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Anger and Frustration is on raise among the Youth in Bengaluru. It is rising among Bengaluru’s young with increasing cases of anger dys-control amongst adolescents.  Young people in the city are increasingly given to violent actions and outbursts.

Anger and frustration at work

Anger and frustration is being a big problem with Bengaluru Youth.  Life is very stressful for those who are between 17 and 30.   Young children don’t understand the difference between righteous anger and unregulated aggression. If it is not addressed it can turn into a serious and dangerous disorder.

In many cases, youth are showing anger and frustration in Bengaluru.  It may be because the person is either currently in pain: physical, emotional, spiritual or financial.  Or in pain in the past, such as someone who has come from war, child abuse, deep poverty, experienced rejection, racism, torture, etc.

Young people in the city are increasingly given to violent actions and outbursts.

Anger and Frustration “acting out” syndrome:

The recent incidents/ murders in Bengaluru are the acts of anger and frustration building up inside.  According to a profession of Psychology, this syndrome is called as “acting out”.


It is a defence mechanism where a person behaves in an unrestrained manner.  The hidden or repressed emotions comes out in a negative way.  The impulsive acts are triggered by anger and frustration.

They care less about the consequences thinking that they are doing what is right and to provide it they are right, they do it.  The offenders think that it is a justifiable act and want to tell the whole world about it.  This justification is a result of the anger and frustration one has gone through.

Cause of anger and frustration

Expectation  is the mother of Anger. Everyone in this world live with some expectation regarding his loved one like Job friends, Girl Friend, Success, Achievement, respect these all are the great source of expectation.

Anger and frustration  is often a way to deflect anxiety and feelings of vulnerability. Nobody likes feeling at the mercy of others. Anger gives the person a sense that he/she is  right and others are wrong, which does a lot to overcome that vulnerable feeling. Aggressive driving has been a problem on our roadways and it seems to only be getting worse. Incidents of screaming, rude gestures, and sometimes even violence are reported frequently on our roadways to the point where it has earned its own name: road rage. 

Road Rage

Frustration tolerance in young children as they are about to reach teenage is very low. “Children these days are used to getting what they want. Overprotective parents want to give everything on a platter. When children then hear a ‘No’ from strangers, it triggers anger and frustration.

How to control anger and frustration?
  1. Think before speaking
  2. Once calm, express anger
  3. Get some exercise
  4. Take a time out
  5. Identify possible solutions
  6. Stick with ‘I’ statements
  7. Don’t hold grudge
  8. Use humour to release tension
  9. Practice relaxation skills
  10. Know when to seek help.

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