APMC Yard-Yeshwanthapur

APMC Yard-Yeshwanthapur

Yeshwanthapur is a sub locality in the north western part of Bengaluru City. It is located to the north of Malleshwaram and west of Hebbal.  This constituency has 5 wards. The biggest  wholesale market of agricultural produce in the city, the Yeshwanthpur APMC Yard, is situated in Yeshwanthpur.

APMC Yard:

Located 10 kms. from the heart of the city at Yeshwanthapur, this yard is the South India’s biggest regulated agricultural market. Spread over 93 acres houses 1,980 wholesale shops that employ nearly 2,000 workers and trade in a mind-boggling variety of things Indians need every month: onions, garlic, potatoes, rice, atta, sugar, pulses, chillies, jaggery, coconuts etc. Even if the entire South India goes out of stock, this market can still supply potatoes and onions to the city and adjoining places.


The APMC yard at Yeshwantpur is a beehive of activity. Trucks laden with various agricultural produce stream into the yard from across the state and country. The unloaded vegetables are stored in sacks in shops. Most of the produce, including potatoes and onions, do not need any special care from rotting.


The Bengaluru APMC has constituted two flying squads of enforcement personnel to check on a daily basis the stock of essential commodities around the city.

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