provides ample spinoff benefits to the society at large thereby contributing to the nation building.

DRDO has a dynamic training and development policy which is executed through the Continuing Educational Programmes (CEP) for all cadre personnel viz   DRDS, DRTC, Admin & Allied. At the entry level in DRDS, the newly recruited scientists undergo a 16 weeks Induction Course at Institute of Armament Technology (IAT), Pune. Under the Research and Training (R&T) scheme the scientists are sponsored for ME/M Tech programs at IITs/IISc and reputed universities.

The vision and Mission of DRDO are  to make India prosperous by establishing world-class science and technology base and to provide defence services with internationally competitive systems and solutions.  To design and develop state of the art sensors,  weapon systems, platforms and allied equipment .  Providing technological solutions to the Defence services to combat effectiveness and to promote well-being of the troops along with developing infrastructure and getting committed quality manpower, building a strong technology base.