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World today is living in unprecedented space. The virus has brought lot many changes to our lives and has taught new ways of looking at life. Certainly world will never be the same as we emerge from current crisis.

Fact remains that virus has not spared anyone of us including dance teachers. This relatively changed the dynamics of dance education and learning system. Although some dance gurus have adopted new methodologies, many are still facing challenges to come out of adversity and adopt new ways of teaching through online. This brings us to the question of whether the New technological approach of teaching dance can be satisfying to Gurus. How difficult it is to hold students attention through zoom or via internet portals.

Practically many dance teachers are putting in extra time and energy in conducting those online classes. The process is bit different. It begins by preparing for classes, schedule meeting requests regularly, checking wifi speed, Check if Audio is working properly, ensure video is clear with proper lighting, repeat the steps if video gets paused during classes, record dance videos back for revision, inspect every student steps for corrections, edit the music, deal with unstable network issues and so on.

The new approach of teaching and learning will be challenging for students and dance teachers. It’s an approach that will require students, dance teachers, and the parents to remain fully invested and committed to the process of learning.

Since the virus is here to stay for long. Therefore its ideal that we dance teachers embrace new techniques and develop new pedagogical approaches in which traditional elements of dance curriculum is maintained and kept relevant.

Manoj Dupati
Founder: Advaita Dance Academy, Bangalore
Established: 2012

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