CCB raids on pubs in Bengaluru :

CCB raids on pubs in Bengaluru :

Central Crime Branch (CCB) teams conducted surprise raids late night at pubs – for allegedly playing loud music – and two dance bars at Indiranagar and St Mark’s Road.  The police claimed to have rescued 36 women, including one from Nepal.  According to the police, 11 men, including three bouncers and a DJ, were arrested. They also seized Rs.8.02 lakh, two cash counting machines, and some musical instruments.  CCB officials said they were trying to find out whether the women were being trafficked into the city to perform at dance bars.

CCB officials claimed that they rescued nine women from Mehendi bar and restaurant on Residency Cross Road. The cops also arrested five employees identified as Captain Appacchu, Nithin Singh and Prince Rathod along with bouncers Suraj, Arjun and Santosh Shetty. At least 27 women were rescued from Lais bar and restaurant on St Mark’s Road and arrested two employees identified as Nabil and Anand. In Indiranagar, the raids were conducted at Vapour Pub and Brewery on 100 Feet Road in Indiranagar.

All the raids were under the Ashoknagar and Indiranagar police station limits.  According to police, these raids were carried out after receiving instructions from the Chief Ministers Office. (CMO).

The police said that these bars were functioning without a valid license and were also open till late at night.  Some sources informed that Chief Minister H.D.Kumara Swamy issued directions to the CCB to put an end to the menace of the illegal lottery, gambling and other activities in Bengaluru as they are the sources for money allegedly being used to topple his government.

The city police recently issued notices to pubs with live band performances to adhere to the apex court ruling to obtain mandatory permission from police.

St.Patrick’s church at Shanthinagar

St.Patrick’s church at Shanthinagar

Shantinagar was known as Akkithimanahalli and is situated to the South of Bengaluru. 7 wards comes under Shantinagar constituency.  St.Patricks Church is one of the famous landmark in Shantinagar. 

St.Patricks Church

St. Patrick’s Church is one of the oldest churches belonging to the Archdiocese of Bangalore, and is located in a prime area of the city. Originally consecrated to Our Lady, it has served in the past as a Cathedral and then as a personal parish. Today, it is a flourishing parish in one of Bangalore’s busiest districts, and is surrounded by other institutions that serve the community in a wide variety of ways.

The foundation for St. Patrick’s church was laid in July 1841, and the church itself was built and completed in the next 3½ years, by the end of 1844. The church was dedicated to the honor of the blessed Trinity, under the name of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Archangel Michael, and was dedicated as the “Church of the Assumption”. But even before it was completed, it came to be known as St. Patrick’s Church, due to its popularity with Irish troops stationed in the surrounding area.

The church was further renovated in the year 2000.  It can now comfortably accommodate 550 people within it. The strength of the parish is around 3500 but its central location makes it attractive to the faithful from all parts of Bangalore as well as visitors who are spending only a short time while in the city.

The century old structure was further renovated in 2012 by Fr. Sagayanathan, with the assistance of artisans from Nagarcoil, Tamil Nadu. For the first time the entire outward structure was re-plastered and the resplendent Gothic beauty of this glorious church was meticulously restored. The entire premise was beautified with inter-locking cement blocks.

One recent addition by Rev. Fr. S. Jayanathan is a remarkable Adoration Chapel, conducive to silent prayer and meditation. It has become a popular stopping point for people in need of a few moments quite time with the Lord.

St. Anthony’s Shrine:

 On the right of the main church of St. Patrick’s is a little shrine dedicated to St. Anthony.  Known as St. Anthony’s Shrine, it attracts devotees from all walks of life. It was originally a club house and a meeting place known as St. Anthony’s Hall, under which name it was inaugurated in 1926.  In the early 1950s, it was blessed as a Shrine.  It has recently undergone renovation and a new statue of St. Anthony has been installed by Fr. Sagayanathan.

People from different faiths and from all strata of society, young and old visit.  Some come on brief visits, while others begin pouring out their anguish, beseeching St. Anthony to intercede for them in their various problems and tribulations.

The annual feast of St. Anthony on 13th June is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm.

A place worth to visit.