Indiranagar Residents protest against demolition of BDA Complex at Indiranagar

Indiranagar Residents protest against demolition of BDA Complex at Indiranagar

A protest was held recently against the proposed demolition of the BDA complex, a building in Indiranagar which houses 165 tenants and government offices.  The complex is spread over 6.03 acres will be redeveloped under the PPP model at an estimated cost of Rs.657 crore.   The BDA has already issued tenders for the project.

The redeveloped structure would apparently have two huge blocks, housing over 1000 car parks, 6,50,000 sq.ft. of retail and mall space and 3,50,000 sq.ft. of commercial office space with a total built-up area of 14.95 lakh sq. feet versus the current 1.34 lakh sq. feet. This will be over 11 times the size of the current structure!!!!

The residents opposed to the plan of the Bangalore Development Authority to demolish the existing complex and claimed if demolished, then an environment-friendly tree park should come in its place.  The Residents Welfare Association (RAW) of Indiranagar and a citizen group i-change Indiranagar are against the demolition. They prefer to get it renovated and maintained.  The complex is only 32 years old and RAW and i-change Indiranagar think that any decision on the development by BDA should be done after discussing with the residents.

If as per BDA’s plan, a new complex is built, it will result in 171 trees being axed which is against the National Green Tribunal (NGT) Regulations.  The complex also lies within the 75-meter buffer zone of the adjoining Kadirena Palya lake where any development is banned as per NGT order.  There are two Rajakaluves literally abutting the Complex.

According to the RAW, Indiranagar, the proposed structure will increase in vehicular pollution, sound pollution, traffic congestion.  The redevelopment will only ensure there is a huge overload on public infrastructure and a breakdown of control of traffic.  Residents are already feeling the stress and inconvenience of illegal commercialization of residential bye-lanes.

Is it worth causing distress and inconvenience to the residents? The residents want this place to be a lung space, a carbon sink and an oxygen producing area for the public and the future generations.

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