NetApp Adds AI to Its Bengaluru Charter

The popular data storage vendor and management company, NetApp has recently added research around AI (artificial intelligence) to its Bengaluru charter. The idea behind doing this is to enhance the productivity and better quality testing of the products.

NetApp’s Bangalore site supports research, development, marketing and global services. It is running multiple projects that are focused towards finding defects, before a product is certified and is ready to ship. The company is using AI algorithms to test software and hardware products, identify bugs and to run code checks.

A Word With Senior Vice President

The senior vice president for NetApp Flagship Product, Octavian Tanase said, “We expect Bangalore to tackle new initiatives like artificial intelligence and machine learning. Our aim is to leverage data sets to make faster and better decisions and find new efficiencies, to innovate and make the team more productive. We are using it to build a better product”.

The Data Fabric Strategy

Octavian Tanase drives overall business outcomes and customer success by developing the software and systems. These software and systems form the backbone of the NetApp’s Data Fabric strategy. The strategy aims at enabling businesses to connect disparate data management and storage resources. It also streamlines data management between cloud storage and on-premises storage.

The company added AI charter during the spring this year. The senior vice president is expecting that the company will make more investments in artificial intelligence in the foreseeable future.

NetApp’s R&D Centre

NetApp is turning the company’s R&D centre in Bengaluru into a multi-function site. This latest addition is a part of new CEO George Kurian’s strategy to transform the legacy storage firm into a data management company. This is one of NetApp’s largest sites in the world, which employs approximately 1800 people.

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