Industrial areas development – Bengaluru

Industrial areas development in Bengaluru city is facing problems.  The Supreme Court of India is keen to know why the Karnataka government wants to develop industrial areas inside the city.  The Bengaluru city is already facing problems of infrastructure and water scarcity.

Industrial areas development – KIADB

Industrial areas development – KIADB

Karnataka Industrial Areas Development Board (KIADB) is a wholly owned infrastructure agency of Government of Karnataka, set up under Karnataka Industrial Areas Development Act of 1966.

This Board functions as per statutory provisions, rules and regulations enacted there under. The Board comprises of senior government officers in their ex-officio capacities. The Board of members meets regularly to take decisions and monitor the functions. KIADB holds pride in being the first government organization in Karnataka to obtain ISO 9001 certification in the year 1997.

Supreme Court’s objections to Industrial areas development :

According to the Supreme Court, the special economic zone is not for cities.  The Court asked the KIADB why it wants to create industrial hub inside the city?  The task of fixing buffer zones was left the policy makers. 

The NGT Judgment – Industrial areas development :

The National Green Judgment specified buffer zones are –

75 metres in case of lakes

50 metres in case of primary raja kaluves

35 metres in case of secondary raja kaluves

25 metres for tertiary raja kaluves (storm water drains)  

These distance must be maintained measuring from the edge of these of water bodies.

Views of Supreme Court on industrial areas development :

The advocate general submitted that no permission was granted to set up industries inside Bengaluru city.  The NGT’s judgment on buffer zone will affect the redevelopment of existing structures in Bengaluru.

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