Residents struggle to bring back life to Nallurahalli Lake

Residents struggle to bring back life to Nallurahalli Lake

The century-old Nallurahalli lake, located near Whitefield, shrinks every night. When residents go to sleep, truckloads of debris and sacks full of garbage and slaughterhouse waste are dumped into the water.  Chicken vendors are dumping waste into the lake as civic authorities refuse to collect slaughterhouse residue.

The original size of the water body is around 24 acres and the extent of encroachment are not clear.

Alarmed over the late-night dumping, villagers are fighting to get encroachments cleared have the support of citizen’s movement ‘Whitefield Rising’.  Only some percentage of the lake is visible, thanks to encroachments.
Nallurahalli villagers have been running pillar to post to get revenue authorities to act.    The lake finds mention in a 1903 map of the village according to an ecologist  Ms.Harini Nagendra of Azim Premji University. Estimonials from villagers indicated that it dates back to the 1898 plague .  According to one ecologist the lake appears to be significantly encroached on the north, with the dumping of solid waste and construction debris blocking some of the canals of the lake. The intensity of garbage dumping has increased over the months. No civic body is heading this way to attend to the problem.  The residents and restaurants here fear no one. They will continue to dump waste until someone restricts them.

De-weeding of the lake was done by the residents, including apartment dwellers and village folks, two years ago. They had even planted over 300 saplings along the bund.  Many corporate professionals are trying to clean parts of the lake as a part of their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities.



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