Amble through the Heritage plat

Amble through the Heritage plat

The Taj West End Hotel is not only one of the oldest hotels in Bangalore; it is the only hotel which has been in operation since its inception. Among the many royal palaces that have been converted into luxury hotels by the Taj group, The Taj West End is one among them.  

Shivaji Nagar is synonymous with the history of Bangalore. Being one of the oldest localities existing since the British rule, it has many historical treasures waiting to take notice. Exploring the constituency, one can come across Russel Market which was established in 1927, St Mary’s Basilica- one of the oldest churches built in the 17th century, Coles Park which was established in 1914 and many others. Among these archaic troves is where the Taj West End Hotel lies.  

Located in the Shivajinagar Constituency, the hotel was once the military base for the British. Many English officials resided in this hotel with their families. Later Mrs. Bronson, an English women opened a boarding house exclusively for the English and called it Bronson’s West End. Following the change of ownership to the Spencer’s, the hotel became more of a country club with its English charms. 

The hotel has been graced with many rich and famous people from across the world. Some of the notable people are- Sir Winston Churchill, Prince Charles, Devika Rani & Svetoslav Roerich, Dame Peggy Ashcroft and Rex Harrison. The Spencer’s called upon Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces to take over the ownership and to continue the luxury hotel legacy.

Today, the hotel is one of the best luxury hotels in Bangalore. The hotel has designed a ‘Heritage Walk’ which serves the visitors with champagne and a guided tour of the hotel and its historical significance. On this walk, one can find the oldest post box in all of Karnataka which is to this day operational and one of the oldest rain tree which is older than the hotel itself. The walk concludes at the Prince of Wales Lawn, named to commemorate the Royal Prince’s stay in 1962.    

The Taj West End has given the world an opportunity to revisit the old world of British luxury in its original stature.

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