Air Pollution affects Bengaluru city

Air Pollution is posing a severe problem in Bengaluru.  The city is getting gritty with particulate matter.  What exactly is blowing around?

air pollution

Air Pollution – Bengaluru the reasons being Vehicular traffic and waste burning are the major reasons for air pollution in Bengaluru.  Karnataka State Pollution Control Board (KSPCB) is the official, governmental body that monitors air quality in Bengaluru city.

Reasons for air pollution :

With growing vehicle numbers and resultant congestion and dieselization, air pollution is a growing concern in Bengaluru. The city is losing its inherent advantage of dominant commuting practices – use of bus and walking at the cost of clean air and public health.

Bengaluru needs stringent measures including leapfrogging emissions standards to Euro VI, curbing dieselization, scaling up of public transport, carpooling and walking for clean air.

Walkers and public transport users are inhaling very high pollution in Bengaluru. AC car users are also not safe.  There is a strong variation in exposure depending on the mode of transport. The open modes like walking, open buses and autos show a very high level of exposure than ambient levels… It is also the dominant approach. Even AC cars with windows rolled up to have as high as 125 microgrammes per cum. Commuters on sustainable modes are more at risk.

Different committees to address air pollution:

The state has set up three expert committees to address the deteriorating air quality(air pollution).  All the committees have almost the same agenda.  All the committees have chalked out plans.  The KSPCB does not have enforcement powers.

The committees have recommended implementation of strict regulation regarding heavy vehicle traffic in Bengaluru city limits. Checking polluting vehicles and penalizing them.  Imposing restrictions on vehicle registration are a few.

Health concerns:

It may be noted that over the last two decades efforts are being made at local levels to assess the health impacts of air pollution. There is enough evidence to act urgently to reduce the public health risks to children, elderly, poor and all. Bengaluru have to take action now to reverse the trend of short-term effects as well as the long-term toxic effects. For toxic effects to surface, there is a long latency period, therefore, exposure will have to be reduced today.  Addressing air pollution and health risk has assumed greater importance after the release of the global burden of disease that has ranked air pollution as the fifth largest killer…

Studies in Bengaluru shows the health impacts of air pollution, especially on children. Stunning evidence is available on health impacts on traffic policemen who are directly exposed to traffic pollution.

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