Major problems faced by the lakes in Bengaluru are encroachment, dumping solid waste, dumping of debris and inflow of untreated waste water.

The Doddanekundi lake is one of the bigger lakes in Benglauru but unfortunately not well-known for good reasons.  This lake is frequented mainly by those living in and around the lake and it is not easy to reach.   The lake has four inlets – one each from Vibhutipura tank, kaggadaspura lake, Mahadevapura tank and one from Nekkundi tank.  The lake is covered by weeds.   The lake even has a walking path around it and an island inside but the welcoming stinking smell at the entrance is a turn-off.

The residents are demanding for a sewage treatment plant at Doddanekundi Lake to stop the stinking.  The lake gets sewage from in and around localities and the buffer zone is being watched by land mafia.  We have come across all over Bengaluru about encroachment of lakes with similar stories  who have grabbed and gobbled up lake bunds, raja kaluve, feeder canals etc..   Bengaluru has lost more than 200 lakes and who takes credit for it ???????

Please note that in 2015, the Bengaluru Development Authority spent Rs.10 crore for the rejuvenation and beautification of the lake.  Dredging, fencing the lake was done but despite such a huge cost, the authorities failed utterly to stop the inflow of sewage into the lake.

The BWSSB has very recently laid the pipeline for underground drainage network in this area.  But most of the apartments around the lake are not yet taken the drainage connection  from the BWSSB.  Anybody can see openly the sewage being let out into the lake.   A Storm water drain is built around the lake and it is overflowing with sewage.

The lake water is becoming highly polluted.  The residents staying nearby cannot bear the stench any more.  It is posing a health hazard.  It is affecting the ecology due to toxic chemical discharge to the lake.  The fishes are dying due to this.  The lake is in a very poor lamented state.

The Doddanekundi Lake Welfare Association plans to put pressure on the corporator and the civic body to make sure that the stinking sewage is diverted.

A BDA official came out and said that the work is going on step by step and would soon stop the sewage inflow to the lake.

It stands as a mirror image to the sorry state of lakes in namma Bengaluru.


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