Hebbal Lake – Hebbal

Hebbal Lake – Hebbal

Hebbal was part of the rural Bengaluru a few decades back. It was once indicative of the North end point of the city and marked the end of corporation limits. One can still see the milestone between the Baptist Hospital and Check-post.  The word Hebbal is believed to be derived from the beautiful Hebba Lake which lies to the north. On the other hand when analyzed, the name Hebba-halla in Kannada, Hebba means big or large and word Halla for deep. It gives the meaning of Hebbala Kere or literally translated as a large deep lake.  This constituency has 8 wards.  Hebbal lake is a known landmark of this constituency.


It was one of the three lakes created in 1537 by Kempe Gowda.  Like most lakes or “tanks” in the Bebgaluru region it was formed by the damming natural valley systems  by the construction of bunds.

Hebbal lake gets its name from its place Hebbal in North Bangalore. The best view of this lake will be from the famous Hebbal fly-over on the outer-ring-road.  View from  flyover is unmatchable.   The lake is well maintained, with lush green trees and a beautiful sun-set can be seen from this place.  Picturesque, serene and calm place right in the heart of the city. Ideal place to take a relaxing break from the chaos of busy city life.  One  will get a good view of the lake through one side of the road which pass through the side of hebbal flyover.

Endless greenery,  gulmohar  (flame of the forest  flowers) strewn walking paths, chirping of birds, merry lotuses in the lake and well manicured lawn, its nature at its best. There is nothing to do inside besides letting yourself envelope in nature.

Over the passage of time, the lake had lost its glory owing to water pollution and the lack of proper maintenance. Restoration of the lake was started in 1998 and a huge amount of money was spent for the purpose. During that period of restoration major changes were incorporated in the ecosystem of the lake.

It is one of the most  beautiful place in Bengaluru.  The main attraction of the Hebbal Lake is the wide variety of birds that have made the lake their home. It is wonderful place for jogging early in the morning or to enjoy a walk among the various plants and trees. The lake is ideal for bird watching during the early morning hours. It is a paradise for bird lovers and people who are interested in photography. The habitat is favoured by many species of water birds including large water-birds such as the spot-billed pelican, Eurasian Pelican, Eurasian Spoonbill, Shoveller, Pintail, garganey, little grebe, coot and spot-billed duck. The shallow zone supports sandpipers and other waders as well as purple moorhens, purple herons and grey herons.  The sunrise and Sunset with looming Twin towers building in the background is a photographers delight.

Spend some quality time with your family and friends at this amazing beautiful lake. Its greenery and scenic beauty is the attraction one craves for.  Altogether it’s a recommendable option for the nature lovers.