Mahadevapura zone – Illegal constructions

Mahadevapura zone Constituency is seeing rapidly growing  illegal constructions and it is increasing.   The growing demand for housing from those who are working in the IT sector has encouraged the way for illegal buildings.

Building collapse

These illegal constructions has lead to violations of sanctioned plans.  These problems are alarming along the Mahadevapura Tech Corridor.

Mahadevapura constituency:

This constituency  is a suburb and one of the biggest zones of BBMP. It was a city municipal council. This place is well connected with Outer Ring Road, Whitefield Road and Krishnarajapuram.  Railway Station is the nearest station to board trains. It is a developing area, which has a high growth potential in terms of residential development. Leading schools, shopping malls, showrooms have come up in the area. Most old residents have either rented out their apartments or sold their flats to developers. For those looking for a long-term investment, Mahadevpura and surrounding areas would be the best places.

This zone  has become a major information technology hub in recent years. It houses several IT companies such as Accenture, Dell EMC, Ericsson, Hewlett-Packard Enterprises, Mphasis, Samsung, Sapient Corporation and Wells Fargo.. It also has a few of the major Big 4 Deloitte, EY offices. It is also in close proximity to ITPL and other IT hubs such as Whitefield, Marathahalli and Bellandur.

Recent problems at Mahadevapura:

In recent years the Mahadevapura constituency is seeing back to back incidents of building collapses.  This has attracted the attention to the need for an immediate introspection among civic bodies.

Building collapse at Kasavanahalli

The BBMP is yet to take action on building violators. In recent years due to the increase in demand for accommodations, there is an increased surge in the violations of sanctioned plans.

In any ward at Mahadevapura Constituency, out of 10 buildings 7 are illegal or violated.  BBMP is not conducting any raids to curb this problem.

The 4 cases of building collapses are reported from Kasavanahalli, Bellandur and Marathahalli.   

Building collapse

The builders and building owners have become greedy.  They want to make quick money from low investments.  Violation starts from foundation level.

Reasons by BBMP – Mahadevapura zone

BBMP receives more than 10000 applications for sanction of plan.  Not all the plans are thoroughly checked.  In a span of less than 2 months, 2 of the multi storied buildings have collapsed in Mahadevapura zone.  The building contractors normally do not adhere to the building standards.

Standard guidelines given by engineers are not followed.  When notice is served the owners of the building goes to court and get a stay.

BBMP cites lack of human resources as the reason for not conducting inspection.  Mahadevapura zone is the biggest zone under BBMP.

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