Madras Sappers clean Halasuru Lake

Madras Sappers clean Halasuru Lake

The cleaning and de-weeding of Ulsoor lake was again undertaken by Madras Engineer Gorup (MEG).    More than 100 soldiers started the cleaning and de-weeding of the lake for over 8 hours since the dawn and cleansed the lake. The hyacinth was cut and brought to shore.

The Sappers had cleaned the lake in April-May in 2018 and pulled about 70 tonnes of weeds and garbage.

Over the years, population pressure in the neighbour-hood has led to sewage being drained into the lake, converting it into a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other hazards. Furthermore, water hyacinth also keeps flowing into the lake and choking its breathing life and killing almost every form of life. It also severely hampers conduct of any kind of training in the lake.

The MEG centre is located at the Northern end of the ulsoor lake. They all undergo training in ‘waterman ship’ on the Southern end of the lake which is only 1/6th of the whole lake.  Of late, the training had become difficult due to the stench and hyacinth or ‘the blue evil’.

The Madras Sappers have breathed life into an almost dying ulsoor lake, a feat which very few would even dram of.

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