Anjaneya @ Mahalakshmi Layout

Anjaneya @ Mahalakshmi Layout

Mahalakshmi Layout is one of the biggest residential  suburb in north-west Bengaluru.  It has been attributed with many sobriquets such as “Layout of Hills”, “Twin Layout” and “Temple Layout”. There are around 10 temples within a radius of 200 meters in this layout. Mahalakshmi Layout is one of the most  popular locations for shooting kannada movies and TV serials.

This constituency has 7 wards.  The famous temple of Lord Hanuman etched on a single monolith stone is a prominent temple in this area. True to its name, there is also a temple in the name of goddess Mahalakshmi.

Sri Prasanna Veeranjaneya Swamy:

Before Indian independence, Mahalakshmipura area was a barren land mostly interspersed with small hills, but was a prominent place for the British Army who were fond of a particular hill in that area because it had a naturally formed huge upright rock which was suitable for shooting practice. After independence and subsequent withdrawal of the British troops, the area had literally become “No Man’s Land” because it was way beyond the outskirts of the then Bengaluru city.

Legend has it that a passerby (probably a traveler with artistic & religious inclination) felt the place had a spiritual aura, and spent the next few days using the huge rock as a canvas to come up with an outline sketch of Lord Hanuman (Anjaneya Swamy). Within months, devotees started thronging the place to offer prayers & puja, and despite being far away from the actual city, it had already become a popular pilgrimage for people in Bengaluru and other nearby towns.

This temple is run by Sri Prasanna Veeranjaneya Swamy Trust. The temple compound extends over 13 acres and has a separate grand sannathi for Mahalakshmi. The Goddess Mahalakshmi idol is 12 feet height. The idol is seated on a 5 feet lotus. The entire area is both lovely & very charming. There is a beautiful, pleasant meditation hall with deities Lord Kodanda Rama and Sri Dhyana Anjaneya. Adjacent is a huge library with a wide collection of religious books.

The main temple is 40 feet long and 40 ft wide and in the middle the idol of the Sri Prasanna Veeranjaneya Swamy is situated. The upper portion of the temple is 40 ft high and having a dome. Here the engraved image on the rock depicts a simple figure of Anjaneya in a standing position. The huge depiction of Sri Prasanna Anjaneyaswamy is magnificent, inspiring, and at the same time pleasant on the eyes.

During Mysore Maharaja’s rule Mahalakshmipura was a place for shooting.  There was a huge rock on the top of a small hill.  From the distance it was a wonderful view.  The rock on the top of the hill was 22 feet high and 16 feet in breadth and 4 feet wide. The first Pooja was performed on the Ramanavami day in 1973.

A Committee was formed and decided to have the status of Sri Prasanna Veeranjaneya Swamy in the place of the painting.  Sri.Shanmugananda Stapati, the sculptor completed the carving of the idol during 1974. This vast  black stone idol is 22 feet tall.

On the Magashuddha Trayodashi day Hanuman Jayanthi pooja is performed. For one week this festival is celebrated and different cultural programmes are organised.  Annual function is held on Jestashuddha Dashmi, Sri Rama Pattabhisheka, Sri Sitarama Kalyanotsavam, Sathyanarayana Pooja and Lakshmi Pooja are performed.






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