Child lock – 42000 cabs disengaged

Child lock feature in 42000 cabs has been disengaged out of 2.5 lakh cabs in Bengaluru.  In the coming months this feature will be removed from all the cabs remaining.

Child lock in cabs

Features of Child lock :

A child lock in a car is a lock that can’t be opened from inside.  Suppose there is a child in the backseat and accidently unlocks the car by simply pressing the button.  In this situation it can be quite dangerous if the child opens the car door too.

The lock if engaged makes it impossible for the car door to be opened from inside. The door can only be opened from outside.  

Locking the doors

Generally the lock is put in such a place that when the door it shut,  it can’t be accessed.  It can be accessed only when the door is opened from the outside.

Working of a child lock :

Although called a child lock it is equally effective for adult passengers. The lock is typically engaged via a small switch on the edge of the door that is only accessible when the door is open. Some cars implement the child lock control as a rotary mechanism which can only be operated with a key.

Opposition to child lock :

Crimes against women passengers travelling in taxis have increased in recent years.  There was an urgent need to curb the menace by disengagement of child lock.  The child safety locks are built into the rear doors of most of the cars.  The intent or providing child lock in the car was to prevent children from opening the door.

Child lock use in taxi
At Driver’s mercy :

There is an increase in the cases of rape, murder and molestation and other types of harassment.  The child lock feature is activated when one gets on to a cab.  Once the passenger is in, it is not possible to open the door and escape in case of an emergency.  The passenger is trapped inside and is at the mercy of the driver.

Conclusion :

We don’t usually see a lone toddler using a taxi to commute. Even if kids are traveling in a taxi they are always accompanied by someone old enough not to pop out of a moving car deliberately. So why to keep them in cars used for commercial purposes?

Removal of lock in cabs

Removal of such locks from taxis and vehicles which are made to carry the passengers may be a minor but positive change. It may not stop each and every future case instantly but on a longer run, it will help prevent a few cases for sure.

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