Shaky Varthur bridge – repair to continue for 30 more days

Shaky Varthur bridge – repair to continue for 30 more days

The repair work of the Varthur bridge will take another 30 days to be completed, according to BBMP officials.  The bridge, situated along State Highway 35, has been wobbling since the second week of May due to heavy vehicular movement.  As a safety measure, the Whitefield traffic police have barred heavy vehicles from plying on the bridge. Movement of heavy vehicles has been banned on the 17-year-old bridge across varthur lake –  the only link between Whitefield and Varthur.

According to BBMP officials, one of the reasons for the bridge to develop this problem is the explosion in traffic volume in the area.  Residents are of the opinion that this bridge would have never been designed for heavy traffic. That is the main reason it is crumbling and falling apart. Repairing will not solve the problem in the long run. Best would be to build another bridge near to it for heavy traffic vehicles.

After the initial inspection of the bridge, the BBMP officials admitted that there was a vibration in span 3 and span 2 during the movement of heavy vehicles.  They also said that when multi-axle vehicles cross the bridge it vibrates.  The lab report of Civil Aid indicated that there was some problem in the bearings of Span 3 resulting in vibration and they have observed damage in the deck and girders and some of the bearings.

The BBMP is planning a new bridge adjacent to the old bridge.   The Palike began preparations for a new bridge designed for all vehicles as part of Varthur road-expansion project.  The officials said irregular attendance of laborers, due to delay in untimely supply of materials has contributed to the delay.

Some of the residents are of the opinion easy and lazy option to indulge in expenditure to invest in inefficiency to make weak structures. The tradition continues.  Is there enough space for a new bridge?  What was the estimated life of this bridge and who is responsible for short charging public money? Why not an inquiry by ombudsmen so that the new bridge has no such defects?

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