Elevated corridor project – elite only

The Elevated corridor project will be  enjoyed by the elites.  The corridor is going to be longer, narrower. 

corridor project details

This project was initially proposed to have 6 inter connected corridors but now will have 7.  The lane configuration has shrunk to reduce issues in land acquisition.

Investment – Elevated corridor project :

The investment has increased to 32000 crore to build the elevated corridor.  It is aimed to create more space for cars of the elite.  The poor will be forced again to use the crumbling public transport.

Besides the originally planned six corridors, another 10.99 km of elevated corridor will be built.  This will connect Ramamurthy Nagar and ITPL.  The six lane elevated corridor project plan has been changed to four lanes in some of the sections.  This is to prevent inconvenience to the public as well as to reduce land acquisition.

Opposition to elevated corridor project :

According to environmentalists this project is unscientific. It will encourage only the private vehicles to use it.  The environment cost of the project affects thousands of trees.  The elevated corridor project lacks socio-economic survey.

According to IISc Profession T.V.Ramachandra the proposed Elevated corridor project is the product of a collusion between consultants and contractors on one hand and bureaucrats and politicians on the other.

Prof. T.V.Ramachandra

Need of the hour is to provide more public sustainable transport to ease the traffic congestion.  Only elites who have AC cars will benefit from the project. 

Views of experts and citizens :

According to one Professor, the metro lines on the same route as the proposed elevated corridor project will have more capacity.  The metro lines capacity will be  38.3 time more than the road flyovers. 

Some bangaloreans are of the opinion that the government should invest in public transport.  Making public transport more affordable and attractive is the key.  The huge investment should help people move and not two wheelers and four wheelers.

At the end of the day it is public tax money and common man who ends up as a loser.

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