Bellandur-Varthur lakes-silt worth crore – Bengaluru

Bellandur-Varthur lakes-silt worth crore – Bengaluru

Bellandur-varthur lakes silt is Rs.2000 crore worth.  But cash-broke Bangalore Development Authority is seeking for potential industry buyers.

Survey of Bellandur-Varthur lakes:

The government agency is citing lack of funds front restoring lakes filled with sewage water and garbage.  A study indicated a high economic value of rejuvenating the water bodies in itself to take up restoration.

A bathymetric survey and collection of water samples was conducted for Bellandur-varthur lakes. It was conducted at the Indian Institute of Science and Madras Engineering group.  Even active citizens participated. 

It was revealed that silt accumulated in Bellandur-Varthur lakes is worth Rs.2000 crore.

Bathymetri survey of Vartur lake

What is a Bathymetric survey  –  Bellandur- varthur lakes :

Bathymetric surveys allows to measure the depth of a water body as well as map the underwater features of a water body.  Multiple methods can be used for bathymetric surveys including multi-beam and single-beam surveys, ADCPs, sub-bottom profilers, and the Eco-mapper Autonomous Underwater Vehicle.

It is used for different types of research including flood inundation, contour of streams and reservoirs, leakage, scour and stabilization, water-quality studies, dam removal, biological spill, storage and fill in reservoirs and ponds.

Silt worth crores at Bellandur-varthur lakes :

The contractors charge the government for de-silting the lakes.  They silently earn a huge additional income by selling the same to a third party.  Nobody is aware of this. 

The economic value of silt in Bellandur-varthur lakes is been underestimated highly.

Silt at Bellandur lake

According to Prof. T.V.Ramachandra of IISc., ‘money earned by selling the silt of Bellandur-varthur lakes can be used for restoration of lakes’.  Bellandur- varthur lakes have silt of 6.60 million cubic metres and 3.87 million metres respectively. 

silt at Varthur lake

Bellandur-Varthur lakes silt utlisation :

According to the Professor if the silt is converted into sand, it can fetch the BDA approximately Rs.1944 crore.  If the silt is utilized by the brick industry it can fetch upto Rs.2061 crore.

conversion of silt to sand

According to the BDA sources the authority is planning to auction the silt of Bellandur-varthur lakes to take up the infrastructure works.  This work includes partial funding of the peripheral ring road or the renovation of the flyover at Hebbal.

Conclusion :

The Mineral Enterprise Limited (MEL) a mining co. will be de-silting a part of the varthur lake.  But the co. has agreed to remove the dump the silt along the lake bed. 

BDA is looking out for a place to dump the silt.   The location will be identified within a few days as there are many abandoned quarries. 

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