Found and Reported – Rs.500 crore Property Papers, Gold, Diamonds, Cash @ Browning Institute


Thursday broke open the lockers that had remained unused for a long time and stumbled upon the six zipper-locked bags stuffed in lockers numbered — 69, 71 and 78 @ Bowring Institute

On opening the bags, the officials found Rs 2,000 currency notes and foreign currency worth Rs 3.73 crore and Rs 500 currency notes worth Rs 17 lakh,, “There was an entire signed blank cheque book, several bank cheques of huge amounts, ranging from Rs 5 crore to Rs 50 crore.Institute’s secretary H S Srikanth

“We didn’t know who had occupied the three lockers since the member had not registered them. The staff members informed me about the bags and I told them to bring them to the office. I immediately called the police to check what they contained,Mr.Srikanth statement was recorded at the Income tax and formal complaint at Police Station

Thanks to the Club Management and Kudos to club’s badminton and squash in-charge Sandeep and his colleagues in guidance of Institute Secretary H S Srikanth approaching Police Station and Informing Income tax department.


Billions of cash and benami property been hidden, can Income-tax department be the Super hero?

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