Banaswadi Hanuman Temple-Sarvagnanagar

Banaswadi Hanuman Temple-Sarvagnanagar

It is one of the suburbs which was formed to de-congest  thickly populated areas of the Bengaluru cantonment after the bubonic plague in 1989.  Previously the area was known as Cox Town.  This Constituency has 8 wards.  One of the famous Anjaneya temple in Bengaluru comes under Banaswadi ward of this constituency.

Anjaneya Swamy Temple :

Temple worship is a main routine among  Hindus. Temple pooja is normally called as Archana in which offerings are placed before the deity. This ancient  temple known as Hanuman temple of Dodda Banaswadi is said to be more than 150 years old.  This place is a well known busy locality situated to the north east of Bengaluru about 6 kms. from the centre of the city. The Most important  fact  to know about is that this temple was constructed in dravidian fashion.  The statue of Anjaneya in this temple was sculptured in a town located between Kundapura and Udupi named Saligrama. The deity is 4ft. tall looks very manificent and is installed by the Saint guru Sri Vyasaajaru. Many devotees believe that the God in this  temple is very powerful and the wishes  get fulfilled. The whole year the temple conducts poojas and celebrates religious festivities.

This temple was designed by late Sri Kempegowda the architect of Bengaluru.  The temple ‘Gopura’ was constructed in typical Dravidian style.

On Saturdays lot of devotees had flock the shrine. There are other deities as well in the same shrine like Ganapathi, Venkateshwara, Srirama, Basaveshwara, Lord Rama, Lord Shiva etc.

Every year on the day of Hanuman Jayanthi which falls between December 16 to January 14, usually on a full moon-day in the month of Chaitra, the idol of Lord Hanuman sheds tears. The tears have continued to flow over the years and this is perhaps the most unique feature of this temple. It is a rare phenomenon and people flock from all parts of Bengaluru to witness this miracle. Infact, no other Hanuman temple has reported such a phenomenon.