Child Obesity

Child obesity is common among School kids in Bengaluru.   Obesity is on the rise.


Child obesity

Child obesity is rising and gaining popularity is becoming a serious public concern.  Recent studies are showing a worrying trend that obesity among kids is increasing.

21% of in Bengaluru is being obese and overweight.  In the name of modern lifestyle and fancy food habits, children these days are paying a heavy price through their health.

The annual school health check findings 2018 revealed that 15% of private schoolchildren have a vision problems, 30% experience dental caries, 21% are obese/overweight and 14% are at the risk of lifestyle diseases.

What is child obesity?

The BMI of a person is the measure of body weight relative to their height. It uses a formula to determine whether a person is underweight, normal, overweight or obese. For children, the scale uses an age and sex-specific measure called “BMI-for-age”. The charts use a percentile system to show how your child’s BMI compares with the other children in their age group.

Causes for child obesity:

Family history, lifestyle and psychological factors play a role in childhood obesity. Children in families where parents or other members are obese tend to follow the trend. Little can be done to do about that.  The other causes worth considering, which one can control are:

  • Poor diet and unsupervised snacking are the main culprits. Fast foods, sugary drinks, snacks, soda, soft drinks, and sweets add to the calorie intake and weight.
  • Some of the parents do not know how to choose or prepare healthy foods and others might not be able to afford healthy foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Lack of physical activity adds up to unhealthy eating habits to make kids obese.
  • Psychological factors in some of the children and teens lead to obesity. Children who are depressed, bored or are feeling low tend to eat more to cope with negative emotions.

Child obesity risks:

Being obese puts children at the risk of many serious health disorders that would affect them through out their lives.

  • Diabetes– Overconsumption of sugary foods can lead to type 2 diabetes in children.
  • Heart Disease– Fat rich foods and foods that are salty give rise to high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Both the conditions raise the risk of heart disease in obese children.
  • Asthma– Children who already suffer from Asthma, a chronic inflammation of the lung can have it worse if they are also obese.
  • Sleep disorders– Obese children who have extra fat around their necks can suffer from blocked airways.  It leads to conditions such as sleep apnea where they find it difficult to sleep in the night due to interrupted breathing.
  • Joint pain– Carrying excess weight can lead to children experiencing joint stiffness, limited range of motion and pain.

Prevention is better than cure.  Start taking an interest in what your child is doing and eating. Stop child obesity.

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