Coles Park – Pulkeshinagar

Coles Park – Pulkeshinagar

Pulakeshinagar formerly known as Frazer town is a suburb of Bengaluru Cantonment in Bangalore North-East. It was established in 1906 and is named after Stuart Mitford Fraser (1864-1963),  who was the tutor and guardian of Krisna Raja Wadiyar IV,  Maharaja of Mysore.  Fraser Town was established to decongest the growing Bengaluru  Civil and Military Station (otherwise known as the Bangalore Cantonment.  The foundation of Fraser Town was laid in August 1910 by Mrs. F J Richards, with a commemorative plaque on the corner of Coles Road and Mosque Road.

Before being known as Fraser Town, the suburb was called Mootocherry by the locals.  In 1988, the BBMP renamed Fraser Town as Pulakeshinagar, after an ancient King which ruled the Deccan.  However, the name has not caught on and continues to be popularly known as Fraser Town.  This constituency has 7 wards.  The famous Cole’s park comes under this Constituency.

Coles Park :

 Coles Park is one of the popular parks in Fraser Town, located West of St. John’s Hill, enclosed Promenade Road, Haines Road, Kemp Road, St. John’s Church Road and Sauders Road. Coles Park is named after Arthur Henry Cole (1780-1844), British Resident of Mysore (1809, 1812)  who went on to become the Member of Parliament on return to Ireland, representing Enniskillen between 1828-1844.  Arthur Henry Cole paid an important role in getting the support of the Maharaja of Mysore for the construction of St. Bartholomew’s Church in Mysore.  Covering an areas an area of 27,280m2, Coles Park was established in 1914.

Coles Park was once in its peak of glory with a bandstand and 3 tennis courts. The Band of the Bangalore Rifle Volunteers, played at the bandstand every first Saturday of the month. YWCA used to run of the tennis courts. The park is fairly maintained, even though there is some encroachments. Coles Park is officially known as the Freedom Fighters Park, however still popularly known by its former name.  The Park is open between 5AM to 11PM, but the Nursery is closed except during the Lalbagh Flower Show.  The Madras Sappers Regiment has a memorial for fallen Indian soldiers in various conflicts, including the Kargil Conflict.

The Wesleyan Tamil Mission was established in Bangalore by Rev. Eloah Hoole and James Mowatt in April 1821, in the location where the Goodwill’s Girls School Goodwill’s Girls School and the Wesley English Church is presently located, North of Coles Park. Eliah Hoole in his book “Personal  Narrative of a Mission to the South of India, from 1820 to 1828acknowledges the help rendered by the British Resident in Mysore, Arthur Henry Cole, in getting the support of the Maharaja of Mysore.  It could be possible that the park adjacent to the Wesleyan Tamil Mission could have been named after Cole, to acknowledge this support. If that’s the case, then Cole’s Park has been known by that name for nearly 200 years.