Hebbagodi Lake  – Revived – enters Limca records

Hebbagodi Lake  – Revived – enters Limca records

Hebbagodi lake – Revived.  It was once a garbage dump in Electronic city.  The Biocon has contributed for the revival.  The size of the lake is 31 acres and 39 guntas.

Today Hebbagodi lake is having country’s longest floating island.  The 12000 sq. ft. has vegetation that crisscrosses the lake.

The sludge, weeds, and plastic waste are a thing of the past.  The Hebbagodi lake – in Anekal Taluk of Electronic City – is now an example of how a water body can be revived. What’s more is that the lake has found a spot in the Limca Book of Records for having India’s largest floating artificial island.

Revival of Hebbagodi lake:

The hebbagodi lake has rafts which act as cleaning agents. These rafts are built with reused PVC pipes.

Hebbagodi Lake  - Revived - enters Limca records

Biocon Foundation has helped in reviving Hebbagodi lake in southern Bengaluru, leading to an improvement in water quality.  2 years ago, Biocon Foundation, the CSR arm of Biocon and Syngene International Ltd, took up the project by starting a feasibility study. In October 2017, Biocon Foundation joined hands with the government to restore the lake.

The Hebbagodi Lake is a 35-acre water body that was on its ‘deathbed’. Uninterrupted construction, the lure of a lake view apartment and dumping of garbage-choked the water body. It reached a point where the stench from the lake was unbearable. The industrial waste that was being dumped in it contaminated the water, a source of drinking water for the nearby villages.

Technology used:

The first process used to revive the hebbagodi lake is Bio-remediation – dousing of enzymes. The second process is called floating wetlands, where plants are laid out on a wooden or lightweight frame and they float around the river. These plants have a unique property of being able to absorb harmful chemical constituents and generate nutrients. The third one is called aeration, which includes putting up filters in the lake to increase the oxygen levels.

Hebbagodi Lake  - Revived - enters Limca records

Silt-removing and de-weeding operations were taken up on a war footing. The weed had been composted to spread green cover around the lake. To increase the level of dissolved oxygen in water, energy-officers have been installed.

A number of bar screens are installed at Hebbagodi lake  at the inlets to prevent fresh garbage from entering the lake.  Closed underground conduits are laid and a culvert is built to prevent overflowing of sewage which also led to unbearable stench around the area.

Apart from the bio-rejuvenated lake, a children’s park and a safe drinking water facility using Reverse Osmosis (RO) technology is also opened for the public.

A great and praiseworthy project.  This kind of initiative is urgently needed in Bengaluru to revive the dying lakes.

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