Indiranagar Residents protest against rampant commercialization

Indiranagar Residents protest against rampant commercialization

Unhappy with the BBMP for not following with the High Court orders to act against illegal commercial establishments in Indiranagar, the I-Change Indiranagar which is a federation of residents welfare associations of Indiranagar, Defence colony, BM Kaval, and HAL approached Chief Secretary T.M.Vijay Bhaskar.

In a complaint filed by the federation, the master plan of the area is purely residential in nature, but the BBMP was allowing commercial activity to go on unchecked in violation of zoning regulations.

According to a resident, “ if the guidelines allow restaurants on 100 ft. road, officials should ensure that other matters are done right – that restaurants comply with sound limits, ensure parking for customers and that of garbage is managed”.  The residents in and around have been suffering for a long time with restaurants staying open till 4 AM sometimes.  The customers who come to the restaurants block the gates to park their vehicles, and sometimes the party goes on even after the pubs are closed.  Even after repeated complaints, the officials look the other way when these restaurants and pubs flout all laws.  The police do not turn up.  Sewage lines normally get blocked. Crime rates are increasing.

The Residents are waiting for action from the official bodies

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